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Families covered: Baynham of Clorewall (Clearwell), Baynham of Westbury

Raff ap Eignon
m. Joan Deane (dau/coheir of Sir William Deane of Great Deane)
1. Thomas ap Eignon (a 1333)
  A. Thomas ap Eignon (a 1360)
  i. John ap Eignon (a 1382)
m. Elizabeth (m2. _ Berew, m3. Sir Hugh Monmouth)
  a. Robert ap Eignon
  m. Margaret Abrale or Abrahall
  (1) Thomas Baynham of (Mitcheldeane &) Clorewall in the Forest of Deane, Gloucestershire
  m1. Margaret Huddy (dau of Chief Justice John Huddey (probably not Justice Richard Huddy))
  (A) William Baynham (2nd son)
(i) John Baynham
  Visitation notes that one manuscript identifies Thomas's (2nd) wife Allice as dau of William Wallyn of Bickerton but gives precedence to identifying her as ...
  m2. Allice Walwyn (dau of Thomas Walwyn by Elizabeth, sister/heir of Robert Grendoure)
  (B) Sir Christopher Baynham of Colwell (Clorewall or Clearwell),, Gloucestershire
  m. Joane Morgan (dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Pencoyd)
(i) Sir George Baynham of Clorewall
  m1. _ Kingston (dau of William Kingston)
  (a) Joane Baynham
  m. Sir Anthony Strelley of Strelley (brother of John)
  (b) Dorothy Baynham
  m. Roger Williams of Langybby (d by 1583)
  (c) Mary Baynham
  m. _ Fenton of Nottinghamshire
(d) Allice Baynham
  m. _ Brayne in the Forest of Deane
  (e) Anne Baynham
  m. John Strelley (brother of Sir Anthony)
  (f) Phillip(a) Baynham
  m. William Conox or Connox
  (g) Jane Baynham
  m. _ Tuberfield or Turberfeld
(h) Frances Baynham (bur 23.12.1583)
  Frances was not mentioned by Visitation but, given that she was identified by BP1934 (Jerningham) as "heiress to her maternal uncle, Sir Anthony Kingston", she may have been the eldest daughter.
  m. Sir Henry Jerningham of Huntingfield & Wingfield (b c1509, d 07.09.1572)
  m2. Cicely Gage (dau of Sir John Gage)
  (i) Christopher Baynham (dsp)
m. Bridget Porter (dau of Arthur Porter, sister of Sir Thomas)
  (j) Thomas Baynham 'of Clowerwall' (3rd son)
  m. Mary Winter (dau of Sir William Winter)
  ((1)) Cicely Baynham
  m. Sir William Throgmorton, Bart
  ((2)) Joane Baynham
  m. John Vaughan of Kinersley
  (k)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), John (dsp), George, Barbara
  (ii) John Baynham
  (iii) Alice Baynham probably of this generation
  m. John Walshe of Sheldesley Walsh
  (iv) Dorothy Baynham probably of this generation
m. Walter Probert of Pantglasse
  (C) Sir Alexander Baynham of Westbury, Gloucestershire
  m1. Margaret Vanne (dau/heir of Sir Richard Vanne)
  (i) John Baynham of Westbery (Westbury)
  m. Anne Mathew (dau of Sir David Mathew of Raider by Anne, dau/heir of Robert Veale)
  (a) William Baynham of Westbury
  m. Anne Blenerhassett (dau of (Sir) Raffe (sb Robert) Blenerhasset of Princethorpe)
  ((1)) Joseph Baynham of Westbury (4th son)
  m1. _ Hampton (dsp)
  m2/3. Mary Bonham of Wiltshire
  ((A)) Anne Baynham (d unm)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Baynham
  m. John Hayward of Hereforshire or Shropshire
  ((C)) Dorothy Baynham
m. William Clotherbuck of Kings Stanley
  m3/2. Joane Smyth (dau of William Smyth of Brownshill, widow of Thomas Becke)
  ((D)) Alexander Baynham of Westbury
  m. Elizabeth Oldsworth (dau of Arnold Oldsworth of Brodley)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1623) - Joseph, Alexander, Lucy, Elizabeth
  ((E)) Joseph Baynham
((F)) Anne Baynham
  m. Richard Barrow of Westbery
  ((2)) Daniel Baynham of Westbury
  m. Silvester Hampton (dau of John Hampton)
  ((A)) Samwell Baynham of the Grange in Westbery (a 1623)
  m. Margaret Walwyn (dau of Alexander Walwyn in Herefordshire
  ((i))+ issue (a 1623) - Joseph (b c1621), Dorcas
  ((B)) Daniell Baynham
m. Ursula Fulwer (dau of Bostock Fulwer of Tandridg Court, widow of Francis Pollard of Newnham Pollard)
  ((C))+ other issue - Mary, Judith, Sarah
  ((3)) Elizabeth or Mary Baynham
  m. William Rudston of Middlesex
  ((4)) Mary or Elizabeth Baynham
  m. Thomas Elberton or Aberton (dsp)
((5)) Anne Baynham
  m. Edward Weston of Surrey
  ((6))+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Alexander, William, Francis, Samuel, Margaret
  (ii) Margaret Baynham probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Peyto of Chesterton (b c1478, d 1542)
  m2. Elizabeth Tracye (dau of Henry Tracye, widow of _ Langley)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, Ellen
(D) Elizabeth Baynham
  m1. Robert Russell (b c1460, d 1505)
  m2. Robert Throgmorton
  (E) Jane Baynham
  m. Fulk Walwyn
  (F) Isabel Baynham
  m. (Sir) Gyles Bridges (d 01.12.1511)
  (G) Anne Baynham
  m1. Henry Clifford
  m2. William Trye (not Teye/Tege) of Hardwicke (b 1468, d 06.02.1524-5)
  (H) Agnes (Annes or Suzana) Baynham
  m. Rauffe Butler
  m3. Margaret Derhurst
  (2) Margaret
  m. Thomas Derhurst
  b. William Baynham of Callis (Callais)
  (1) Robert Baynham of Callis
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert

Main source(s): Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Baynham)
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