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Families covered: Smyth of Heath Hall, Smyth of Holbeck, Smyth of Myreshaw, Smyth of Wakefield

Richard Smyth of Myreshaw, Yorkshire (b 1594, d 1656)
m1. Margaret Hodgson of Bolton
1. Thomas Smyth (b c1622, dsp 1661, 2nd son)
  m. (03.10.1654) Rebecca Mallinson (dau of Thomas Mallinson of Bradford)
2. John Smyth of Myreshaw (b 1623, d 10.1686)
  m. Isabell Wood (b 1627-8, d 26.09.1711, dau of Randall Wood by Alice, dau of ?? Margetson of Drighlinton & sister of James, Archbishop of Armagh & Primate of Ireland)
A. Richard Smyth of Myreshaw (bpt 25.07.1652, d 10.11.1721)
  m. Grace Stancliff (dau of James Stancliff of Bagby Hall)
  B. John Smyth of Heath, near Wakefield, Yorkshire (bpt 27.09.1654, d 25.12.1729)
  m1. (11.10.1683) Hannah Harrison (d 28.01.1693, dau/heir of Richard Harrison of Wakefield)
  i. John Smyth of Heath Hall (b 18.01.1685, d 31.05.1731)
  m. Katherine Franke (dau/coheir of Robert Franke of Pontefract (by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Ralph Lowther of Ackworth Park), m2. Thomas Standish of Duxbury)
a. Elizabeth Smyth (b 12.11.1727)
  m. (13.01.14753) Robert Ramsden of Osberton
  b. Catherine Smyth (b 27.02.1728, d unm 24.05.1752)
  ii. Richard Smyth of Wakefield (b 18.02.1688, d 05.04.1730)
  m. (24.07.1711) Anne Wheatley (dau of Francis Wheatley of Wooley, sister/coheir of Michael)
a. John Smyth of Heath (b 13.09.1715, d 10.04.1771)
  m. (06.05.1746) Bridget Foxley (b 29.08.1725, d 17.02.1800, dau/heir of Benjamin Foxley of London)
  (1) Sir John Smyth 'of Heath' (d 12.02.1811, MP)
  m. (04.06.1778) Georgiana FitzRoy (b c1757, d 10.01.1799, dau of Augustus Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Grafton)
  (A) John Henry Smyth of Heath Hall (b 20.03.1780, d 20.10.1822, MP, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (25.07.1810) Sarah Caroline Ibbetson (dsp 29.05.1811, dau of Henry Ibbetson of St. Anthony's)
  m2. (16.04.1814) Elizabeth Anne FitzRoy (d 27.10.1867, dau of George Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Grafton)
  (B) George Smyth (b 06.11.1782, d 03.03.1853, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1811) Sarah Wilson (d 29.05.1831, dau/coheir of Daniel Wilson of Dallam Tower)
  (C)+ other issue - John Henry (b 09.02.1779, d 15.03.1779), Thomas (b 09.06.1784, d unm, Captain RN), Charles (b 08.01.1786, d unm Quatre Bras 18.06.1815, Major), Georgiana Anne (b 23.12.1779, d 05.05.1864), Caroline Bridget (b 20.06.1789, d 03.09.1789), Maria Bridget Frances (b 14.11.1796, d 30.01.1813)
b.+ other issue - Richard (b 16.06.1718, d 21.01.1719), James (b 13.07.1719, d 20.12.1719), Thomas (b 09.07.1724, dsp 23.12.1763, rector of Hemsworth), Henrietta Catherine (b 30.09.1716, d 03.09.1722), Elizabeth (b 23.07.1720, d 21.12.1720), Anne (b 14.12.1721, d 18.10.1723), Hannah(9b 104.09.1726, d unm 16.01.1777)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 23.01.1692, d 24.03.1693), Elizabeth (b 18.09.1690, d 25.09.1705), Hannah (b 11.03.1691, d unm 05.12.1775)
  m2. Mary Wilton (b 1641-2, d 22.04.1700, dau/heir of William Wilton of Stead Sike, relict of John Mitchell of Scout)
m3. (19.09.1708) Henrietta Catherine Metcalfe (bpt 21.07.1674, dsp 1740, dau of William Metcalfe of North Allerton & Sand Hutton (by Anne, dau of Sir George Marwood of Little Busby Hall, Bart), widow of John Batt of Oakwell Hall)
  C. James Smyth of Manningham, Yorkshire (bpt 01.06.1669, d 10.10.1720, youngest son)
  m1. Mary Beaumont (dsp, dau of William Beaumont of The Oaks)
  m2. Mary Brooke (dau of William Brooke of Dodworth)
  i. John Smyth of Holbeck near Leeds (b 1705, d 22.04.1758)
  m1. (24.03.1733) Elizabeth Haigh (b c1711, d 20.11.1734, dau of Robert Haigh of Storth)
  a. Ann Smyth (d 21.11.1734)
  m2. (23.06.1736) Catherine Broughton (d 1785, dau of Richard Broughton of Balby, m2. Timothy Dighton of Dewksbury)
  b. James Smyth of Holbeck (b 29.09.1737, d 6.11.1792)
m. ((02.10.1766) Mary Berry (dau/coheir of James Berry of Hull)
  (1) Catherine Smyth (b 18.12.1769, d 12.11.1798)
  m. (02.10.179-7) Joseph Egginton of Hull (alderman)
  (2)+ other issue - Mary (b 28.06.1767, dsp), Anne (b 22.06.1771, d 02.1773)
  c. John Smyth of Holbeck & Wortley (b 07.03.1739, d 25.03.1799)
  m. Lydia Finlow (dau of John Finlow of Hull by Lydia Blayds)
  (1) Lydia Smyth (b 21.05.1775)
  m. (30.11.1804) Thomas Osborne of Willerby
  (2)+ other issue - John of Bowcliffe (b 27.08.1777, dspl), Catherine (b 07.11.1780), Elizabeth (b 18.09.1782)
  d. Richard Smyth of Wakefield (b 18.08.1745, dsp 1765, 4th son)
  m. Jane Brecknock (dau of T. Brecknock of Peakirk)
  e. Catherine Smyth (b 11.09.1740)
  m. (22.09.1766) John Tatham (rector of Meopham)
  f.+ other issue - Daniel (b 28.02.1742, d 21.09.1746), Robert (b 06.04.1748, d unm 23.09.1767), Thomas (b 30.05.1751, d unm 01.1772), Frances (b 29.09.1737, d 27.02.1739)
  ii. James Smyth (b 1707, d 01.1757, vicar of Heversham)
  m. Mary Wilson (dau of George Wilson of Kendal)
  iii. Mary Smyth (bpt 21.12.1700, d 16.06.1746)
  m. (075.02.1743) Henry Stewart (Commander)
  iv. Isabella Smyth (b 1711)
  m. William Drake (vicar of Hatfield & Fukll Sutton)
  D.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (bpt 22.11.1656, d 1682), Randall (bpt 31.10.1658, d 1682), Jeremiah (bpt 30.04.1665, d 1684), William (bpt 19.07.1667, d 1686), Mary (bpt 23.06.1650, d 1665), Alice (bpt 24.02.1660, d 1665), Mary (bpt 28.06.1671, d 1673)
3.+ other issue - Richard (b c1622, dvpsp 1640), Margaret (b c1621, d unm 1640)
m2. Lucretia Pearson of Bradford (b c164, d 31.01.1688/9)
5. Margaret Smyth
  m. John Sandal of Idle

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (vol 2, Yorkshire - West Riding, 'Pedigree of Smyth of Heath Hall') by Joseph Foster (1874)
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