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Families covered: Weld of Holdwell, Weld of Lulworth Castle, Weld of Widberry Hill
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Sir Humphrey Weld of Holdwell, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 29.11.1610)
m1. Ann Wheler (dau of Nicholas Wheler)
1. Sir John Weld of Arnolds Court (d 1622)
  m. Frances Whitmore (d 1656, dau of William Whitmore)
  A. Humphrey Weld of Holdwell, 1st of Lulworth (d c1684)
  m. (by 1638) Clara Arundell (b 1620, dau of Sir Thomas Arundell, 1st Lord of Wardour)
i. Mary Weld
  m. Nicholas Taaffe, 2nd Earl of Carlingford (dsp Boyne 02.07.1690)
  B. Sir John Weld of Compton Bassett (d 11.07.1674)
  m. (1648/9) Mary Stourton (d 1650, dau of William Stourton, 11th Lord)
  i. William Weld of Lulworth (d 1698)
  m. (1672) Elizabeth Sherburne (dau of Richard Shelburne of Stonyhurst, sister of Sir Nicholas, Bart)
  a. Humphrey Weld of Lulworth Castle (d 1722)
  m. (1701) Margaret Simeon (dau of Sir James Simeon, 1st Bart of Chilworth)
(1) Edward Weld of Lulworth Castle (b 1705, d 08.12.1761)
  m1. (1727) Catherine Elizabeth Aston (b 07.03.1708, dsp 25.10.1739, dau of Walter Aston, 4th Lord of Forfar)
  m2. (1740) Mary Theresa Vaughan (d 1754, dau of John Vaughan of Courtfield)
  (A) Edward Weld of Lulworth (b 1741, dsp 1775)
  m1. (1763) Juliana Petre (dau of Robert James Petre, 8th Lord)
  m2. (1775) Mary Anne Smythe (dsp 29.03.1837, dau of Walter Smythe of Acton Burnell family)
(B) Thomas Weld of Lulworth Castle (b 24.08.1750, d 1810)
  m. (1772) Mary Stanley (dau of Sir John Stanley Massey Stanley, 6th Bart of Hooton)
  (i) Thomas Weld of Lulworth Castle, later Cardinal (b 22.01.1773, d 10.04.1837)
  m. (07.06.1796) Lucy Bridget Clifford (d 01.06.1815, dau of Thomas Clifford of Chudleigh family)
  (a) Mary Lucy Weld (b 31.01.1799, d 15.05.1831)
  m. (01.09.1818) Hugh Charles Clifford, 7th Lord of Chudleigh (b 22/9.05.1790, d 28.02.1858)
  (ii) Joseph Weld of Lulworth Castle (b 27.01.1777, d 19.10.1863) had issue
  m. (22.11.1802) Charlotte Mary Stourton (b 07.03.1782, d 16.01.1864, dau of Charles Philip Stourton, 17th Lord)
  (iii) Humphrey Weld of Chideock (b 21.09.1783, d 09.01.1852, 6th son) had issue
  m. (12.02.1811) Christina Maria Clifford (d 19.03.1857, dau of Charles Clifford, 6th Lord of Chudleigh)
(iv) James Weld of Cowsfield (b 30.04.1785, d 26.02.1855) had issue
  m. (07.1812) Juliana Anne Petre (d 05.06.1862, dau of William Henry Francis Petre, 11th Lord)
  (v) George Weld of Leagram Park (b 28.09.1786, d 31.03.1866) had issue
  m. Maria Searle (dau of John Searle of London)
  (vi) Catherine Winifred Weld (d 27.12.1862)
  m. (01.10.1800) William Joseph Stourton, 18th Lord (b 06.06.1776, d 04.12.1846)
  (vii) Elizabeth Mary Weld
  m. Charles Bodenham of Rotherwas
  (viii) Teresa Weld (d by 1835)
  m. (22.08.1803) William Michael Thomas John Vaughan of Courtfield, Sheriff (b 1781)
  (ix)+ other issue - Edward (b 18.12.1775, d young), John (b 15.06.1780, priest), William (b 31.08.1781, d 19.10.1782), Francis (b 30.09.1787, d 01.1788), Juliana (d unm), Maria Theresa (nun), Clara (nun)
  (C) Mary Weld
  (2) Mary Weld probably of this generation
  m. (after 07.1728) Edward Widdrington of Felton (b c1695, d 1762)
b. Mary Weld
  m1. Nicholas Fairfax, (6th Viscount of Elmley) (d 26.02.1702/3)
  m2. Sir Francis Hungate, 4th Bart (d 26.07.1710)
  C. George Weld (d 1696)
  m. Bridget Thimblethorp of Lincolnshire
  i. Cecilia Weld
  m. Daniel O'Mahoney, Count of Castile (Lt. General)
  ii. Elizabeth Weld
  m1. _ Dickenson
  m2. Philip Stafford
  D. Margaret Weld (d 08.01.1678) apparently of this generation
  m. (29.05.1634) Sir William Bowyer, 1st Bart of Denham Court (bpt 29.06.1612, d 02.10.1679)
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), 3 daughters
2. daughter possibly Jone, mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Weld of Eaton)
  m. Sir Robert Brooke of Blithburgh (d 1646)
3. Anne Weld probably the Anne (mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Weld of Eaton) who married ...
  m. Sir James Stonhouse of Amerden Hall (bpt 30.12.1566, d 01.12.1638)
m2. Mary Slany (dau of Sir Stephen Slany or Slaney) mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Weld of Eaton)



Richard Weld of Welles Greene (Cheshire) & Widberry Hill (Hertfordshire)
m. Bridgett Abnett (dau of William Abnett of Adeley)
1. Thomas Weld of London (d before 12.08.1678, grocer)
  m. (before 1664) Joyce Boreman (a 1678, dau of John Boreman of London)
  A. Elizabeth Weld (a 1678)
  m. (before 1664) William Vannam (a 1678)
  B. Mary Weld (a 05.1711)
  m. (before 1678) John Fox of Lincolns Inn Fields, of Richmond in Surrey? (d before 05.1711))
  i. Mary Weld (d 12.09.1746)
  m. (27.02.1697) John Kennedy, 7th Earl of Cassillis (d 23.07.1701)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1711) - Robert, James, George, Anne, Joyce
  C. Sarah Weld (a 1678)
2. Alexander Weld of Widberry Hill had issue
  m. Rose Butcher of London
3. Lawrence Weld (d before 1678) had issue
4. Anne Weld (d before 1678)
  m. _ Fletcher

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