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Families covered: Stuart of Bute
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Sir James Stuart, 1st Earl of Bute (d 04.06.1710)
m1. (07.1680) Agnes Mackenzie (b 02.01.1663, dau of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh)
1. James Stuart, 2nd Earl of Bute (d 28.01.1723)
m. (02.1711) Anne Campbell (d 20.10.1736, dau of Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll)
  A. John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute (b 25.05.1713, d 10.03.1792, Prime Minister)§E
  m. (24.08.1736) Mary Montague, Baroness Mount Stuart of Wortley (b c1719, d 06.11.1794, dau of Edward Wortley-Montague of Wortley)
  i. John Stuart, 1st Marquess of Bute (b 30.06.1744, d 16.11.1814)
  m1. (11/2.11.1766) Charlotte Jane Windsor (d 28.01.1800, dau of Herbert Hickman Windsor, Viscount Windsor)
a. John Stuart, Lord Mount Stuart (b 25.09.1767, dvp 22.01.1794)
  m. (12.10.1792) Elizabeth Penelope MacDowall- Crichton (b 25.11.1772, d 25.07.1796, dau of Patrick Macdowall Crichton, 6th Earl of Dumfries)
  (1) John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Earl of Dumfries, 2nd Marquess of Bute (b 10.10.1793, d 18.03.1848) had issue
  m1. (29.07.1818) Maria North (b 26.12.1793, dsp 11.09.1841, dau of George Augustus North, 3rd Lord Guildford)
  m2. (10.04.1845) Sophia Frederica Christina Hastings (b 01.02.1809, d 28.11.1859, dau of Francis Rawdon Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings)
  (2) Patrick James Herbert Crichton-Stuart (b 25.08.1794, d 07.09.1859) had issue
m. (13.07.1818) Hannah Tighe (d 05.06.1872, dau of William Tighe of Woodstock)
  b. Henry Stuart (b 07.06.1777, d 19.08.1809) had issue
  m. (15.07.1802) Gertrude Amelia Mason-Villiers (d 30.08.1809, dau of George, 2nd Earl Grandison)
  Their children took the name Villiers-Stuart.
  c. William Stuart (b 18.11.1778, d 28.07.1814, Captain RN) had issue (1 dau, d unm)
  m. (06.1806) Georgiana Maude (d 31.08.1807, dau of Cornwallis, Viscount Harwarden)
  d. George Stuart (b 01.03.1780, d 19.02.1841, Rear Admiral) had issue
  m. (07.10.1800) Jane Stewart (d 01.02.1862, dau of James Stewart, Major General)
e. Maria Alicia Charlotte Stuart (d 1841)
  m. (1801) C(harles) Pinfold
  f. Charlotte Stuart (d 05.09.1847)
  m. (1797) Sir William Jackson Homan, Bart
  g.+ other issue - Herbert Windsor (b 1770, d unm 1825), Evelyn James (b 1773, d 16.08.1842, Colonel), Charles (b 1775, d 1796),
  m2. (17.09.1800) Frances Coutts (d 12.11.1832, dau of Thomas Coutts of the Strand)
  j. Dudley Coutts Stuart (b 11.01.1803, d 17.11.1854) had issue (1 son, dsp)
  m. (1824) Christiana Alexandrine Egypta Bonaparte (d 19.05.1847, dau of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino)
k. Frances Stuart (d 29.03.1859)
  m. (15.09.1823) Dudley, 2nd Earl of Harrowby
  ii. James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie of Wortley, Rosehaugh, etc (b 19.09.1747, d 01.03.1818)
  m. (08.06.1767) Margaret Cunynghame (dau of Sir David Cunynghame, Bart of Milncraig)
  a. John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (b 08.04.1773, dvp unm 14.01.1797)
  b. James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st Lord Wharncliffe (b 01.11.1776, d 19.12.1845) had issue
  m. (30.03.1799) Elizabeth Crichton (d 23.04.1856, dau of John Crichton, 1st Earl Erne)
  c. Mary Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (b 23.08.1769, d 09.03.1855)
  m. (01.06.1813) William Dundas (dsp 1845, MP, of Arniston family)
  d. Louisa Harcourt Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (b 10.1781, d 31.01.1848)
  m. (22.06.1801) George Percy, 2nd Earl of Beverley, 5th Duke of Northumberland (b 22.06.1778, d 22.08.1867)
e.+ other issue - George (b 1773, d 1813), William (d infant), Charlotte (b 06.05.1771, d young)
  iii. Frederick Stuart of Kirkton (b 09.1751, d unm 17.05.1802)
  iv. Sir Charles Stuart (b 01.1753, d 25.05.1801, Lt. Gen)
  m. (19.04.1778) Louisa Bertie (dau of Vere Bertie)
  a. Sir Charles Stuart, Lord Stuart de Rothesay (b 02.01.1779, d 06.11.1845) had issue (2 dau)
  m. (1816/8) Elizabeth Margaret Yorke (d 23.06.1867, dau of Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl of Harwicke)
b. John James Stuart (b 29.08.1782, d d 19.03.1811, Captain) had issue (1 son, dsp)
  m. (26.09.1807) Albinia Sullivan (d 03.06.1827, dau of John Sullivan)
  v. William Stuart, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of Ireland (b 03.1755, d 06.03.1822)
  m. (03.05.1796) Sophia Margaret Juliana Penn (d 04.1847, dau of Thomas Penn of Stoke Pogis)
  a. Sir William Stuart of Tempsford Hall & Aldenham (b 31.10.1798, d 07.07.1874) had issue
  m1. (08.08.1821) Henrietta Maria Sarah Pole (d 26.07.1853, dau of Admiral Sir Charles Morice Pole, Bart)
  m2. (31.08.1854) Georgina Adelaide Forester Walker (dau of General _ Walker of Bushey, m2. James, 9th Earl of Seafield)
  b. Mary Juliana Stuart (d 11.07.1866)
m. (28.02.1815) Thomas, 2nd Earl of Ranfurly (d 21.03.1858)
  c.+ other issue - Henry (b 1804, dsp 26.10.1854, MP), Louisa (d unm 1823) 
  vi. Mary Stuart (b 20.01.1740, d 05.04.1820)
  m. (07.09.1721) James Lowther, Earl of Lonsdale (dsp 24.05.1802)
  vii. Jane Stuart (d 28.02.1828)
  m. (01.02.1768) George, Earl Macartney (dsp 31.03.1806)
  viii. Anne Stuart (dsp)
  m. (02.07.1764, div 1779) Hugh, 2nd Duke of Northumberland
  ix. Augusta Stuart (d 05.02.1778)
  m. Andrew Corbet (Captain)
x. Caroline Stuart (d 20.01.1813)
  m. (01.01.1778) John Dawson, 1st Earl of Portarlington (d 25.11.1798)
  xi. Louisa Stuart (b c1757, d unm 04.08.1851)
  B. James Stuart-Mackenzie of Rosehaugh (dsp 06.04.1800)
  m. (16.02.1749) Elizabeth Campbell (dsp 16.07.1799, dau of John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, Duke of Greenwich)
  C. Mary Stuart (dsp 30.12.1773)
  m. (31.10.1729) Sir Robert Menzies of that ilk, 3rd Bart of Weem (b 1704, dsp 04.09.1786)
  D. Anne Stuart (d 21.11.1786)
m. (07.1736) James, Lord Ruthven
  E. Jean Stuart (d 24.01.1802)
  m. William Courtenay
  F. Grace Stuart (d 05.06.1783)
  m. John Campbell of Stonefeld (d 19.06.1801, 'Lord Stonefield')
  G.+ other issue - Archibald, Elizabeth (b 06.03.1717)
2. Margaret Stuart
  m. (01.1697) John Lindsay-Crawford of Kilbirnie, 1st Viscount Garnock (b 12.05.1669, d 24.12.1708)
m2. Christian Dundas (d 25.05.1740, dau of William Dundas of Kincavil)
3. John Stuart (b 06.09.1700, dsp 12.1738)

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