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This section first uploaded 11.07.05.
Jordan le Brett first name kindly provided by a contributor (VJJ, 13.06.06)
m. Joane de Heriz (dau of William de Heriz by Maud Basset)
1. Roger le Brett
  m. Bamburga (dau of John, Lord Daincourt)
  A. Sir John le Brett
  i. Catherine le Brett
  m. Sir John Caltofte
  a. Alice Caltofte
  m. Sir William Chaworth (a 1398)



This section first uploaded 30.07.05.
Harlewin de Butailles, 1st of Dodemaston (a 1107)
1. ?? de Dudmaston
  A. ?? de Dudmaston
BEB1841 reports that Hugh, father of the heiress of the family (Margaret), was "ninth in descent from Harlewin de Butailles".
  i. ?? de Dudmaston
  a. Peter de Dudmaston
  (1) Hugh de Dudmaston
  (A) Roger de Dudmaston
  (i) Hugo de Dudmaston (a 1326)
  (a) John de Dudmaston (a 1370)
  ((1)) Hugh de Dudmaston (a 1385)
  ((A)) Margaret, heiress of Dudmaston
  m. Roger Wolrich of Dudmaston



This section first uploaded 09.07.07.
Walter de Ridlesford, lord of Bray
m. Amabilis FitzHenry
1. Walter de Ridlesford, lord of Bray
  m. Amora de Vitre
  A. Emeline de Riddlesford (b 1223, d 1275/6) HJY
  m. (1243/4) Stephen de Longespee Plantagenet (b c1216, d by 23.01.1274, Justiciar of Ireland) HJY
2. Basilie de Ridlesford
  m. Richard de Cogan



This section first uploaded 30.07.11.
Thomas Bozon (a 1485)
m. Anne Ufflete (dau/coheir of Sir Gerard Ufflete)
1. Sir Henry Bozon of Syreston, Nottinghamshire
m. Katharine Markham (dau of Sir Robert Markham of Cotham)
  A. Sir Richard Bozon of Long Clawton (Leicestershire) & Barrowby (Lincolnshire) (d before 04.08.1524)
  m. Dorothy Dene (dau/heir of James Dene of Barrowby, m2. William Vernon of Barrowby)
  i. Mary Bozon (b c1510)
  m. John Worsley of Helpston
  ii. Elizabeth Bozon (b c1511)
m. Richard Paynell of Boothby Paynell
  iii. Margaret Bozon (b c1511)
  m. Richard Clopton of Ford Hall
  iv. Alice Bozon (b c1513)
  Maddison notes that "One authority says (that she) mar. to George Poole" but gives precedence to reporting that she married ...
  m. Thomas Lewis of Thepperton
  v. Agnes Bozon
  m1. Henry Babington (son of Sir Rowland of Normanton)
  m2. Francis More of Trickley
  B.+ other issue (a 1524) - Thomas, Anne, Alice



This section first uploaded 15.06.20.
Matthew Stewart of Newton (d 1764, cadet of Newhall)
m. (1741) Jean Galt or Arnot (dau of John Galt by Isabella, sister/heir of Anna Arnot of Lochrig)
1. Alexander Arnot Stewart of Lochrig, last of Newton (d 1769)
2. Mathew Arnot Stewart of Lochrig (d 08.01.1796)
  m. Mary Brown (dau/heir of John Brown of Gabrochhill)
  A. Mathew Arnot Stewart of Lochrig (b 1796, d unm)
  B. Eliza Stewart, last of Lochrig (dspm)
  m. _ Brown of Auchintorley



This section first uploaded 18.06.20.
Thomas Cuningham of Langlane (a 1462)
1. Alexander Cuningham of Langlane
  A. William Cuningham of Langlane
  i. Alexander Cuningham of Langlane
  a. ?? Cuningham of Langlane
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations
  (1) ?? Cuningham of Langlane
(A) Alexander Cuningham, last of Langlane (a 1663)
  ii. Adam Cuningham in Potterhill (a 1553)
  a. John Cuningham of Rudelands
  (1) Paterson (2/498) suggests that this was the John who married Janet Macadam and was father, by Janet Macadam, of William (dsp), Hew, John & Adam (ancestor of the Cuninghames of Enterkine) with John being father of 3 daughters by Jean Leslie than father of 5 sons (including Sir John of Lambruchton) + 4 daughters by Elizabeth Sinclair with Sir John beging father of 4 sons + 2 daughters by Margaret Murray. We think that he has confused John of Rudelands with John of Brownhill who, with disagreement on several of the details on his family, we show elsewhere (## see here ##). Paterson (2/488) provides information on the Cuninghames of Enterkine amd starts with Adam Cuninghame of Privet, 4th son of John of Rudelands. We think that he has confused the following Adam, son of this John, as the Adam who was 4th son of John of Brownhill (## see here ##).
(2) BLG1952 ('Cuninghame of Caprington') & BPGS2001 ('Fergusson-Cuninghame of Caprington') identify Hew, 3rd son of William Cuninghame, 5th of Caprington, as "of Previck" (## see here ##). Paterson (2/410) identifies Hugh, William's 4th son (Paterson mentions an elder brother who is not give by Burke's Publications), as "predecessor of the Enterkin family". However, Paterson (2/488) provides the following line for the Cuninghames of Enterkine, identifying the first one as son of the following Adam, designating him as "of Privet" (i.e Previck). Acknowledging that Paterson appears to be confused as to the identity of the following Adam son of John, we assume that the mention of Privet/Previck is either erroneous or irrelevant.
  (1) Adam Cuninghame (d 03.1646)
  m1. ??
  (A) William Cuninghame of Previck
  (i) John Cuninghame of Enterkine (a 1775 sb 1675?)
  m. Mary
  (a) John Cuninghame of Enterkine
  Too many generations? Dates confused? We hope to review this further in due course.
  ((1)) ?? Cuninghame
  ((A)) William Cuninghame of Enterkine (a 1760)
m. Catherine Stewart (dau of Major General _ Stewart of Stair)
  ((i)) William Allason Cuninghame, later Logan Allason of Logan & Aston
  m. _ Allason, heiress of Logan
  (b) Margaret Cuninghame
  m. William Baillie of Edinburgh
  (c) Esther Cuninghame (bur 07.04.1700)
  m1. William Fletcher of New Cranstoun
  m2. (mcrt 15.09.1691) Sir James Dalrymple of Killoch, Bart
  (B)+ other issue - John, James
  m2. Ester Fullartone (dau of Rev. William Fullartone of St. Qivox)

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