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Families covered: Bozon (Bosome) of Devon, Bozon (Bozom) of Nottinghamshire
[This page pulls together sections that were previously shown within Temporary pages. They were moved here after review led to expansion of the upper section but with acceptance that there was little chance of our making significant improvement to the lower section in the near future. Research into these families is not helped by the way that, as mentioned on Bozun1, the name was spelt in different ways.]

(1) Much of the following section was first uploaded on 30.07.11 to a Temporary page. It was reviewed & expanded using Thoroton then moved here.
(2) The early generations come from Thoroton's work which shows most of the connections between the generations with dotted rather than solid lines, indicating uncertainty.
Roger Bozon possibly father of ...
1. John Bozon (d by 1335)
  m. Gunnora (a 1335) relict of John, possibly mother of ...
  A. Sir William Bozon (a 1319)
  m. Agnes
  B. Sir John Bozmn (d by 1361)
  m. Margaret (a 1361) relict of John, possibly mother of ...
  i. John Bozom (a 1361) possibly father of ...
a. Thomas Bozom (a 1407) possibly father of ...
  (1) Henry Bosom or Boson (a 1446)
  m. Alicia possibly parents of ...
  (A) Thomas Bozon (Bossom) (a 1485) the first mentioned by Maddison
m. Anne Ufflete (dau/coheir of Sir Gerard Ufflete)
  (i) Sir Henry Bozon (Bozom) of Syreston, Nottinghamshire see alternate ancestry here
  m. Katharine Markham (dau of Sir Robert Markham of Cotham)
  (a) Sir Richard Bozon of Long Clawton (Leicestershire) & Barrowby (Lincolnshire) (d before 04.08.1524)
  m. Dorothy Dene (dau/heir of James Dene of Barrowby, m2. William Vernon of Barrowby)
((1)) Mary Bozon (b c1510)
  m. John Worsley of Helpston
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bozon (b c1511)
  m. Richard Paynell of Boothby Paynell
  ((3)) Margaret Bozon (b c1511)
  m. Richard Clopton of Ford Hall
((4)) Alice Bozon (b c1513)
  Thoroton shows Alice as married to G. Poole. Maddison notes that "One authority says (that she) mar. to George Poole" but gives precedence to reporting that she married Thomas Lewis. Provisionally, we assume that she married twice.
  m1/2. George Poole
  m2/1. Thomas Lewis of Thepperton
  ((5)) Agnes Bozon
  m1. Henry Babington (son of Sir Rowland of Normanton)
  m2. Francis More of Trickley
  (b)+ other issue (a 1524) - Thomas, Anne, Alice
  ii. Hugo Bozom (a 1407, rector of Fulbeck)



Robert Bosome
m. Johanna St. George (dau/heir of Henry St. George)
1. Edmond Bosome or Bozum 'of Wood'
  A. John Bosome or Bosom or Bozon or Bozom of Bozom's Hoile (Bossond Soyle or Bozomzeal)
  Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, 'Southcote') identifies John's wife as Rosamond, dau/coheir of _ St. George of Dittisham. Vivian identifies her as ...
  m. Johane Fortescue (dau of _ Fortescue of Wood)
  i. Elizabeth (or Jennet) Bosome or Bozon named Jennet in Visitation (Devon, 'Fulford')
  m1. Sir Baldwin Fulford of Fulford (b after 1399, d 1461)
  m2. Sir William Huddersfield (Attorney General to Edward IV)
  ii. Margaret Bosome or Bozon
  m1. John Harte
  m2. Nicholas Southcote of Southcote
  m3. John Walcott of Chidleigh (Chudleigh)
  B. Joan/Jane Bozom possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Fortescue (Chief Justice in Ireland)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of Nottinghamshire' (Robert Thoroton (republished by John Throsby), vol 1 (1797), p247), 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' (Maddison, 1903, 'Bozon of Barrowby')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Callard of Callard', 'Fulford of Fulford' & 'Southcott of Southcott')
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