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Families covered: Dymoke of Friskney, Dymoke of North Carlton, Dymoke of Scrivelsby

Henry Dymoke
m. Dionisia Placetis (dau of Sir Hugh Placetis of Codlington, Warton & Hook Norton)
1. John Dymoke
  m1/2. Felicia Hareville
  A. Sir John Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire (d 16.04.1381, MP)
  m. (c1373) Margaret de Ludlow, heiress of Scrivelsby (d c1415, dau/heir of Thomas de Ludlow)
  Through this marriage, the Dymoke family obtained the hereditary position of being the King's Champion of which the main requirement was to meet any challengers at the King's Coronation.
i. Sir Thomas Dymoke of Scrivelsby (d 1422)
  m. Elizabeth Hebden (dau/heir of Sir Richard or Nicholas Hebden by Katherine, dau/heir of William de Wyhom by Beatrice, dau/heir of Sir Edmund de Rye)
  a. Sir Philip Dymoke of Scrivelsby (b c1400, d 23.09.1455)
  m. (18.04.1431) Joan Conyers (dau/sister of Sir Christopher Conyers of Sockburn)
  (1) Sir Thomas Dymoke of Scrivelsby (b c1427, d 12.03.1470)
  m. Margaret Welles (dau of Sir Lionel de Welles, 6th Lord, by Beatrix (?) Waterton)
(A) Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby (b c1461, d 13.04.1544)
  Maddison shows Robert m1. Anne Sparrow (issue Sir Edward, Arthur & Margaret-1) m2. Jane Cresnore (issue Ursyua, Margaret & Maud) whilst BLG1952 shows m1. Ann Cresmore (3 unnamed daughters) m2. Jane Sparrow (mother of Sir Edward). We follow BLG1952's order of marriages (noting the uncertainty as to their Christian names) with the children as shown by Maddison.
  m1. Ann or Jane Cresmore (dau of Alexander Cresmore)
  (i) Ursula Dymoke
  m1. Sir John Rudstone, Lord Mayor of London (a 1528)
  m2. Sir Edward Wotton (b 1489, d 08.11.1550)
  (ii) Margaret Dymoke
  Maddison shows Margaret m1. Sir John Vernon (son of Sir Henry of the Peak), m2. Sir Richard Vernon (son/heir of Henry of Haddon). We follow BP2003 ('Vernon, Baron of Kinderton') in showing her marriages as follows.
  m1. Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon (d 1517)
  m2. Sir William Coffin (d 1538)
m3. Sir Richard Manners (d 1551, uncle of Sir John)
  (iii) Maud Dymoke (dsp)
  m. _ Hopton
  m2. Jane or Anne Sparrow (dau/heir of John Sparrow of London)
  (iv) Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 16.09.1566)
  m. Ann Talboys (dau of Sir George Talboys, sister/heir of Lord Gilbert)
  (a) Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby (b c1537, d 12.09.1580)
m. Bridget Clinton (a 06.1625, dau/coheir of Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln, by Elizabeth Blount)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby & Kyme, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 01.08.1624-5)
  m1. Katherine Harrington (dau of Sir James Harrington of Exton)
  ((A))+ issue - Charles (a 1634, dvpsp), Bridget (bpt 06.11.1597, d young?)
  m2. Anne Monson (dau of Sir John Monson of South Carlton)
  ((C))+ other issue - Edward (bpt 18.05.1600, d young), John (dvp), Bridget (a 03.1610-1)
  m3. (11.1610) Mary Poulteney (d 07.1641, dau of Gabriel Poulteney of Misterton)
  ((F)) Charles Dymoke of Scrivelsby (b c1613, d unm before 08.07.1644)
  ((2)) Robert Dymoke (a 03.1610-1, d before 1619)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Dymoke
  m. _ Heywood
  ((B))+ other issue (a 16196) - Robert, Charles, Edward
  ((3)) John Dymoke (a 1619)
m. Anne Cocker (dau/coheir of Christopher Cocker)
  ((A)) Sir Edward Dymoke (a 1619)
  ((4)) Nicholas Dymoke of Kyme (a 03.1610-1, d before 1619, 5th son)
m1. _ Dayley
  m2. (20.06.1593) Elizabeth Danvers (d c1640, dau of Thomas Danvers of Upton, Calthorpe & Coningsby)
  ((A)) Charles Dymoke (a 1647)
  ((B)) Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (bur 08.01.1663-4)
  m. (21.06.1624) Jane Cressy (dau of Nicholas Cressy of Fulnetby or Fulsby)
  ((C)) Margaret Dymoke (a 07.1652)
  m. Thomas Derby of Leake (d before 07.1652)
  ((5)) Anne Dymoke (d 23.11.1604)
  m. Charles Metham
  ((6)) Margaret Dymoke (a 03.1610)
  m. Sir Vincent Fulnetby (bur 22.11.1623)
  ((7)) Mary Dymoke
  m. John Shute
  ((8))+ other issue - Talboys (bur 13.10.1602), Charles
  (b) Sir Charles Dymoke of Howell (d before 05.04.1611, MP)
  m. Margaret Wogan (d before 0303.1610-1, dau of Morris Wogan of Bloxham, relict of Anthony Butler of Coates)
  ((1)) Bridget Dymoke (d infant)
  (c) Edward Dymoke of Lincoln (a 03.161-1)
  m. Troth Dymoke (bpt 03.10.1565, dau of Thomas Dymoke of Beelsby)
  ((1)) Margaret Dymoke
  m. (before 03.03.1610-1) William Marbury of Girsby
  ((2)) Frances Dymoke (a 06.1625)
  m. (03.1614-5) Thomas Baker (d by 06.1625, brother of Sir Richard of Holloway)
  (d) Arthur Dymoke (youngest son)
  ((1)) John Dymoke
  The following is supported by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees ('Dymoke of Haltham' (vol 1, 1903, p319) & 'Dymoke of Haltham on Bain' (vol 4, 1906, p1202).
  m. Katherine Broxholme (dau of John Broxholme of Lincoln, sister of William of Lincoln)
  ((A)) Thomas Dymoke (of Gray's Inn)
  ((i)) Cressy Dymoke (a 1660, Colonel, of Gray's Inn)
  ((B)) John Dymoke (d before 09.10.16479, rector of Haltham)
m. Martha Buckbury (dau of John Buckbury of Dowsby)
  ((i)) Mary Dymoke (bpt 28.05.1626)
  m. Richard Cable
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (bpt 27.06.1624, ubr 09.03.1633-4), Robert (bpt 22.02.1634-5), John of Beverley (a 1687), Martha (bpt 09.08.1630)
  ((C)) Edward Dymoke 'of Haltham-on-Bain' (bur 22.08.1638)
m. Faith Picker (dau of John Picker of Mareham le Fen)
  ((i)) Dorothy Dymoke (bpt 24.10.1624)
  m. (02.06.1646) Christopher Longstaffe
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (bpt 30.11.1638), Priscilla (bpt 20.08.1620), Frances (bur 01.09.1620), Hester (bpt 16.06.1622), Jane (bpt 22.04.1627, bur 20.12.1627)
  ((D))+ other issue - Robert (bpt 30.10.1590), Charles (bpt 12.02.1597-8)
(e) Margaret Dymoke (bur 15.09.1591)
  m. (before 1558) William Eure, 2nd Lord (b 10.05.1529, d 12.02.1593/4)
  (f) Elizabeth Dymoke (a 03.1592)
  m. Henry Ayscough of Blyborough (b before 1535, d 22.10.1611)
  (g) Dorothy Dymoke
  m1. Michael Tempest of Homerhed
  m2. Francis Browne
  (h) Frances Dymoke (a 03.1610-1)
  m. Sir Thomas Wyndebank (son of Richard)
  (i) Susan Dymoke (bur 05.07.1620)
  m1. Arthur Walpole of Pinchbeck (bur 12.08.1585)
  m2. Sir Thomas Lambert of Pinchbeck
  (j) Katharine Dymoke
  m. Charles Bolle of Haugh
  (k)+ other issue - Francis, Sarah
  (v) Arthur Dymoke
Maddison mentions this Arthur and cross-refers to Visitation (Lincolnshire, 1634). We have not seen that Visitation the contents of which we understand were absorbed by Maddison's works. Alongside Arthur Maddison mentions a sister Margaret who m. Sir Vincent Fulnetby of Fulnetby. That Margaret appears to be confusion with the Margaret shown by Maddison 2 generations later. We suspect that this Arthur may have been confused with the Arthur of the next generation.
  (B) Sir Lionel Dymoke of Mareham-le-Hill & Stickford, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 17.08.1519)
  m1. ???
  (i) Alice Dymoke
  m. Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1527)
  (ii) daughter
  m. John Goodrick (dau/heir of Edward Goodrick of Kirkby)
  (iii) daughter possibly the daughter who married ....
m. John Fulnetby
  (iv)+ 2 sons (d infant)
  m2. Joan Griffith (dau of Richard Griffith of Stickford)
  m3. Anne (d before 07.05.1521, widow of William Gournay)
  (C) Margaret Dymoke (d 20.06.1463)
  m. Thomas Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe (d 09.04.1479)
  (D)+ other issue - Anne (d 1462), Anne (d 1492)
  b. Nicholas Dymoke
  (1) Alice Dymoke
  m. Charles Angevyne
  c. Elizabeth Dymoke
  m. Robert Fleminge
  ii. John Dymoke of Friskney (d 1393) - continued below
  m. Isabel Friskney (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Friskney of Friskney)
  iii. Roger Dymoke
  m2/1. Dionis Cambridge (dau of Sir John Cambirdge)



John Dymoke of Friskney, Lincolnshire (d 1393) - continued above
m. Isabel Friskney (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Friskney of Friskney)
1. John Dymoke of Friskney & Coats, Lincolnshire
  m. Beatrice Leake
  A. John Dymoke of Friskney & Coats (dsp)
  m. Joan Hough (dau/heir of Richard Hough)
B. Thomas Dymoke
  i. Andrew Dymoke
  m. Dorothy Meeres (sister of Christopher Meers of Holbeach, m2. Sir John Monson of South Carlton)
  a. Thomas Dymoke of Friskney & North Carlton, Sheriff of Lincolkn (d 1546)
  m. Dorothy (a 09.1542, dau/heir of John Towmey (sb Tournay?))
  (1) William Dymoke of Friskney & North Carlton (d 16.04.1549)
  m. Elizabeth Harington (dau of Sir John Harington of Exton, m2. William Fitzwilliam)
  (A) Robert Dymoke of Friskney & North Carlton (dsp 13.09.1593)
  (B) Anne Dymoke (dspm 18.08.1616)
  m1. Charles Bolle of Haugh (dvp 03.02.1590/1)
  m2. Bartholomew Armine of Osgodby (b c1541, d 11.09.1598)
  (2) Margaret Dymoke (bur 20.09.1547)
  m. Thomas Quadring of Irby
  B. Andrew Dymoke (dsp)
2. George Dymoke ancestor of Dymokes in Warwickshire
3. William Dymoke or Dymmock
  The following is supported by Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682, 'Gregory' (in Appendix)).
  A. John Dymoke or Dimmock
i. John Dymmock of Nottinghamshire
  m1. ??
  a. William Dymoke or Dymmock (dsp)
  b. Margaret Dymmock
  m. John Malin or Malyn of Tuxford (son of Thomas of Tuxford son of William of Tuxford son of John)
  (1) Hellena Malin or Malyn
  m. William Gregory of Asfordby
  m2. ??
  m3. ??
  c. Richard Dymmock
  (1) William Dymmock of Dymmoke (dsp)
  (2) Jonetta Dymmock
  m. John a Lee (son of Edmund)
  d. Thomas Dymmock
  (1) George Dymmock
  e. Cecilia Dymmock
  m. Ralph de Segrave
  f.+ other issue - Nicholas (cleric), George (cleric)
  m4. ??
  h. Robert Dymmock
4.+ other issue - George, William

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