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Families covered: Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle, Brabazon of Brabazon (New) Park, Brabazon of Mornington, Brabazon of Rath House

Sir Anthony Brabazon of Tallaghstown (d 01.07.1636)
m. Margaret Hovendon (d 08.1636, dau of Christopher Hovendon of Chinor)
1. Edward Brabazon (d 1666)
  m. Rose Lambart (dau of Charles Lambart, 1st Earl of Cavan)
  A. Jane Brabazon
  m. Sir Thomas Newcomen of Sutton
2. James Brabazon (b 1619, d 1676, captain)
  m. Alice Bates of North Wales
  A. Anthony Brabazon 'of Carstown' (b c1650, d 1699, 2nd son)
  m. Grace Colley
  i. Elizabeth Brabazon
  m1. James Brabazon @1@ just below
m2. James Garstin
  ii.+ other issue including James, Dorcas
  B. William Brabazon of Rath House, Sheriff of Louth (b 26.12.1658, d 01.05.1714, Captain, 5th son)
  m1. (c1682) Elizabeth Bickerton
  i. James Brabazon (b c1684, d c1722)
  m. Elizabeth Brabazon (dau/heir of Anthony Brabazon of Carstown) @1@ just above
  ii. Jane Brabazon (d 1762)
  m. William Wye (rector of Drogheda & Dunleer)
  iii. Alice Brabazon shown in the text as of this marriage, in the diagrammatic pedigree as dau of Elizabeth Lambart
  m. William Huddleston
m2. (c1697) Elizabeth Lambart (b c1664, d 1745, dau of George Lambart of Dundalk by Alice)
  iv. Wallop Brabazon of Rath House, Sheriff of Louth (b c1698, d 19.05.1767)
  m. (18.04.1730) Vincentia Townley 'of Townley Hall, Tullyallen' (b c1704, d 1763)
  a. William Brabazon of Rath House (b c1732, d 19.07.1793)
  m. (1768) Catherine Frances Brabazon (b c1748, d 1795, dau of Anthony Brabazon of Carstown (by Mary Donagh), cousin) @2@ below
(1) Wallop Brabazon of Rath House, Sheriff of Louth (b 10.03.1770, d 28.10.1831)
  m1. (19.03.1796) Jane Dupre (b 1769, bur 11.1800, dau of Josias Dupre of Wilton Park)
  (A) William Brabazon (b 06.05.1798, d 13.09.1882, rector of Syddon) had issue
  m. (22.01.1827) Georgiana Crane (b 1800, d 1854/1884, dau of William Crane)
  (B) Dupre Brabazon (b 16.04.1799, d unm 01.07.1822)
  (C) Rebecca Brabazon (b 05.1797, d 22.10.1844)
  m. (1827) George Henry Pentland of Black Hall (b 1800, d 1882)
  (D) Catherine Frances Brabazon (b 1800, d 31.08.1871)
  m. (1833) Thomas Knox Armstrong of Fellows Hall, Elm Park, co. Armagh (b 1798, d 1840)
  m2. (17.11.1810) Margaret Crane (b 1789, d 04.11.1864, dau of William Crane of London)
  (E) Vincentia Frances Brabazon (d 14.10.1894) 
  m. (15.04.1841) C(harles) J(ohn) Kemes-Tynte (b 1800, d 1882)
(F)+ other issue - Arthur Wellesley (b 10.09.1811, d unm 20.10.1833), Wallop of Rath House (b 02.02.1813, d 17.04.1890, m. Victoria Cash, had issue), Edward (b 18.08.1814, d 07.11.1835), James Dupre (b 24.01.1819, d 19.07.1900, had issue, Major), Maria Georgina (b 1820, d 11.05.1908), Madelina (b 1823, d unm 07.01.1880), Adelaide (b 1824, d unm 03.04.1915), Gertrude Harriette (b 1825, d unm 21.09.1876), Harriet Jane (b 1827, d unm 1896), Chambre (b/d 1829), Margaret Emily (b 1830, d unm 15.09.1915)
  b. Blayney Brabazon of Horsehill, Dunderrow, co. Cork (b c1736, d 05.08.1800, Captain)
  m. (1779) Rosetta Wyatt (widow of _ Heard) ## see here ##
  (1) Vincentia Brabazon (b c1781, d 1812)
  m. (1803) Daniel Callanan
  c. Henry (Harry) Brabazon of Drogheda (b 21.02.1739/40, d 04.12.1811)
  m. (1762) Jane Brabazon (b 1732, d 1778, dau of Anthony Brabazon (by Mary Donagh), cousin) @3@ below
  (1) Jane Brabazon
  m. (1798) Rev. Robert Disney
  (2)+ other issue - Henry of Seafield in Togher, Wallop Henry, Henry (Harry), William, Julianna
  d. Lambert Brabazon (b c1742, d 04.04.1811, Senior Post Captain RN)
  m. (05.1796) Susanna Grey (d 1841, sister of Dr. Grey of Dublin)
  e. Anne Brabazon (b c1731, d unm 19.06.1800)
  f. Lucy Brabazon (b c1774, d before 1778)
  m. Anthony Welsh
  g. Vincentia Brabazon (b c1747, d 01.02.1825)
  m. Thomas Hawkshaw (b c1751, d 1793, Captain)
  (1)+ issue - John William \(b 1785, d 1812), Thomas (b 1788, d 1802), Wallop Brabazon Hawkshaw (b 1790, d 1813)
  v. Ralph Brabazon of Gilbertstown (d(sp?) by 1730)
  m. Jane Wise
  vi. Elizabeth Brabazon
  m. Christophilus Jenney (b 1693, d 1741)
  a. Brabazon Jenney, later Brabazon ancestor of the Brabazons of Dromiskin
  b.+ other issue
  vii.+ other issue - Ludlow (b c1707, d 30.05.1759, rector of Ballymascanlon), William (b c1708, d c1786), Barbara
  C. James Brabazon (b 08.03.1661, d 15.01.1728)
  m. (12.12.1686) Mary Colley (dau of Dudley Colley)
  i. Anthony Brabazon 'of Carstown' (b 16.12.1688, d 06.07.1771)
  m. (24.11.1732) Mary Donagh
  a. Philip Brabazon of Mornington (b 22.11.1733, d 05.01.1828)
  m. (28.05.1772) Elizabeth Adams (d 06.07.1793, dau of George Adams)
  (1) Anthony Brabazon
  m1. Grace Godsell (d 1821, dau of James Godsell)
  (A) Anthony Brabazon (b 03.09.1797, dsp 01.04.1873)
  (B) James Brabazon (b 12.01.1800, d 1884, Rev.) had issue
  m. (25.06.1828) Elizabeth Jane Levinge (dau of Richard Hugh Levinge of Levington Park)
  (C) Eliza Brabazon (d 16.10.1863)
  m. (28.08.1828) James Crawford (vicar of St. Mary's, Drogheda)
  (D) Catherine Jane Brabazon
  m. John Snow (d 07.12.1863)
  m2. Catherine Eustace (dau of Hardy Eustace)
  (2) George Brabazon (b 1780, d 30.03.1851, rector of Painstown) had issue
  m. (22.12.1804) Leonora Jane Heyland (d 01.01.1860, dau of Robert Heyland)
  (3) William Philip Brabazon of Mornington (b 28.10.1783, d 13.12.1854) had issue
  m. (17.03.1809) Letitia Vignoles (d 20.12.1859, dau of Rev. John Vignoles)
  (4) Charles Francis Brabazon had issue
  (5) Jane Brabazon
  m. Rev. A. Ellis
  b. Jane Brabazon (b 1732, d 1778)
  m. (1762) Henry (Harry) Brabazon @3@ above
  c. Catherine Frances Brabazon (b c1748, d 1795)
  m. (1768) William Brabazon of Rath House (b c1732, d 19.07.1793) @2@ above
  D. George Brabazon (b c1670, d 1697, youngest son)
  m. Anne Ponsonby (dau of Henry Ponsonby)
  i. Mary Brabazon
m1. John Keating
  m2. William Brabazon
  ii. Rose Brabazon
  m. Richard Wheeler
  iii.+ other issue
  E. Rose Brabazon
  m. (1686) William Eccleston of Drumshallon, Sheriff of Louth (a 1705)
  i. Brabazon Eccleston
  m. Arabella Brabazon (cousin)
  ii.+ other issue
  F.+ other issue - Edward (b c1648, d 1714), Charles (b c1652, d Limerick 1690), Henry (b c1654), Walter (b c1664, a 1681)
3. Dorcas Brabazon
  m. (21.03.1644) George Lane of Tulske, 1st Viscount Lanesborough (b c1620, d 11.12.1683)
4.+ other issue - Anne, Catherine, Magdalen, Margaret



Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle
Anthony obtained Ballinasloe Castle through his wife whose identification, along with the next 3 generations, was found in various web sites, in particular www.brabazonarchive.com which was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (DS, 25.12.05).
m. Ursula Malby (dau of Sir Nicholas Malby, Governor of Connaught, by Honora, dau of Ulick Bourke, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde)
1. Edward Brabazon (dsp)
2. Malby Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle (d 20.05.1637)
  m. Sarah Burke (dau of Thomas Burke of Tullagherry)
  A. Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle
  m. Ellice Dillon (dau of John Dillon of Killynynen)
i. William Brabazon
  m1. Mary Browne (dau of Sir George Browne of the Neale, Bart)
  a. Anthony Brabazon
  m. Margaret Malone (dau of Edward (sb Edmond?) Malone of Ballynahawon)
  b. Alice Brabazon
  m. John Burke of Lismore
c. Ellice Brabazon
  m. John Nowlan of Balinderry
  d. Bridget Brabazon
  m. Nicholas Lynch of Barna
  m2. (1717) Catherine FitzMaurice (dau of William FitzMaurice of Connaught)
  e. William Brabazon (d young)
f. George Brabazon of New or Brabazon Park (d 29.03.1780)
  m. Sarah Burke (d 08.1797, dau of Dominick Burke of Clorough)
  (1) Sir Anthony Brabazon, 1st Bart of New or Brabazon Park (b c1750, d 03.07.1803)
  m. (03.1774/6) Anne Molyneux (dau of Sir Capel Molyneux, 3rd Bart)
  (A) son (dvp)
  (B) Sir William John Brabazon, 2nd Bart of Brabazon Park, Sheriff of Mayo (d unm 24.10.1840)
  (C) Anne Mary Brabazon
  m. Hercules Sharpe of Oaklands (brother of Sir Cuthbert)
  (D) Sarah Brabazon (dsp 28.06.1854)
  m. (16.07.1828) Henry Francis Roper-Curzon, 14th Lord Teynham (b 09.05.1767, d 08.03.1842)
  (2) William Brabazon (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Phibbs (dau/heir of John Phibbs of Lisconny)
  (A) Elizabeth Brabazon (b c1786, d 25.08.1859)
  m. (01.01.1808) Hector John Toler, later Graham-Toler, 2nd Earl of Norbury (b 27.06.1781, d 03.01.1839)
(3) Edward Brabazon (5th son)
  m. Frances Lynch of Wicklowe
  (A) Elizabeth Brabazon
  m. _ Ellard
  (B) Frances Brabazon
  (4) Anne Brabazon
  m. John Bodkin of Annagh
  (A) Anne Bodkin
  m. (1795) Henry Bingham (brother of Lord Clanmorris)
  (5) Catherine Brabazon
  m. Luke Higgins of Castlebar
(6) Rebecca Brabazon
  m. Owen Young of Harristown (dsp)
  (7)+ other issue - Malby, George
  g. Malby Brabazon
  m. Charlotte Le Merchant (dau of _ Le Merchant, Governor of Guernsey)
  ii. Sarah Brabazon (d 1726)
  m1. Theobald Dillon (son of Thomas of Brachloon)
  m2. John Daly of Lung (d 1725)
  iii. Frances Brabazon
  m. John Dillon (d 1692, son of Thomas of Brachloon)
  B. Ursula Brabazon
  m. Bernard Talbot of Rathdown
  C.+ other issue - Sarah, Dorothy
3. Catherine Brabazon (a 06.1656)
  m. John Bourke, 1st Viscount of Clanmories (d 16.11.1633)
4. Sarah Brabazon
  m. (1617) John Hamilton of Coronary and Monella (b c1576, d 04.12.1639)

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(1) For upper section : BP1934 ('Meath') with some input/support from www.termonfeckinhistory.ie/the_brabazons_of_rath_36.html with thanks to a contributor (CV, 27.06.20) for drawing our attention to that site
(2) For lower section : www.brabazonarchive.com with support from TCB (vol v, Brabazon), BEB1841 (Brabazon)
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