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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded 31.03.06, revised 20.01.09.
(1) On VZmisc01 we have some members of a branch of the family of Valoines that moved to Scotland. We suspect that there may be a connection between that family and this family but have yet to identify it.
(2) Collins (1741, vol 3, Wallop, Viscount Lymington) mentions that this family descended from the following Peter "who was in such Favour with William the Conqueror, that he is mentioned in Domesday Book, to be possessed of twelve Lordships in Essex, in Cambridgeshire one, in Lincolnshire one, in Hertfortshire (sic) seventeen, in Norfolk twenty, and in Suffolk six; in which County his Descendants had their chief Residence, making the Castle of Orford the Head or Capital Seat of their Barony".
Peter de Valoines = Piers de Valognes (a 1086)
m. Albreda de Rye (sister (not dau) of Eudo de Rye, dapifer to Henry I) @1@ below
1. Robert de Valoines
  A. Theobald de Valoins of Parham, Suffolk
  i. Bertha de Valoines Y
  m. Ralph de Glanville (d 1190-1, Lord Chief Justice) Y
  ii. Maud (Matilda) de Valoines
  m. Hervey Walter
2. Roger de Valoines
  The Glanville book identifies Roger's wife just as Agnes. She is identified by various web sites as ...
m. Agnes (dau of John Monoculus)
  A. Robert de Valoines
  B. Geoffrey de Valoines of Burton shown by various web sites as of this generation and father of ...
  i. Sibyl de Valoines --
  m1. Robert de Ros of Helmesley (Hamlake) (d 1162-3) --
  m2. (c1166, sp) William de Percy (d 1174/5)
  m3. (sp) Ralph de Albini or d'Aubigne of Ingleby (d Acre 1190)
The following is supported by TCP (Thorpe (of Norfolk) & TCP (Ufford) except that they identify Sir Robert (m. Eve) as grandson of the following John without naming the intermediary generation. 'The Manors of Suffolk' (WA Copinger, vol 1 (1905), p111) also shows just one generation of Roberts between the following John and Roesia & Cecilia.
  B. John de Valoines of Hickley, Suffolk
  m. Isabel de Creke (dau of Sir Robert de Creke of North Creke by Agnes de Glanville)
  i. Robert de Valoines of Hickley & Orford
  m. Rohesia (dau of William le Blund)
  a. Sir Robert de Valoines of Orford Castle, lord of Walsham (d 1281-2)
  The Glanville book identifies Robert's wife as Eve de Creketot. TCP identifies her as ...
  m. Eve (possibly dau of _ Criketot of Ousden, widow of Nicholas Tregoz of Tolleshunt D'Arcy)
  (1) Rohesia (Rose) de Valoines
  m. Sir Edmund de Pakenham
(2) Cecily de Valoines (b c1281, d 16.07.1325)
  m. (before 1298) Sir Robert de Ufford, 1st Lord (b 11.06.1279, d by 09.09.1316)
  Collins (1741, vol 3, Wallop, Viscount Lymington) reports that the following branch was connected to the above family. Provisionally, and completely arbitrarily, we show it as branching from this generation.
  B. ?? de Valoines
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? de Valoines
  a. Sir William Valoynes of Farley (a temp King Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  (1) John Valoynes of Farley
  (i) Nicholas Valoynes of Farley Mortimer and Clydesden)
  (a) Margaret Valoynes
  m. Thomas Wallop, younger of Wallop (dvp before 1437)



This section first uploaded 21.01.11.
Names in italics come from various web sites as do some details for some of the people not in italics.
Geoffroi de Rye (d c980)
1. Eudes de Rye
  A. Hubert de Rye (a 1066)
  m. Albreda (dau of Humphrey de Pont Audomer)
  i. Ralph de Rye of Criche (Derbyshire), etc. (d 1140, Castellan of Nottingham)
a. Ralph FitzRalph de Rye of Criche
  m. Matilda
  (1) Hubert FitzRalph of Criche (d 1218)
  m1. Edlina (dau of William FitzRalph of Alwodestone)
  (A) Juliana
  m. Ankerus de Freschville (d 1218-9)
(B) daughter
  m. Henry de Stuteville
  m2. Sara
  (2) daughter
  m. Galfred de Constantino
  ii. Hubert de Rye of Hingham (Norfolk), etc. (d c1127, Castellan/Governor of Norwich)
  m. Agnes (dau of Robert de Toeni or Todeni)
  a. Henry de Rye
  b. Isabel de Rye
  m1. Geoffrey de Chester
m2. Roger de Cressy
  The dates mean that Isabel's 2nd husband cannot be this Roger Cressy.
  c. Alicia or Aliva de Rye (d 1266/7)
  m. (c1200) John de Marshall
  iii. Adam de Rye in Kent
  iv. Eudo de Rye (b c1047, d 1120, Royal Dapifer)
  m. Roesia (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Clare by Rohese de Gifford)
  a. Margaret de Rye
  m. William de Mandeville (d 1130)
  v. Albreda de Rye Y
  m. Piers de Valognes (a 1086) @1@ above Y



This section first uploaded 20.04.06, reviewed 16.11.15.
Hugh FitzRalph of Greasley & Ilkeston (d 1238-9)
m. Agnes de Gresel (dau/heir of Ralph de Gresel (Gresele) of Greasley & Middle Claydon)
1. Ralph FitzHugh (dvp)
  TCP identifies Ralph's wife as a sister of Piers de la Haye whilst Lipscomb identifies her as Joane. We combine them as ...
  m. Joane de la Haye (sister of Piers de la Haye of Arlington)
  A. Hugh FitzRalph, lord of Greseley or Greasley (dsp) shown by Lipscomb as a generation earlier
  B. Eustache --
  m1. Nicholas de Cantilupe of Ilkestone (d before 24.09.1266)
  m2. Sir William de Ros of Ingmanthorpe --



This section first uploaded 09.12.06, reviewed 13.05.23 (using Nichols).
Sir Ralph Nevill of Candall (Kendal?)
m. _Deyvill (dau of _ Deyvill of Condall)
The Harleian editor provides a note to report that the Visitation omitted 2 generations (Sir Alexander and Sir William, father of Ralph). It is a presumption that the following Sir Humphrey fits around here.
1. Sir Humphrey Nevill of Thornton Bridge possibly fits here
  Sir Humphrey is identified as father of the following Catherine in Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Fairfax'), BE1883 ('Fairfax') and Commoners (vol 2, 'Fairfax of Gilling Castle', p114), the last reporting her second marriage.
A. Catherine Nevill
  m1. William Fairfax of Walton (d 1453)
  m2. Sir Richard Percy (brother of Henry, Earl of Northumberland)
2. Sir Alexander Nevill of Thornton Bridge (d before 25.06.1437)
  m. Catherine Eure (dau of Sir Ralph Eure)
A. Sir William Nevill of Thornton Bridge
  m. Joan (Jane) Boynton (dau of Christopher Boynton)
  i. Ralph Nevill of Thornton Bridge
  m. Anne Gaskon (dau of Sir William Gaskon who married dau of Earl of Northumberland)
  a. Ralph Nevill of Thornton Bridge
  m. Anne Warde (dau of Sir Christopher Warde of Givendale)
  (1) Katherine Nevill (b 1499)
  m1. (c1515) Sir Walter (not William) Stryckland (b 1497, d 09.01.1528)
  Thanks to a contributor (TPL, 27.09.07) for reporting that Katherine also married ...
m2. Henry Burgham (Brougham) of Burgham
  m3. ?? Darcy ("of the house of Menell")
  (A) Frances Darcy
  m. Peter Gobard of Picardy (d c1567) @2@ below
  m4. William Knyvett
  (2) Jone/Joanna Nevill (b 1500, d after 1551)
  m. Sir John Counstable of Holdernes (d 04.05.1542)
  (3) Clare Nevill (b 1507)
  m. Sir Thomas Nevell of Holt (d 1569)



This section first uploaded 28.09.07.
Peter Gobard of Picardy (d c1567)
Visitation reports that Peter's ancestors "were men of great comaund (sic), and possessions in that countrie (France), cam into England in the tyme of H.8 and was servant to the said King, lived in the City of Londo' and died in anno 1567 or thereabout".
m1. ??
1.+ "divers children" (dsp)
m2. Frances Darcy (dau of ?? Darcy by Katherine Nevill) @2@ above
2. John Gobard or Gobart of Coventry (a 1620)
  m. Lucy Smith (dau of Erasmus Smith of (family of) Witcot)
  A. Frances Gobard
  m. Thomas Barrington (son of Sir Francis, Bart)
  B. Anna Gobard
  m. Thomas Leigh (son of Urian of Adlington)
  C. Lucy Gobard
  m. Calcot Chabrie of Williamscot

Main source(s):
(1) For Valoines/Valoynes : 'Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville' (see Glanville01, this book is viewed as partly but not fully reliable) plus input as reported above
(2) For de Rye : CTG (vol 4, 'Pedigree of the Frecheville and Musard families', p1)
(3) For FitzRalph of Greasley : TCP (Cauntelo), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Greseley, Cantilupe, and Zouche, of Middle-Clayton', p176)
(4) For Nevill of Thornton Bridge : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Nevill '(section V)) with some input/support from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Nevill of Holt, ...', p730)
(5) For Gobard : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Gobard)
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