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Families covered: St. Clair of Dysart, St. Clair (Sinclair) of Herdmanston (Herdmanstoun), St. Clair of Sinclair

BP1934 reports that "Two important families bearing the name of Sinclair (or St. Clair) co-existed in the 12th century, distinguished as of Rosslyn, in Midlothian, and of Herdmanstoun, in East Lothian. Though no relationship can be traced between them, the earlier bearers of the title of Lord Sinclair belonged to the former, while the later belonged to the last named family."
Henry de St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1162) presumed father or grandfather of ...
1. Allan de St. Clair (a 1196, 1244)
  m. Matilda of Windsor wife of Allan, presumed mother of ...
  A. John St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1244) presumed father of ...
  i. John St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1296, 1314) presumed father of ...
  a. Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1307, 1325) presumed father of ...
  (1) Sir John St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1377)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Sir William Sinclair of Roslin)
(A) Sir John St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1396)
  m. Elizabeth Polwarth (dau of Sir Patrick Polwarth of that ilk)
  (i) Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 01.1413)
  m. Margaret
(a) Sir John St. Clair of Herdmanston (d 20.12.1466)
  m. Isobel (a 1471)
  ((1)) John St. Clair (dvp)
  m. Katherine Home (dau of Sir Thomas (sb Alexander?) Home of that ilk, sister of Alexander, 1st Lord)
  ((A)) Marion (Mariota) St. Clair
  m1. (1470) George Home of Wedderburn (d 18.05.1497)
  TSP reports only Marion's marriage to George Home. BLG1952 (Home-Robertson) reports that, after George's death, she married ...
  m2. George Ker of Samuelston
  ((B)) Margaret St. Clair
  m. Patrick Home of Polwarth (d 11.1503, brother of George of Wedderburn)
  ((2)) Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1471) presumed father of ...
  ((A)) John St. Clair of Herdmanston (probably d Flodden 09.1513)
  m. Marion Cockburn
((i)) Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (d 02.1530) - continued below
  m. Beatrix Renton (probably dau of David Renton of Billie)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Alexander, James
  partner(s) unknown
  ((iv))+ other issue - James, John
  ((3))+ other issue - Alexander, James, Patrick
  (b) Catherine Sinclair (a 03.1450) probably of this generation --
  m. (before 08.03.1392-93) Sir John de Seton of Seton (d before 1434) --
  (B) James St. Clair
  TSP suggest that James was "probably the ancestor of the family of Longformacus". Provisionally we follow Douglas in ascribing a different ancestry for that family.
  (C) Sir Walter St. Clair of Cessworth orCessford (a 1375)
2. Ada St. Clair
  m. Petrus de Haga



Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (d 02.1530) - continued above
m. Beatrix Renton (probably dau of David Renton of Billie who m2/3)
1. John St. Clair of Herdmanston (d before 12.01.1565-6)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (who m2. James Ormiston of that ilk)
A. Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (d 02.06.1594)
  m. (mcrt 26.02.1566) Sibyl Cockburn (dau of John Cockburn of Ormiston, Secretary of State)
  i. Sir John St. Clair of Herdmanston, Sheriff of Haddington (d c1630)
  m. Mary Richardson (dau of Sir James Richardson of Smeaton)
  a. Sir John St. Clair of Herdmanston (a 1652, MP)
Whilst providing some data about earlier generations, BP1934 starts its report on this family from this generation.
  m. (mcrt 03.06.1629) Elizabeth Sinclair (bur 09.04.1686, dau of Sir John Sinclair, Bart of Stevenston)
  TSP reports that John had a charter on (ie purchased) Roslin (Rosslyn) from William Sinclair of Roslin in 1652.
  (1) John St. Clair of Herdmanston and Rosslyn (bpt 14.02.1623, d 13.07.1666)
  m. (14.04.1659) Catherine Sinclair, Mistress of Sinclair (d 07.1666, dau of John Sinclair, 9th Lord Sinclair)
  (A) Henry St. Clair of Herdmanston, 10th Lord Sinclair (bpt 03.06.1660, bur 14.03.1723)
  m. (30.12.1680) Barbara Cockburn (dau of Sir James Cockburn of that ilk)
  (i) John St. Clair, master of Sinclair (bpt 05.12.1683, dsp 02.11.1750)
  John was attainted for his support of the 1715 rising.
  m1. (16.08.1733) Margaret Stewart (d 22.07.1747, dau of James Stewart, Earl of Galloway)
  m2. (24.04.1750) Amelia Murray (d 24.04.1779, dau of Lord George Murray)
  (ii) James St. Clair of Dysart (b c1688, dsp 30.11.1762, Lt. General)
TSP identifies James as the 11th Lord but for the attainder, thereby ignoring his elder brother who caused the attainder during his father's lifetime.
  m. Janet Dalrymple (b 03.03.1690, d 08.01.1766, dau of Sir David Dalrympe of Hailes)
  (iii) William St. Clair (bur unm 20.05.1762, Major)
  TSP reports that William died unmarried. However, BLG1952 (St. Clair formerly of Staverton Court) shows that he did have the following (illegitimate) children.
  (a) William St. Clair of Skeddaway (b 1746, d 1830)
  m. (1773) Augusta Tinling (dau of John Tinling, Governor of Minorca)
  ((1)) James Pattison St. Clair of Felcourt Lodge, Surrey (b 1780, d 03.01.1867, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (1809) Charlotte Head (dau of Michael Head of Halifax, NS)
  m2. (1830) Susannah Turton (dau of Sir Thomas Turton, 1st Bart of Starborough Castle)
  ((2)) David Latimer St. Clair of Staverton Court, Gloucestershire (b 08.05.1784, dsp 24.11.1861, Captain RN)
m. (13.04.1819) Elizabeth Earhill (dau of John Earhill of Chichester)
  ((3))+ other issue
  (b) David St. Clair (Captain)
  (iv) Grissel St. Clair (bpt 27.12.1681, d 22.08.1737)
  m. John Paterson of Prestonhall (son of John, Archbishop of Glasgow)
  (v) Catherine St. Clair (bpt 14.07.1685)
  m. Sir John Erskine, Bart of Alva (d 12.03.1739)
  Rosslyn passed to one of their grandsons who later became 2nd Earl of Rosslyn.
  (vi) Margaret St. Clair (b 23.01.1688, dsp 23.10.1756)
  m. Sir William Baird, Bart of Newbyth (b 12.11.1654, d 17.02.1737)
  (vii) Elizabeth St. Clair
  m. (07.1716) David Wemyss, 3rd Earl of Wemyss (d 1720)
  (viii)+ other issue - David (dvp 1712), Henry (bur unm 21.01.1756), Matthew (bur 03.04.1747), Ann
  (B) John St. Clair (bpt 23.01.1663)
  (C) Mary St. Clair (b 11.07.1666, d before 08.11.1721)
  m. George Wilson (son of Thomas of Edinburgh)
(2) William St. Clair of Carfrae (bpt 22.04.1633)
  m. Christian Sinclair
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth (bpt 11.03.1660), Christian (bpt 18.03.1638)
  (3) Robert St. Clair, Governor of Tilbury (bpt 21.01.1641, d 1702)
  (A) daughter
  (4) George St. Clair (bpt 01.04.1642)
  m. (05.09.1678) Isabella Durham (bur 05.12.1686, dau of John Cunningham Durham of Pilktoun and Luffness)
(A)+ issue - John (bpt 05.10.1679, dspm 26.08.1742, doctor), Barbara (bpt 25.01.1681), Isobel (bpt 03.02.1683)
  (5) Matthew St. Clair (bpt 25.11.1647, bur 11.11.1728, 10th son)
  m. Margaret Carre (d c28.09.1742, dau of Sir Thomas Carre or Ker of Cavers)
  (A) Charles St. Clair of Herdmanston (b 25.01.1692, d 04.01.1775)
  TSP identifies Charles as the 12th Lord but for the attainder whereas BP1934 identifies him as the 11th Lord (but for the attainder).
  m. (mcrt 01.04.1731) Elizabeth Hume (d 12.03.1784, dau of Sir Andrew Hume of Kimmerghame, Senator)
  (i) Matthew St. Clair (b 17.03.1732, d young)
(ii) Andrew St. Clair of Herdmanston (b 30.07.1733, d 16.12.1775)
  m. (28.12.1763) Elizabeth Rutherford (dau of John Rutherford, younger of Edgerston)
  (a) Charles St. Clair of Herdmanston, 13th Lord Sinclair (b 30.07.1768, d 30.09.1863, Lt. Colonel, MP) had issue
  Charles had his claim (presumably made by his father) to the barony of Sinclair accepted by the House of Lords in 1782. TSP numbers him the 14th Lord but on this we follow BP1934 which numbers him the 13th.
  m1. (13.02.1802) Mary Agnes Chisholme (d 16.07.1814, dau of James Chisholme of Chisholme)
  m2. (18.09.1816) Isabella Mary Chatto (d 005.1.1875, dau of Alexander Chatto of Mainhouse)
  (b)+ other sissue - Mathew (d 1800?, comander RN), Eleanor (d unm 12.09.1796)
  (iii) Elizabeth St. Clair (b 11.01.1738, dsp 13.11.1811)
  m. (28.09.1773) James Dalrymple (Lt. Colonel, son of Sir James, Bart of Hailes)
(B) Andrew St. Clair (d 25.10.1760, physician to the King in 1733)
  m. (07.11.1736) Elizabeth Drummond (dau of James Drummond of Blair Drummond)
  (C) daughter
  m. William Mollison of London
  (6)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.06.1643), Matthew (bpt 04.02.1645, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 27.12.1634), Marion (bpt 02.12.1636), Margaret (bpt 18.03.1638), Helen (bpt 22.04.1649)
  b. James St. Clair
  c. Robert St. Clair
  m. (20.09.1638) Helen Rae
  (1) Jean St. Clair (bpt 09.11.1643)
  ii. Mary St. Clair (d 02.1606)
  m. (mcrt 10.09.1583) David McGill of Cranston Riddell (d 10.05.1607, Senator)
  iii.+ other issue - George, William (a 1615), Sibyl, Jean, Margaret, Euphame, Elizabeth
  B.+ other issue - John (a 05.1569), Oliver (a 05.1569), Alexander, Beatrix, Margart, Jane, Alison
2.+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth

Main source(s): TSP (Sinclair), BP1934 (Sinclair)
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