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"Apparently descended from the Murrays of Carsehead" was ...
Thomas Murray of Balnabroich
1. John Murray of Balnabroich (a 06.1642)
  A. John Murray of Balnabroich
  m1. (mcrt 18.01.1643) Marjory Ogilvy (dau of David Ogilvy of Bellatie)
  m2. Janet Maxwell (dau of Sir Patrick Maxwell of Newark)
  i. Christine Murray --
  m. (mcrt 23.02.1686) Alexander Stewart (son of Patrick of Ballechin) --



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James Blancks of Bledlow, Buckinghamshire (a/d 1663)
m. Elizabeth
1. John Blancks (a 1670)
  Lipscomb shows a connection from John to his apparent son Johnshall Crosse but, as Johnshall's wife is shown as "Elizabeth, sole daur. and heir.", we presume that the connection should have been shown to her. That is more consistent with the text which implies that the Crosses were of a different family to the Blancks.
  A. Elizabeth (Blankcs) (b c1660, d 21.05.1720, heir)
  m. Johnshall Crosse of Bledlow, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b c1627, d 1693) should be John Shallcross?
  i. Henry Crosse (b c1678, d 19.09.1744) identified in Jodrell source as Henry Shallcross, son/heir of John Shallcross
m. (1700) Elizabeth Jodrell (dau of Paul Jodrell, Clerk of the House of Commones)
  a. Elizabeth Crosse (b c1701, d 02.1788)
  m. William Hayton of Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire (b 1708-9, d 05.1764, son of William by Deborah, dau of Francis Neale & widow of Joseph Duncombe of Great Barley End)
  (1) William Hayton of Stocks (b 1731-2, d( sp?) 21.07.1811)
  m. Clara Duncombe (b 1733-4, d 27.05.1790, dau/heir of John Duncombe)
  (2) Harriot Hayton (d 1764)
  m. (1757) Samuel Whitbread of Cardington (d 11.06.1796)
  (3) daughter
  b.+ other issue - John (d unm 01.11.1746), Henry (b c08.1705, d 16.11.1707), Paul (dsp 08.01.1745), Thomas (b c1709, dsp 19.01.1747, RN), Jane (d infant), Anne (d unm 15.07.1747)
  ii. Elizabeth Crosse
  m. Thomas Philips of Ickford



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Sir Michael Gifford
m. Isabell Herves (dau of Sir Richard Herves)
1. John Gifford
  m. Joane Glyn (dau of Sir Peter Glyn)
2. Margaret Gifford (d 1368)
  m. John Burdon



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William Kestell
1. Richard Kestell
m. Alice Mathaderva (dau/heir of William Mathaderva (d 1306) by Julian, dau of Stephen Trenouth of St. Columb the Great)
  A. Stephen Mathaderva
  m. Maria Trevarthian (dau of John Trevarthian)
  i. Stephen Madetherva (d 1389)
  m. Agnes or Margaret Burdon (dau of John Burdon by Margaret Gifford)
  a. John Madetherva or Matherderva
  m. Margerey Tregose (dau of William Tregose)
  (1) Isabell Madetherva or Matherderva
  m. John Trefouis
  (A) Katherine Trefouis (heir)
  m. John Bevill



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(Dodwell) Browne
1. George Browne
2. Alice Browne (d before 14.01.1748/9)
  m1. Sir John Aylmer of Balrath, 3rd Bart (dsp 02.04.1714)
  m2. Dominick Meade of Tullyheady (dsp 11.1717)
  m3. (07.03.1718/9) Thomas Lyster of Athleague (d 28.08.1726, m1. dau of Thomas O'Kelly)
  m4. Rev. Oliver Carter of Killala (d by 1768)



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John Monk Newbolt of Winchester (d 1803)
m(1). (01.02.1768) Susanna Knowler (dau of John Knowler of Canterbury)
1. Sir John Henry Newbolt (b 1769?, d 22.01.1823, Chief Justice of Madras, MP)
  m1. (18.02.1794) Elizabeth Juliana Digby (d 20.04.1809 (or 11.1807), dau of William Digby (Dean of Durham))
  A. Julia Brigida Newbolt (b c1800, d 28.10.1875) apparently the daughter of this marriage
  m. (08.12.1818) Sir Robert Sheffield, 4th Bart of Normanby (b 02.1786, d 11.1862)
  B.+ 3 sons
  m2. (09.1810) Henrietta Blenkinsop
  E.+ Henrietta Louisa Newbolt (d 01.1868) apparently of this generation, one of the daughters of this marriage
  m. (12.12.1841) Lewis Maitland of Lindores (b 04.1812, d 02.1876)
  F.+ 1 son + 1 daughter



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John Campbell of Lundie (Lundy), later in London (d 1712, goldsmith & banker)
(1) A family of Campbell of Lundie is shown on Campbell43 but appears to have died out a few generations before this John. Colin Campbell (d by 1619, 2nd son of the 6th Earl of Argyll) was "of Lundy" but TCB (vol 2, 'Campbell of Lundy', p334) reports that his son "appears to have sold Lundie, before 1648, to a person of his own surname". Note that that Colin Campbell married (c1599) Maria Campbell, dau of Colin Campbell, 6th of Glenorchy, who was father of the 1st Bart who was great-grandfather of the 4th Bart mentioned just below.
(2) Wikipedia ("James Coutts (MP)") identifies James's wife Mary Peagrum as niece not only of George Campbell but also of John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadalbane & Holland (b c1635, d 19.03.1717), son of Sir John Campbell (4th Bart) of Glen Orchy. It is therefore possible that this John of Lundy was a son of younger son of the 4th Bart who is not identified on Campbell06 or that he was the son of one of the daughters of the 4th Bart (several of whom married a Campbell though this John has not yet been identified as such) or that his wife was one of the daughters of the 4th Bart (though such a connection has not yet been identified).
1. George Campbell (d 1760, banker)
2. Mary Campbell
  m. (1712) George Middleton (d 1747, goldsmith & banker)
3. Elizabeth Campbell
  m. John Peagrum (or Peagrim) of Elmstead
  A. Mary ("Polly") Peagrum
  m. (1755) James Coutts



This section first uploaded 25.02.22.
?? Faulkner of Liverpool
m. Mary Yate (dau of Peter Yate of Middlewich (who d 1707))
1. ?? Faulkner
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Faulkner
  i. Edward Faulkner 'of Liverpool' of Fairfield, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1788)
  m. (23.10.1781) Bridget Tarleton (dau of Thomas Tarleton, sister of General Sir Banastre, Bart)

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