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Families covered: Gylle of Buckland, Gyll of Haydon, Gyll (Gill) of Wydial (Wyddial)

(1) MGH provides the following note, quoting from Dugdale, Monasticon (vol ii): "Gylle or Gille of the Barony of Gille's Land Cumberland before the Conquest. Bueth Gille a Saxon Lord of Gilles Land & of Denton Cumberland. His son Robert assumed the name of Vallis or de Vaux which is the synonyme for Gylle which means valley." This implies that the family of Vaux of Gilsland may have been the senior line of this family. That contradicts what is suggested on Vaux1.
(2) When we first did this page, CTG (1843) & MGH (1876) were our Main Sources. On 10.11.15 we added Lipscomb & BLG1858 and redid the page so as not to lose the additional information provided by Lipscomb on the earliest generations whilst more clearly identifying the differences between the sources.
(Richard?) Gylle of Shelford Parva (a 1278)
1. Richard Gylle (a 1308)
  A. ?? Gylle
  The above comes from Lipscomb. CTG starts 'properly' with the following Richard but MGH starts 'properly' with his son John.
  i. Richard Gylle of Cambridgeshire & Buckland (Hertfordshire)
  a. John Gylle of Buckland in Tharfield, Hertfordshire (d 23.01.1499)
  m. Johann Littlebury or Horne (a 1499, dau/coheir of Sir William Littlebury alias Home/Horne of Buckland)
  Lipscomb reports that "On his tomb are the effigy of six sons and five daughters". That is also mentioned by MGH. Lipscomb, MGH, CTG & BLG1858 all name the same 3 sons & 2 daughters. The main contradiction between the sources (MGH disagreeing with the other sources) concerns which of the 2 elder sons was father of the John & Richard who were progenitors of the later generations (plus Leonard). CTG, Lipscomb & BLG1858 show Richard as the elder & father of John & Richard (plus Leonard) but, provisionally, we follow MGH in showing that it was ...
(1) William Gylle of Buckland (a 1499)
  CTG & Lipscomb do not name William's wife, merely showing him as father of a John.
  m. _ Hyde (dau of Leonard Hyde of Throcking)
  (A) John Gylle of Wydial, Hertfordshire (d 15.03.1545/6) - continued below
  m. (1508) Margaret Cannon (dau/heir of George Cannon or Canon of Wydial)
  (B) Leonard Gylle (d c06.1547, priest)
  (C) Richard Gylle of Easton, Huntingdonshire (d 1546)
  (2) Richard Gylle of Buckland (a 1499, d before 05.07.1535)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1535)
  MGH reports that Richard had 6 (unnamed) children. Lipscomb shows 3 of them being the above-mentioned John, Leonard & Richard and adds 3 unnamed daughters, the eldest being married as follows.
  (A) daughter
  m. William Cartwright of Buckland
  (B)+ 5 other children (a 1499)
  (3) Andrew Gylle (a 1499)
  (A) 2 daughters (a 1499)
  (4) Margaret Gylle (had 5 daughters),
  m. Thomas Veruesley of Buckland named by BLG1858
  (5)+ other issue (a 1499) - 3 other sons, Agnes (had 4 daughters), 3 other daughters
  ii. _ Gylle of Shepreth, Cambridgeshire (d before 1485)
  m. Isabella (a 1485)
  a. Rosa Gylle (a 1485)
  m. John Marshall
2. Maurice Gylle (d 1448??, vicar of Shudy Camps)



John Gylle of Wydial, Hertfordshire (d 15.03.1545/6) - continued above
m. (1508) Margaret Cannon (dau/heir of George Cannon or Canon of Wydial (by Margaret, m2. John Wrengham of Anstey & Swanton Morley)
1. George Gylle of Wydial (b c1510, d 29.10.1568)
  m1. (1537) Gertrude or Anne Peryent (d c1547, dau/coheir of Sir John Peryent of Digswell by Dorothy, dau/coheir of William Tendering of Little Birch) named Gertrude by BLG1858, MGH & Lipscomb, Anne by CTG
  A. John Gylle 'of Buntingford' of Buckland & Wydial, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b c1540, d 22.10.1600)
  m. (1563) Joan (d 10.1600)
B. Thomas Gylle or Gill of London (d before 04.03.1611)
  C. Edward Gylle or Gill of Anstey & Little Court in Laystone (bur 11.05.1616)
  m1. (10.05.1574) Margaret Campion (bur 16.02.1605, dau of Thomas Campion of Essex, widow of Henry Brograve of Buntingford)
  m2. (23.09.1607) Barbara Bradbury (b c1546, d 18.12.1618, dau of Mathew Bradbury of Littlebury & Wicken Bonant, widow of Sir Henry Cutts of Bedgbury then Sir Thomas Flood of Milgate, m4. William Covert of Vintners)
  D. Bridget Gylle
  m. William Sterne of Barkway (bur 16.06.1594)
E. Catherine Gylle
  m1. (26.12.1570) William Hyde of South Denchworth (d 30.11.1598)
  m2. (sp) Sir Richard Lovelace, 1st Lord Lovelace (d 1634)
  F. Frances Gylle
  m. (1603) Sir Marmaduke Grimston (d 12.07.1604)
  G. Margaret Gylle (d 01.05.1591)
  m. James Engler of Linkfield (Lingfield?) (m2. Ann Harvey (dau of Henry, sister of Lord William))
  m2. (c1550) Ann Whethill (a 1568, dau of Robert Whethill, son of Sir Richard of Calais)
  H. Henry Gill (a 1568)
  m. Elizabeth Boteler (dau of Sir Philip Boteler, sister of Sir John of Woodhall)
I. George Gill of Buckland or Buntingford, last of Swaffham (a 1572)
  i. son
  ii. Christiana Gill (d 1626)
  m. (1609) Abdias Tuer (bur 24.07.1626, rector of Sawbridgeworth)
  J. Robert Gill of Eltham, Kent (a 1568)
  m. Ann
  i. son
  ## CTG (p281) shows this as the John Gill (bur 06.04.1624) who m. (14.06.1611) Ursula Hangridge (bur 12.04.1626). We follow BLG1858, MGH & Lipscomb in showing that John here. ##
ii. Sylvester (Sylvestra?) Gill
  m. (1610) Thomas Raymond of Dunmow (son/heir of Edward of Little Dunmow)
  K. Charles Gill (a 1568)
  L. Ann Gill
  m. Samuel Newce (son of Clement of Great Hadham)
2. Richard Gyll of Angser and/or Bottisham and/or of Baldwins alias Lees (Cambridgeshire) & Swaffham (d 02.04.1573, 3rd son?)
  m. Agnes (bur 17.04.1575, widow of Edmond Lee of Swaffham Priors)
  A. Margaret Gyll
  m. (1570) Michael Pigot (b c1549, a 1608, son of Thomas of Stratton by Ann, dau of Lord Chancellor Riche)
  B. Anne Gyll (bur 17.04.1575)
3. Francis Gyll of Haydon, Essex (bur 20.05.1595)
  m. (30.10.1560) Marcia Aspland (bur 15.07.1600, dau/coheir of Robert Aspland of Haydon)
  A. John Gyll (a 07.1600)
  i. John Gyll (bpt 08.01.1608)
  B. Francis Gyll, last of Haydon
  m. (1587) Ann Lambert
  i. Francis Gyll (bur 04.03.1593)
C. Thomas Gyll of Peldon, Essex (of the Inner Temple)
  m. (23.04.1594) Joan Hooper (dau of Henry Hopper)
  i.+ issue - Francis (bpt 20.02.1596, a 07.1626, of the Inner Temple), Thomas (bpt 25.04.1602), Marcia (bpt 12.08.1599), Bridget (bpt 27.10.1605)
  D. Henry Gyll of Peldon (a 10.1580, of the Inner Temple)
  E. Mary Marcia Gyll
  m. (04.09.1589) William Wyatt of Essex
  i.+ issue - Frances (bpt 05.12.1592), Marcia (bpt 04.12.1593)
4. Michael Gyll of Kent (d before 05.10.1590)
  A. John Gill of Sutton at Hone, Kent (bur 06.04.1624)
  m. Anne (bur 12.04.1626)
5. Elizabeth Gyll (d 10/16.11.1555)
  m. (1540) John Mylsent of Bergham in Linton (d 27.05.1577, m2. Agnes Fleetwood)
6. Mary Gyll (bur 24.10.1599)
  m1. John Tingledon of Reigate (d 1551)
  m2. (1555) Nicholas Pople of Hendal Buxted
7. Bridget Gyll
  m. Peter Torkington of Staughton
8.+ other issue (a 1534) - Anthony (dsp 1545), Margaret, Dorothy, Ann (a 1551), Ursula in Swanton (a 1580)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876), 'Gyll Pedigree', p26+), CTG (vol 8 (1843), 'Pedigree of Gill of Wyddial, co. Hertford', p276+), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Gyll of Buckland and Wyddiall-Hall, co. Herts; Yeoveny Hall, co. Middlesex' and Wyrardisbury House, co. Bucks.', p606+), BLG1858 ('Gyll of Wyrardisbury')
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