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This section first uploaded 26.11.21.
William FitzRichard de Houton (a 1170)
1. Robert de Stapleford (a 1190)
  A. Richard de Stapleford (d 1213)
  i. Sir Geoffrey de Stapleford had issue
  ii. Hugh de Stapleford (a 1262, "heir to Idonea")
  iii. Alice de Stapleford ("sister/heir of Hugh de Stapleford of Stapleford")
  m. John le Paumer = John le Palmer of Algathorpe
  a. Agnes Palmer
  m. Richard de Whatton (a 1333)
  B. Adam



This section first uploaded 26.11.21.
Gervaise de Barnston, Coleston Basset (Nottinghamshire) & Duckmanton (Derbyshire)
m. Margaret
1. Sir Richard of Wiverton & Barndston (a 1178)
  A. Gervaise (a 1178)
  i. Sir Richard (dsp 1253)
  m. Matilda (a 1253)
  ii. Alina
  m. Ralph de Mellys
  a. Thomas de Mellys (dsp 1277)
  b. daughter
  m. _ de Mendham
  (1) John de Mendham (a 1277)
  (A) John de Mendham (b c1287, a 1313)
  iii. Idonea (dsp)
  iv. Alice
  m. Walter fitzRichard de Botesford
  a. Beatrice
  m. ??
  (1) Alice
  m. Henry de Cotgrave
  (2) Sara
  m. Sir Roger le Bret
  B. William de Wiverton (a 1210)
  m. Albreda (dau of William Gernet)
  i. William de Wiverton (a 1251)
  m. Gundreda
  a. Roger de Wiverton
  (1) William de Wiverton
  (A) Emma de Wiverton
  ii. Robert de Wiverton (a 1243)
2. Robert de Duckmaston had issue



This section first uploaded 06.12.21.
William Kay (curate of Stokesley)
m. Elizabeth Eure (bur 26.05.1656, sister of Ralph, 7th Lord Eure)
1. Horatio Kay
  A. Elizabeth Kay (bpt 17.10.1675)
  m. (047.05.1699) William Walker of Doncaster & Easby Hall
  i. Ann Walker (bur 03.09.1773)
  m. Richard Hornby
a. Samuel Hornby of Great Ayton (youngest son)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Jane Hornby
  m. (27.11.1797) William Wilson
  (2) Mary Hornby
  m. (01.02.1791) George Chilton
  (3) Hannah Hornby
  m. George Purvis
  (4) Ann Hornby
  m. ??
  (A) Ann
  m. Humphrey Sanderson of Ayton
  (5) Elizabeth Hornby (bpt 09.01.1778, d 26.08.1739)
m. Peter Simonson of Stokesley
  (6) Sarah Hornby (bpt 31.12.1782, d 27.04.1875)
  m. (08.06.1809) Joseph Watson of Great Ayton (bpt 18.02.1775, d 25.05.1860)
  (7)+ other issue - Samuel, William (bpt 25.02.1776), Rachel (bpt 16.04.1780, d unm bur 22.10.1842)
  b+ other sons (d young)
  ii. Susanna Walker
  m. (03.06.1735) John Matthews
  a. Frances Matthews
  m. William Lee of Pinchingthorpe ## see here ##
  B.+ 2 sons (dsp)



This section first uploaded 07.12.21.
Joseph Palmer (b c1683, d 12.1759 in London, "a King's Messenger")
m. (1708) Elizabeth Bate (b 1689, d c1726, dau of Thomas Bate of Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
1. Joseph Palmer (dvp bur 11.10.1728)
2. Anne Palmer (bpt 19.07.1704, d 14.01.1753)
  m. Charles Drury of Nottingham (bpt 19.06.1704, d 14.01.1753, apothecary)
3. Dorothy Palmer (b 1723, d 1785)
  m. (1747) Thomas Kirkland (MP for Ashby-de-la-Zouch)



This section first uploaded 12.01.22
George Shiers (Shires or Sheers), 1st of Slyfield Hall, Great Bookham, Surrey father of Jane, aunt of Sir George, so father also of ...
1. Robert Sheers (Shiers) of Slyfold House (bur 28.06.1668)
  BEB1841 & TCB identify the mother of Sir George as "Elizabeth". She is further identified by MGH as ...
  m. Elizabeth Weld (d 17.08.1700, dau of William Weld)
  A. Sir George Sheers (Shiers) of Slyfold House, Bart (b c1660, dsp 18.07.1685)
  m. (03.07.1685) Elizabeth Dickenson (d 1744, dau of Edmund Dickenson of London (physician to Charles II) (by Elizabeth, dau of Stephen Lodington, Archdeacon of Stow), m2. Charles John, Baron Blomberg in Prussia)
2. Edward Shiers (son of George of Slyfield House) probably of this generation
  m. Abigail Busby (b by 1634, dau of Robert Busby of Addington)
3. Jane Shiers (d 1705)
  m. Sir Thomas Nightingale, 2nd Bart (b 15.10.1629, bur 19.10.1702)
4.+ 4 other children



This section first uploaded 05.02.22
The following were possibly descended from the earlier d'Avranches (de Abrincis) family shown here and may have given rise to families that took other names (such as Redman). Note that TCP spells the family name of the husbands of both Maud & Joan Boelande (respectively William & Geoffrey) as "d'Averenches" whilst MGH identifies the William who married Maud Boelond as "de Averanches" (and their son as "de Averenche") and the son & (unnamed) husband of Joan Boelond as "Averenges". Provisionally, and somewhat arbitrarily, we give precedence to "d'Averanches" and speculate that William & Geoffrey were brothers, both being sons of ...
?? d'Averanches
1. William d'Averanches of Folkestone (d 06.11.1230)
  m. Maude de Boeland (dau/coheir of William de Boeland of Buckland (Boelond of Boelond))
  A. William d'Averanches (dsp young before 1236)
  B. Maud d'Averanches (d by 1270)
  m. Hamo de Crevequer ("one of the great Kentish barons")
  i.+ 4 daughters
2. Geoffrey d'Averanches (a 11.1236)
  m. Joan de Boeland (sister of Maude)
  A. John d'Averanches (de Averenges) of Retcot (Oxfordshire), Bromland (Somerset) & Dakenham Town (Essex) (d by 1257)
  m. Amice
  i. Elizabeth d'Averanches (b c1254)
  m. Matthew de Besilles of Boelond & Brampton Regis
  ii.+ issue (a 1257) - Joan (b c1248), Margaret (b c1251)

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