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Families covered: Dalrymple of Cousland, Dalrymple of Hailes, Dalrymple of Stair

Sir James Dalrymple, 1st Bart of Borthwick, Killoch & Cousland (b 1650, d 05.1719)
m1. (mcrt 02.01.1679) Catherine Dundas (bur 17.01.1689, dau of Sir James Dundas of Arniston)
1. Sir John Dalrymple, 2nd Bart of Cousland (d 24.05.1743)
  m1. (07.08.1702) Elizabeth Fletcher (dau of James Fletcher)
  A. Sir William Dalrymple, 3rd Bart of Cousland (b 23.09.1704, bur 20.03.1771)
  m1. (1726) Agnes Crawford (d 13.10.1755, dau of William Crawford of Glasgow)
i. John Dalrymple, later Sir John Hamilton-Dalrymple-Makgill, 4th Bart (b 1726, d 26.02.1810)
  m. (07.10.1760) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Thomas Hamilton of Fala, later Hamilton-Makgill of Fala and Oxenfoord)
  a. Sir John Hamilton-Dalrymple, 5th Bart, later 8th Earl of Stair (b 16.11.1784, dsp 22.03.1840)
  Sir John inherited the earldom from his kinsman, the 7th Earl.
  m1. (23.06.1795) Harriet Johnson (d 16.10.1823, dau of Rev. Robert Augustus Johnson)
  m2. (08.06.1825) Adamina Duncan (d 01.08.1857, dau of Adam, 1st Viscount Duncan of Camperdown)
  b. North Hamilton-Dalrymple, 9th Earl of Stair (b 15.06.1771, d 09.11.1864) had issue
  m1. (27.05.1817) Margaret Penny (d 22.04.1828, dau of James Penny of Arrad)
  m2. (23.03.1831) Martha Willett Dalrymple (d 05.06.1869, dau of Col. George Dalrymple)
  c. Elizabeth Dalrymple (d 1832)
  m. (18.02.1790) Myles Sandys of Graythwaite Hall (d 02.09.1839)
d. Jane Dalrymple (d 1833)
  m. William Horsman
  e. Martha Dalrymple (d 1863)
  m. (1809) Thomas Sampson (d 1811 Java, Lt.)
  f.+ other issue - Thomas (d 02.02.1770), William (d 29.07.1782, RN), James (d 1796), Robert (d Talavera 1809), Agnes (d 1840)
  ii. William Dalrymple
  m. Diana Molyneux (dau of Rigby Molyneux of Preston)
  a. Marton Dalrymple (d 21.11.1809) had issue
  m. (1798) Frances Ingram Spence of Hanover Square
b. Frances Dalrymple
  m. Rev. M. Roberts
  c.+ other issue - John (d Montevideo 03.02.1807, Major), Hugh (d unm 1800, RN), Wilhelmina, Caroline, Diana
  iii. Agnes Dalrymple
  iv. Elizabeth Dalrymple (dsp)
  m. John Hamilton of Bangor
  m2. Anne Philp
v. Samuel Dalrymple (b 1760, d 02.10.1832, Lt. General) had issue
  m1. (1791) Hannah (Henrietta) Tweddell (d 1829, dau of John Tweddell of Unthank Hall)
  m2. (10.05.1831, sp) Mary Amelia Head (dau of Roper Head)
  vi. Jane Dalrymple (d 1826)
  m. Major General _ Roberts
  vii. Wemyss Dalrymple (d 14.12.1804)
  m. Hon. Leveson Grenville Keith Murray (b 16.12.1770, d 04.01.1835)
  viii. Christian Dalrymple (d 1806)
  m. Hugh Stuart
  ix.+ other issue - James (d unm 1800, Lt. Col), Simon (d unm 1804, Lt. Col), Hugh, Anne, Beckford, Matilda
  B.+ other issue - 1 son and 2 daughters
m2. Sidney Sinclair (d 20.10.1759, dau of John Sinclair of Ulbster)
  E.+ "several children"
  Not known by which marriage were ...
  * Margaret Dalrymple
  m. John Sinclair of Freswick, Sheriff of Caithness (dsps 1784)
  * Elizabeth Dalrymple
  m. Thomas Hamilton, later Hamilton-Macgill of Falahill & Oxenfuird (d 18.10.1779)
m2. (mcrt 15.09.1691) Esther Cunninghame (bur 07.04.1700, dau of John Cunninghame of Enterkine)
2. James Dalrymple of Harvieston probably of this generation, had issue
  m. Martha Craufurd (b 03.1696, dau of William Crafurd of Glasgow)
m3. (07.09.1701) Jean Halket (d 05.1734)



Sir David Dalrymple, 1st Bart of Hailes (d 03.12.1721)
m. (04.04.1691) Janet Rochead (b 25.04.1662, d 26.12.1726, dau of Sir James Rochead of Inverleith)
1. Sir James Dalrymple, 2nd Bart of Hailes (b 24.07.1692, d 24.02.1751)
  m. (1726) Christian Hamilton (d 30.06.1770, dau of Thomas Hamilton, 6th Earl of Haddington)
  A. Sir David Dalrymple, 3rd Bart of Hailes (b 28.10.1726, d 29.11.1762, Lord of Session as Lord Hailes)
  m1. (12.11.1763) Anne Broun (d 18.05.1768, dau of George Broun, Lord Colstoun)
  i. Christian Dalrymple of Hailess (d unm 09.01.1838)
  m2. (20.03.1770) Helen Fergusson (d 10.11.1810, dau of Sir James Fergusson, 2nd Bart of Kilkerran, Lord Kilkerran)
  ii. Jean Dalrymple (d 06.05.1803)
  m. (08.10.1799) Sir James Fergusson, 4th Bart of Kilkerran (b 20.10.1765, d 14.04.1838)
  The second son of their son took the name Dalrymple and was created 1st Bart of Newhailes.
  B. James Dalrymple (dsp 21.11.1791, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (28.09.1773) Elizabeth St. Clair (dau of Charles St. Clair of Herdmanstoun)
  C. Hugh Dalrymple of Fordel (dsp 11.12.1784, Captain RN)
  m. (02.05.1754) Helen Wemyss (dau of James Wemyss, 5th Earl of Wemyss)
D. John Dalrymple, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (d 08.08.1779)
  m. (28.06.1774) Anne Young Pringle (dau of Walter Pringle of St. Kitts)
  i. Sir James Dalrymple, 4th Bart of Hailes (d unm 12.1800)
  ii. Sir John Pringle Dalrymple, 5th Bart of Hailes (dsp 17.10.1829, Colonel)
  m. (28.12.1807) Mary Rushworth (dau of Edward Rushworth of Farringford Hill)
  iii. Eleonora Dalrymple
  E.+ 12 other children including: Alexander (b 24.07.1737, d unm 19.06.1808)
2. Hugh Dalrymple, later Dalrymple-Murray-Kynynmound of Melgund and Kynnynmond (d 1741)
  A. Agnes Dalrymple (d 30.12.1778)
  m. (14.12.1746) Sir Gilbert Elliot, 3rd Bart of Stolbs (d 11.02.1777)
3. Janet Dalrymple (dsp 08.01.1766)
  m1. Sir John Baird, Bart of Newbyth (dsp 09.1745)
  m2. Sir James St. Clair of Dysart (General)

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(1) For Dalrymple of Cousland and Stair: BP1934 (Stair)
(2) For Dalrymple of Hailes: BP1934 (Dalrymple of Newhailes)
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