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Families covered: Cressy of Blyborough, Cressy of Fulsby, Cressey of Hodsock
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(1) This family's name is spelled in various ways (Cresci, Cressy, Cressey, etc.). It is not known if it was connected to the Cresset family.
(2) There is some confusion with the first branch we deal with. Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Clifton) shows Sir John Cressy of Hodsock as son of William Clifton of Hodsock (son of Roger Clifton de Hodsock) which would be unusual. More likely, Sir John was son-in-law of William Clifton. We have seen some web sites indicate that the first Cressy of Hodsock was a Roger who married a Cecily, dau of Gervase Clifton, by 1201. That date is too early to be connected to Clifton02 (which is probably the relevant Clifton family). The Visitation shows the following as the descendants of Sir John Cressy.
Sir John Cressy of Hodsock
1. Sir John Cressy of Hodsock
  A. Hugh Cressy (dsp 1407-8)
  B. Catherine Cressy
  m. Sir John Clifton of Clifton & Hodshalle
  C. Margaret Cressy
  m. John Markham (judge)
  D. daughter (dsp)
  m. _ Makerell
2. Hugh Cressy (dsp 1315-6)
3. Catherine Cressy
  m. William Cresholme
4. Elizabeth Cressy
  m. _ Vavasor
The death dates of the 2 Hughs indicate that at least one generation has been missed out above. Cross-references from other families indicate that the Elizabeth (probably not Margaret) who married Judge Markham was daughter of a Sir Roger and that the Elizabeth who married William Vavasor of Hazlewood (b c07.1334, d c10.1369) was daughter of a Sir Hugh. [The information we have on the wife of Sir John Clifton came from the above-mentioned Visitation.] The following comes from various web sites.
Roger de Cressey, 1st of Hodsock (Nottinghamshire)
m. Cecily Clifton (dau of Gervase Clifton)
1. William de Cressey of Hodsock (b c1201, d 1232)
  A. Roger de Cressey of Hodsock
  m. Sybil de Braytoft (d 1282, dau/heir of John de Braytoft of Risegate)
  i. Sir William de Cressey of Hodsock (b c1240, d 1311)
m. Johanna
  a. Sir Roger de Cressey of Hodsock (b 1278, d 1317)
  (1) Hugh de Cressey of Hodsock (b 1314, d 16.02.1346)
  m. Matilda or Margaret of Panton
  (A) Sir Roger Cressey of Hodsock
  m. Isobel de Rie (dau/heir of Sir Hubert de Rie) ## see here ##
  (i) Elizabeth Cressey
  m. Sir John de Markham of Markham (d 1409, judge)
  (ii) Catherine Cressey probably of this generation
  m1 Sir John de Clifton of Clifton (d Shrewsbury 1403)
  m2. Ralph Makaril
  (B) Elizabeth Cressy (d before 08.11.1404) presumed of this family, of this generation
  m. William Vavasor of Hazlewood (b c07.1334, d c10.1369)
  b.+ other issue - William of Hodsock (b c1291, d 1335), Peter of Kelsalte, Hugh of Risegate, Edmund, Joan



John Cressy of Blyborough, Lincolnshire (d 09-10.1576)
m. Dorothy
1. Robert Cressy of Blyborough
  m. Elizabeth Wigan (dau/heir of Thomas Wigan)
  A. Nicholas Cressy of Fulsby (Fulnetby) in Kirkby-on-Bain (d before 09.08.1630)
m. Frances Ayscough (d before 26.01.1639-40, dau of Sir Henry Ayscough of Blyborough)
  i. Brandon Cressy (d before 1637)
  m. Bridget Jeffreyes (d 09-10.1637, sister of Ferdinando Jeffreys)
  a. Nicholas Cressy, last of Fulsby (a 1657)
  m. Anne
  b.+ other issue (a 1637) - Edward, Ferdinando
  ii. Charles Cressy
  iii. Thomas Cressy 'of Fulsby' (Major)
m. Elizabeth Glemham (dau of Sir Henry Glemham by Anne, dau of Thomas, Earl of Dorset)
  a. Anne Cressy (d 11.01.1725-6)
  m. (1662) Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart, of Bunny
  iv. Faith Cressy (d before 24.04.1672)
  m1. William Paget
  m2. George Tyrwhit of West Keal
  v. Jane Cressy
  m. (21.06.1624) Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby
  vi. Elizabeth Cressy (b c1596)
  m. (c01.1616-7) Richard Curtis of Toynton-by-Spilsby
  B.+ other issue - Henry, James, Walter
2. John Cressy of Blyborough



?? Cressy
1. Arthur Cressy of Scawby, Lincolnshire (a 1656)
  A. Arthur Cressy of Brigsley
  i. Laetitia Cressy (d by 1746)
  m. (1694) Sir Edward Wigley of Scroptoft (Scraptoft)
  B. Richard Cressy of Ravendale (d 1746, cleric)
  m. Alice Thorold (a 1747, dau of Richard Thorold of Coxwold)
  i. Richard Cressy (dsp?, d c11.1757)
  m. Rachael Shaw (dau of Rev. Thomas Shaw of Wyberton)
  C. Susannah Cressy
  m. Wiliam Tondine of Manton, later of Riby (d 1738)
  D.+ other issue (b after 1657) - Arthur, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Margaret
2. Michael Cressy of Glamford Brigg (d by 1683) possibly brother of Arthur
  m. Elizabeth
  A. Elizabeth Cressy
  m. _ Pym
  B. Susannah Cressy
  m. _ Gooche
  C.+ other issue - John, Lydia

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : as reported above
(2) For middle section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903, Cressy of Blyborough)
(3) For lower section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903, Cressy of Ravendale)
[Ths section on the Cressys of Birkin (Yorkshire) has been absorbed by Cressy2.]
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