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Families covered: Quadring of Burgh, Quadring of Irby

Richard Quadring
m. Katharine Levericke (dau/heir of William Levericke of Irby)
1. William Quadring of Irby
  m1. Agnes Kyme (dau of Thomas Kyme of Friskney)
  A. William Quadring of Irby
  m. Isabel Langholme (dau of William (probably not Thomas) Langholme of Conisholme)
  i. William Quadring of Irby (d 1568)
  m. Jane Harding of Bridgewater
  a. Thomas Quadring of Irby
  m1. Margaret Dymoke (dau of Thomas Dymoke of North Carlton)
(1) Pretafer or Prothasie or Protasia Quadring
  m. Robert Cracroft of Burgh (bpt 08.05.1544, bur 21.11.1575)
  m2. Anne West (dau of John West of Aughton)
  (2) William Quadring of Irby
  m1. Anne Manby (d before 1626, dau of Francis Manby of Elsham)
  (A) Sir William Quadring of Irby (a 1634, d before 05.1644)
  m1. (20.09.1614) Rose Langton (dau of Sir John Langton of Langton)
  (i) William Quadring (b 1621)
  m1. (06.05.1656) Mary Young
  (a) Thomas Quadring (bpt 12.05.1661)
  m2. (17.01.1664-5) Elizabeth (d 1679-80, widow of _ Smith)
  (b) William Quadring (b 14.06.1667, dsp bur 25.07.1694, youngest son)
  m. (08.07.1690) Elizabeth Moore (bur 03.09.1695)
  (c)+ other issue - William (bpt 14.06.1666, bur 03.02.1667-8), Elizabeth (bur 09.03.1667-8)
  (ii) Richard Quadring (a 1663)
  m. Frances
(a)+ issue - Richard (bpt 27.09.1672), William (bpt 09.01.1673-4, bur 19.04.1674), John (bpt 05.07.1676), Gabriel (bpt 10.11.1678), Samuel (bpt 03.04.1682), Joseph Skegness (dsp 02.1704-5)
  (iii)+ other issue - Gabriel (bpt 08.08.1626, a 1690, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge), John (a 1634), Katharine, Anne
  m2. Hester (bur 08.05.1644)
  (B) Gabriel Quadring (of Bag Enderby?) (bur 04.05.1689)
  m. (22.08.1631) Sarah Smyth
(i) William Quadring (bpt 05.06.1632)
  m. (10.09.1655) Mary Browne
  (ii) ? Robert Quadring of Frisby
  m. (01.09.1668) Mildred Newcomen (dau of Samuel Newcomen of Bag Enderby)
  (iii) Hester Quadring (bpot 30.11.1633)
  (C) John Quadring
  (i) William Quadring
  (D) Thomas Quadring (d young, eldest son?)
  m2. Frances (d 1627)
(3) Elizabeth Quadring
  m1. Thomas Forsett of Bilsby
  m2. George Johnson of Thwaite Hall
  (4) Ruth Quadring
  m. William Segrave of Scalford
  (5) Jane Quadring
  b. William Quadring of Burgh (d c02.1578-9)
  m. Helen
  (1) daughter possibly the Helen who married ...
  m. (24.11.1579) William Massingberd
  c. Ralph Quadring (d before 11.11.1554)
  m. Dorothy Hussey (dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood by dau of Sir Thomas Say of Lyston, m2. John Massingberd)
  (1)+ issue (a 1554) - Anne, Barbara
  d. Gabriel Quadring
  m. Audrey Wanton (dau of William Wanton of Great Stoughton)
  (1) Arthur Quadring
  e. Francis Quadring
  m. _ Gray of Norfolk possibly parents of ...
  (1) Francis Quadring of Burgh (bur 30.03.1625)
  m. (15.06.1615) Elizabeth Mawer
  (A) John Quadring (bpt 10.02.1623-4)
  m. (28.09.1667) Sarah Bates
  (i)+ issue - Geoffrey (bpt 10.05.1668, bur 20.05.1668), Rose (bpt 07.1672)
  (B) Anne Quadring (bpt 24.02.1620-1)
  m. (25.05.1641) James Garret
  (C)+ other issue - son (bur 01.04.1618), William (bpt 07.03.1618-9)
  f. ? John Quadring of Haugh
  m. (08.07.1586) Bridget Barnard
  g. Dorothy Quadring
  m. Anthony Totoft
  h. Katharine Quadring
  m. Archibald Barnard of Hagnaby
  i. Isabel Quadring
  m. Christopher Brand (of Stapleford?)
  j. Jane Quadring
  m. Thomas Trafford
  k. Margaret Quadring
  m. Michael Wen
  l.+ other issue - Robert (bur 1559), Richard
  m2. Joan Thetoft or Totoft
  B. Richard Quadring of Friskney (d before 11.02.1504-5)
  m. Maude (a 1504)
  i. Lionel Quadring of Deeping (d 27.03.1539)
  m. Elizabeth
a. George Quadring (b c1525)
  m. Dorothy Whiting (dau of Thomas Whiting)
  (1) daughter
  m. (?) _ Tigh of Deeping
  ii.+ other issue - Stephen, John, Katharine, Edith
  C. Thomas Quadring (a 1504)
  D. Alexander Quadring of Folkingham
  m1. (sp) Alice Wyot (dau of Richard Wyot)
  m2. Joan Billing (dsp 20.10.1517, dau/coheir of Thomas Billing)
  E. Elizabeth Quadring
  m. John Langton of Langton
  F. Margaret Quadring
  m. Thomas Gibthorpe

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Quadring of Irby and Burgh-le-Marsh)
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