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Families covered: Massingberd of Braytoft, Massingberd of Burgh, Massingberd of London, Massingberd of Sutterton

Lambert Massingberd of Sutterton (a 1288)
1. Alan Massingberd of Sutterton (a 1327, d by 1359)
  m. Athelina Sourale (dau of William Sourale of Sutterton)
  A. Hugh Massingberd (a 1368)
i. Thomas Massingberd of Burgh-le-Marsh (a 1435)
  m. Juliana Bernak (dau of Thomas Bernak of Burgh, son of Sir Hugh of Bernak Hall by Maud Woodthorpe)
  a. Robert Massingberd of Burgh (a 1455)
  m. Agnes Halliday (dau of Robert Halliday of Burgh)
  (1) Richard Massingberd of Burgh
  m. Maud Kyme (dau of Thomas Kyme of Friskney)
(A) Sir Thomas Massingberd of Braytoft or Bratoft Hall (d 25.05.1552)
  m. Joan Braytoft (dau of John Braytoft of Braytoft or Bratoft)
  (i) Augustin Massingberd (dvp 17.02.1549-50)
  m. Margaret Elrington (dau of Robert Elrington of Hoxton)
  (a) Thomas Massingberd of Braytoft Hall (b by 1534, bur 03.09.1584, MP for Calais)
  m1. (mcrt 10.02.1537-8) Alice Bevercotes (dau of Richard Bevercotes or Bevercoates of Newark)
  ((1)) Thomas Massingberd of Saltfleetby, later of Braytoft (d 11.09.1621)
  m. Frances Fitzwilliams (bur 03.05.1607, dau of Sir George Fitzwilliams of Mablethorpe)
  ((2)) George Massingberd (a 1609)
  m. Alice Milles of Abingdon
  ((A)) Lionel Massingberd (dvp 09.1609)
  m. Jane Kirkman (d 06.1624, dau of Leonard Kirkman of East Keal)
  ((i)) Marie Massingberd (bpt 08.02.16078, bur 10.03.1607-8)
  ((B)) Edward Massingberd (bpt 03.06.1589)
  m. (11.11.1611) Judith Sharples (bur 19.08.1632, dau of Armigill Sharples of Louth)
  ((i)) Abraham Massingberd (b c1614, d before 1649)
  m. (26.05.1634) Grace Pennyston
  ((a))+ issue - James (bpt 02.03.1636-7), Edward (bpt 07.05.1640, bur 30.10.1643), Frances (bpt 17.03.1635-6), Elizabeth (bpt 08.10.1641), Judith (bpt 23.01.1645-6, bur 27.08.1649)
((ii))+ other issue - Lionel (bpt 30.09.1627, bur 01.10.1627), Charles (bpt 20.11.1628), Frances (bpt 06.12.1612, bur 08.02.1612-3), Elizabeth (bpt 23.03.1621-2, bur 05.08.1632), Anne (bpt 30.09.1627, bur 02.08.1632)
  ((3)) Augustin Massingberd of Gunby (bur 25.05.1580)
  ((4)) Katharine Massingberd
  m. Thomas Call
((5)) Grace Massingberd
  m. Alan Raithby
  m2. Dorothy Ballard (d before 29.11.1594, dau of Richard Ballard of Orby)
  ((6)) William Massingberd
  m. (24.11.1579) Helen Quadring of Burgh
  ((A)) Jane Massingberd (bpt 08.09.1583)
  m. (24.11.1612) Richard Whiting
  ((B))+ issue - Edward (bpt 22.11.1589, d 24.01.1590), William (bpt 28.02.1590-1), John (bpt 15.01.1596-7), Henry (bpt 05.08.1599, bur 16.10.1599), Frances (bpt 07.12.1585, bur 10.02.1586), Mary (bpt 23.05.1587, bur 11.05.1592), Isabel (bpt 23.08.1588), Margaret (bpt 06.05.1593), Elizabeth (bpt 24.08.1595), Protasia (bur 14.08.1599)
  ((7)) Jane Massingberd
  m. Robert Dighton of Branston (dsp)
  ((8)) Frances Massingberd
  m. (04.10.1579) Samuel Newcomen of Low Toynton
((9)) Dorothy Massingberd (bpt 24.07.1576, a 1594)
  (b) William Massingberd (bur 03.11.1572)
  m. Anne or Cecily Clayton (dau of Richard Clayton of London)
  ((1)) Oswald Massingberd of London and Farnham
  m. Mary Slighwright (dau of _ Slighwirght of Gray's Inn)
  ((A)) John Massingberd of London (d 23.11.1653)
  m. Cecilia Pettit (d before 06.09.1655, dau of Thomas Pettit of London, son of Cyriac of Shalmesford)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Massingberd (bur 10.12.1708)
  m. (11.08.1646) George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley (b c1627, d 14.10.1698)
((ii)) Mary Massingberd
  m. (1654) Robert Bertie, 3rd Earl of Lindsey (d 09.05.1701)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert (dsp), John (dsp), Cecilia (d unm)
  ((2)) Elizabeth (?) Massingberd
  m. Robert Beaumont of London
  (c) Christopher Massingberd in Calais (a 1548) probably the Christopher who married ...
  m. Anne Copinger (dau of John Copinger of Buxhall)
  (d) John Massingberd (bur 17.04.1580)
  m. Dorothy Hussey (dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood by Anne Say)
  ((1)) Augustin or Lambert Massingberd of Sutterton (dsp 08.1614)
  m. Anne (a 1614)
  ((2)) Edith Massingberd
  m1. _ Baker
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, John
  m2. _ Nicholls
  ((C))+ John Nicholls
  ((3)) Anne Massingberd
  m. John Booth of Kyme
  (e) Grace Massingberd
  m. Stephen Spackman
  (f) Ursula Massingberd
  m. John Davy
  (g) Elizabeth Massingberd (bur 18.10.1588)
  (h) Edith Massingberd
  m. Augustin Cavendish or Caundest
  (i) Anne Massingberd
  m1. Christopher Forsett of Bilsby (Forcet of Billesby)
  m2. Christopher Somercotes of Somercotes
  (ii) Martin Massingberd
  m. Ursula Elrington (dau of (Robert?) Elrington of Hoxton)
  (a)+ issue - Oswald, Thomas, William, Joan
  (iii) Cecily Massingberd
  m. Thomas Moore
  (iv) Edith Massingberd
  m. Richard Lytler of Tathwell
  (v) Alice Massingberd (d before 28.09.1523)
  m. Thomas Thorpe of Frieston (son of Thomas of Wispington)
  (vi)+ other issue (d unnm) - Sir Oswald (a 1560), Alan (d unm), Dorothy, Grace, Christian
  (B) John Massingberd of Calais
  m1. Clemence Southworth (dau of Humphrey Southworth of Lancashire)
  (i) Richard Massingberd (dsp)
(ii) Thomas Massingberd
  m. _ Clarke (dau of John Clarke of London)
  (a)+ issue - Richard, William, Thomas
  m2. Jane Lewknor (dau of Edward Lewknor of Sussex)
  (i) Christopher Massingberd
  (C) William Massingberd
  m. Jane Cracroft (dau of William Cracroft of Hogsthorpe)
  (i) Anne Massingberd
  (D) Juliana Massingberd
  m. John Lecke
  (E)+ other issue - Hugh (a 1489), Christopher (d 08.03.1552-3, archdeacon of Stow)
  (2) Thomas Massingberd of London
  m. Elizabeth Hoo (dau of Thomas, Lord Hoo)
  (A) Anne Massingberd
  (3) John Massingberd of Boston (a 1516)
  m1. Katherine
  m2. Matilda
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (d by 1516), William (a 1513)
  b. William Massingberd (a 1445, of Skegness?)
  c. Elizabeth Massingberd
  m. John Hall
  B. Lambert Massingberd (a 1368)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Massingberd of Burgh, Bratoft and Gunby) with support from BLG1952 (Montgomery-Massingberd of Gunby), BEB1841 (Massingberd of Braytoft Hall)
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