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Families covered: Huddy (Hody) of Brixham, Hody of Crewkerne, Hody (Huddy) of Nethway (Netherway), Hody (Huddy or Hodye) of Pillesdon, Huddy (Hody) of Stowell

Richard Hody (d c1341-2, Escheator of Devon)
1. Sir John Hody or Huddy
  m. Margaret Cole (dau/heir of John Cole of Nethway)
2. Thomas Hody (b c1326)
  CTG (vol 7, 'Notes on the Family of Hody') reports that the pedigree on the family in the 1623 Visitation to Somerset starts with John of Stowell,who is (wrongly) shown as father of (Sir John) the Chief Justice but we cannot see the family within our copy of the Harleian Society's edition of that Visitation. Futhermore, Vivian reports that the early generations of his pedigree on the family come from the 1620 Visitation to Devon but we cannot see the family within our copy of the Harleian Society's edition of that Visitation either! Nevertheless, Vivian starts with Sir John who is shown as father, by Margaret Cole (the heiress of Nethway), of Sir John of Stowell, the Chief Justice. CTG reports that Sir John's will identifies John as his uncle and names his father Thomas. It is noted that CTG, which does not follow generations after the Chief Justice's children, spells the family name as "Hody" whilst Vivian uses "Huddy" for generations identified as covered by Visitation (Devon, 1620) and "Hody" for later generations.
  A. Sir John Hody or Huddy of Stowell (Somerset) & Nitheway/Nethway (Brixham, Devon), Chief Justice of England (a 1440)
  m. Elizabeth Jewe (d 03.08.1473-4, dau/heir of John Jewe (son of William by Agatha) of Whitefield in Wiveliscomb, Somerset (not of Whitfeild in Devon) by Alice (dau of John de Pillesdon (by Margery?)), Elizabeth m2. Robert Cappes)
i. John Huddy of Stowell
  m. Elizabeth Thornberie (dau of John Thornberie (Thornbury))
  a. Andrew Huddy of Stowell & Netherway
  m. John Burnell (dau of Henry Burnell of Somerset)
  (1) William Huddy of Stowell & Netherway
  m. Margaret Yarde (dau of Richard Yard of Devon)
  (A) Richard Huddy of Stowell
m. Maria Light (dau of John Light of Lights Cary)
  (i) John Huddy of Stowell (a 1576)
  m. Elizabeth Anketill (dau of George Anketill of Dorset)
(a) Christopher Huddy of Stowell 'of Nethway' (bur 18.12.1617)
  m. (04.04.1583) Elizabeth Upton ( bur 09.03.1600-1, dau of John Upton of Lucton (sb Lupton?))
  ((1)) John Huddy of Nethway (dsp bur 18.01.1631-2)
  m. Eleanor Rogers (d before 27.01.1628-9, dau of Edward Rogers of Cannington)
  ((2)) Gilbert Hody of Nethway (dsp bur before 10.02.1651-2)
  m. (04.03.1632-3) Jane Yard (dau of Edward Yard of Christon Ferrers (not Henry of Dean Prior))
  ((3)) Christopher Hody (bpt 02.02.1588-9, a 1620, d by 1647)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 25.03.1668)
  ((A))+ issue - Gilbert (bpt 26.10.1645), Amy (a 1647)
  ((4)) Hugh Huddy of Brixham, Devon (bpt 04.06.1591, bur 02.02.1670-1)
  m. Elianor Prater of Brixham (bur 02.12.1630)
  ((A)) Hugh Hody of East Cornworthy, later of Nethway (bur 07.01.1677-8)
  m1. (17.01.1634-5) Joan (widow of George Gale)
  ((i)) Hugh Hody of Nethway
  m. (01.08.1657) Thomasine Cooke of Ottery St. Mary (bur 14.05.1684)
  ((a)) John Hody of Nethway (b 18.02.1662-3, d before 31.12.1698)
  m1. ??
  (((1))) John Hody (a 1695)
  m2. Lucy (a 1695)
(((2)))+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 12.09.1688, a 1695), Hugh (bpt 02.01.1693-4, a 1695), William (bpt 25.03.1695), Lucy (bpt 24.12.1689, bur 01.04.1690), Anne (bpt 27.02.1690-1, a 1695), Lucy (bpt 26.04.1692, a 1695), Elizabeth (bpt 05.08.1696)
  ((b)) Jane Hody (b 08.11.1661)
  m. (21.04.1682) Christopher Wheeler
  ((c))+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 21.11.1665), Thomasine (b 27.06.1664, bur 01.03.1691-2), Elizabeth (bpt 16.04.1667, a 1695), Mary (bpt 14.07.1668?, bur 29.04.1668?)
  ((ii)) Susannah Hody
  m. (07.10.1656) John Hody @@ below
  ((iii)) Jane Hody
m. (21.04.1657) Thomas Hyne of Abbotskerswell
  m2. (c12.1614) Joan Tuckerman of Cornworthy
  ((iv)) Gilbert Hody (bpt 02.02.1646-7)
  ((v)) Sarah Hody (bpt 08.11.1648)
  m. (03.07.1673) Sampson Bastard (rector of Pool)
  ((vi)) Lucy Hody (bpt 12.07.1650)
  m. (c06.1680) Valentine Pomeroy
((vii)) Joan Hody
  m. (c02.1677-8) Andrew Harvey
  ((viii)) Jane Hody
  m. (c04.1682) Christopher Webber of Dartmouth
  ((B))+ other issue (b after 1518, a 1631) - Elizabeth, Mary
  ((5)) Arthur Huddy of Brixham (bpt 21.05.1593, a 1631)
  m. Mary Luscombe (bur 21.06.1665, dau of Andrew Luscombe of Luscombe)
  ((A)) Gilbert Hody (d before 03.02.1686-7, 2nd son?)
  m. Anna (a 03.02.1686-7)
  ((i)) Anna Hody (a 1706)
  m. Hugh Pomerory
  ((B)) Arthur Hody of Brixham (bpt 03.01.1630-1) had issue
  m. (c09.1666) Florence Hore of Hennock
  ((C))+ other issue - Christopher (a 1631), Mary (a 1631), Dorothy (a 1631), Elizabeth (bpt 15.05.1634), Jane (bpt 12.11.1637, a 1647)
  ((6)) Lucy Huddy or Hody (a 1631)
  m. _ Reason
  ((7)) Anna Huddy or Hody (bpt 21.05.1592, a 1631)
  ((8)) Jane Huddy or Hody
  m. (08.02.1618-9) Alexander Sweete
  ((9)) Elizabeth Huddy or Hody (bpt 03.04.1597, a 1631)
  m. George Yard of Churston Ferrers (a 1631)
  ((10)) Gertred Huddy or Hody (bpt 17.12.1599, a 1631)
  m. Nicholas Wickham (a 1631)
  (b) Anna Huddy
  m. Thomas James of Dorset
  (c) Maria Huddy
  m. John Westwood of Dorset
  (ii) Richard Huddy (a 1576)
  m. Frances (dau of Richard Ogden or Okeden of Southamptonshire)
  (a)+ issue - Edmund, Anna, Johanna
(iii) Edith Huddy
  m. Lawrence Hooper
(iv)+ other issue - Anthony, Lucy
  (B)+ other issue - John, John, William
  b.+ other issue - John, Margaret, Catherine
  ii. Sir William Hody or Huddy of Pillesdon, Dorset (a 1487, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  The following comes from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1887), Dorset, 1565, 'Huddy of Hamoon and Pilllesdon') although that shows this Wlliam as son of William of Hamon (by Anne, dau of John Okeden of Ellingham), shown above as the 4th son of William of Netherway by Margaret Yarde.
  m. Eleanor Malet (dau of Baldwin Malet of Corypole)
  a. Reginald Hody or Huddy
(1) Elizabeth Hody probably of this generation
  m. Robert Strode of Parnham
  b. William Hodye or Huddy of Pillesdon
m1. Margery Keyme (dau of Anthony Keyme of Kent)
  (1)+ issue - Richard, John, William
  m2. Anne Strode (dau of John Strode of Chalmington)
  (4) Mary Hodye or Huddy (d 19.11.1588)
  m. Thomas Carew of Hackombe (b c1518, d 1586)
  c. Jone Hody or Huddy probably the Joan/Johanna who married ...
  m1/2. Sir William Chudleigh of Ashton (d 1515)
  m2/1. Sir Richard Warre of Hestercombe
  d. Eme Hody or Huddy
  m. Laurence Wodham of Meryfield
e. Agnes Hody probably of this generation
  m. Robert Cary of Cockington (d 15.06.1540)
  f. Elizabeth Hody possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. John Sydenham of Orchard
  iii. Margaret Hody or Huddy mentioned by Vivian & CTG
  m. Thomas Bainham or Baynham of Deane
  iv. Johanna Hody or Huddy mentioned by CTG
  m. Sir Nicholas Latimer of Duntish
  v. Mary Hody or Huddy mentioned by CTG
  m. (1453) Robert Bond of Hache Beauchamp & Lutton
  vi. Agnes Huddy shown here by Vivian but not mentioned by CTG, confused with Agnes above?
  m. Robert Cary
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas (d young?), Alexander (d young?)
  B. Sir Alexander Huddy of Gotheney, etc., Somerset (d 16.05.1461)
  m. Margaret



Probably connected to the above family was ...
Robert Hody of East Chinock, Somerst
m. _ Phillips
1. John Hody of Beere Hall, Devon
  m. _ Stembridge of Crewkerne
  A. Joane Hody
m. Robert Bowdich of Haychurch (Hawkchurch)
  i.+ issue - John, Robert
2. Humphry Hody of Crewkerne, Somerset
  m. Rebecca Malleck (dau of Richard Malleck of Axminster)
  A. John Hody of Northover (b c1622, a 1672)
  m1. (sp?) Mary Raymond (dau/heir of Thomas Raymond of Northover)
  m2. (07.10.1656) Susan Hody (dau of Hugh Hody of Netheway) @@ above
  i.+ issue (a 1672) - John (b c1659), Hugh, Ann, Susan, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary
  B. Richard Hody of Otcombe (Odcombe) (b c1621, d before 17.04.1702, rector of Otcomb then Brimpton)
  m. Joane Batt (dau of Richard Batt of East Chinock)
  i. Joane Hody
  m. _ Daubeny
  ii. Elizabeth Hody
  m. _ Henville
  iii.+ other issue - John (b c1657, a 1679, dvp), Richard (b c1658, d 1690), Humphry (b c1659, d 20.1.1706-7, professor), William, Arthur, Ann
  C. Rebecca Hody
  m. Robert Wilkins of Haychurch (Hawkchurch)
  i.+ issue - Robert, Rebecca, Mary
3. Robert Hody of Crewkerne
  m. _ Chubb of Crewkerne
  A. Robert Hody of Crewkerne
  m. Mary Lincolne (dau of Robert Lincolne of Crewkerne)
4. Arthur Hody of Crewkerne
  Mentioned in Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Hody of Crewkerne) were ...
  A.+ issue - Humphry (dsp), William ("dyed in ye Warr"), Christopher (dsp)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hody of Brixham', p490+) with some input as reported above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Hody of Northover)
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