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Families covered: Heron of Chipchase

Walter Heron
m. Cecily de Insula (dau of John de Insula of Chipchase)
1. Roger Heron 'of Chipchase' (a 1394) brother of father of ...
  A. Alexander Heron 'of Chipchase' presumed father of ...
i. Sir John Heron of Chipchase (d before 02.01.1477/8)
  m. Isabel Ogle (dau of Sir Robert Ogle, Sheriff of Northumberland, 1st Lord)
  a. John Heron of Chipchase (a 1477)
  (1) John Heron of Chipchase, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1491)
  m. Joan Ridley
Whilst 'Northumberland Families', which provides the continuity over earlier generations, suggests that the above John was father of the following John, we suspect that there is a generation missing here.
  (A) ?? Heron
  (i) John Heron of Chipchase (a 1536, d 1585)
  m. Margaret Musgrave (dau of Sir Edmund (Edward) Musgrave)
  (a) John Heron (a 1537)
John and his sister Margaret are shown by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Musgrave) as the (only) children of Margaret Musgrave and an (unnamed) Heron of Chypchace (sic). Possibly following that Visitation, some web sites show this John as 'of Chipchase' and as having married (or partnered) Jane Ridley and had a son Nicholas of Tybenham (d 1608) who married a Margaret Mallowes and was progenitor of various families named Herne. If that is true then, as such is not mentioned in 'Northumberland Families', Nicholas may have been illegitimate. Alternatively, Visitation & those web sites may have identified the wrong John Heron.
  m. (Jane) Ridley (dau of Nicholas de Ridley)
  (b) Sir George Heron of Chipchase (d 10.11.1591)
  m. Marion Swinburn (dau of George Swinburn of Edlingham)
  ((1)) John Heron of Chipchase (d 1590/1)
  m. Margery Gray (d 1612/3, dau of Sir Thomas Gray of Horton)
  ((A)) Cuthbert Heron of Chipchase (d before 18.02.1595/6)
  m. Anne Anderson (dau of Francis Anderson of Newcastle)
  ((i)) Cuthbert Heron of Chipchase, Sheriff (a 1625, 1639) - continued below
  m1. Anne Carnaby (dau of Cuthbert Carnaby of Halton)
  m2. Dorothy Fenwick (bur 21.12.1684, dau of Sir William Fenwick of Wellington)
  ((ii)) John Heron
  ((B)) Dorothy Heron
  m. _ Rames (d before 1612)
  ((C)) Isabella Heron
  m. Michael Weldon (Weltden)
  ((D)) Barbary Heron
  m. William Ridley
  ((E)) Margaret Heron
  m. Thomas Selkeld
  ((F)) John Heron
  m. Elizabeth
  ((i))+ issue - Cuthbert of Kirkheaton, Thomas of Heatherington, John of Barresford, Ralph of Parkend, George, Dorothy
  ((G)) Reginald Heron
((i)) Anthony Heron
  ((H))+ other issue - George of Simondburn (dsp, eldest son), Margery, William, Walter of Rouchester (a 1613)
  ((2)) Isabel Heron
  m. John Fenwick of Walker
  ((3)) Agnes or Elizabeth Heron
  m. (Edward) Charlton (d 1614)
  ((4)) Margerie Heron possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Shafto of Little Bavington (d by 1593)
  (c) Giles Heron (d 28.03.1557, treasurer of Berwick)
((1)) Elizabeth Heron (d unm)
  (d) Ursula Heron
  m. Roger Fenwick of Bitchfield & Prestwick
  (e) Thomasine Heron "dau of Sir George" (sb generation later?)
  m. Lancelot Thirwall of Thirles (Thirwall of Thirlwall)
  (f) daughter
  m. Cuthbert Charlton
  (g) Margaret or Isabel Heron mentioned by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Musgrave)
  m. John Ridley (son of Nicholas de Ridley)
  b. Isabell Heron possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Hugh Ridley



Cuthbert Heron of Chipchase, Sheriff (a 1625, 1639) - continued above
m1. Anne Carnaby (dau of Cuthbert Carnaby of Halton)
1. John Heron (b c1614, dvpsp)
2. George Heron (b c1616, dvp Marston Moor)
  A. Isabella Heron
  m. William Errington of Benwell
3. Cuthbert Heron, 1st Bart of Chipchase Castle (b c1618, d 1688)
  m1. (by 1652) Elizabeth Graham (dau of Sir Richard Graham, 1st Bart of Esk)
  A. Cuthbert Heron (b c1652, dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Mallory (dau of John Mallory of Studley)
i. Elizabeth Heron (a 1693)
  m. Ralph Jennison of Walworth
  B. Sir John Heron, 2nd Bart of Chipchase (b c1654, d c1693)
  m. (c1675) Anne Heron (b c1668, d 29.10.1713, dau of John Heron of Brampton)
  i. Henrietta Heron
  m. George Huxley of London
  C. Sir Charles Heron, 3rd Bart of Chipchase (d before 1711)
  m. (15.05.1694) Catherine Poultney (bur 18.10.1720, dau of Sir William Poultney of Misterton)
i. Sir Harry Heron, 4th Bart of Chipchase (b c1696, bur 26.02.1748/9)
  m1. (18.02.1724/5) Elizabeth Coventry or Jump (d c1734, of Enfield)
  m2. (by 1751) Sarah
  ii. Catherine Heron
  m. _ Panton of Banff
iii+. 2 daughters (d young)
  D.+ 5 daughters
  m2. (by 1686) _ Thomson (dau of George Thomson of York)
  I. Cuthbert Heron (d 1738)
  m. Catherine Myddleton (dau of Richard Myddleton of Offerton)
  i. Sir Thomas Heron of Bowlby, later Myddleton of Offerton, 5th Bart (b 1732, d 27.05.1801)
  m1. (1749) Margaret Finlay (d 1753, dau of Rev. Ralph Finlay of Carrickfergus)
a. Mary Myddleton
  m. _ Baron of Alnwick (Captain)
  (1) Elizabeth Baron (b c1780, d 1796)
  (2) Mary Baron
  m. George Lynn of Southwick House
  m2. (08.1758) Elizabeth Arbuthnot (dau of Alexander Arbuthnot of Fortrtee)
  J. Elizabeth Heron
  m. _ Fenwick of Northumberland
  K. Catherine Heron
  m. _ Smith of Southampton
  L.+ other issue - Dorothy, Mary, Henrietta
4. Dorothy Heron
  m. John Swinburne of Capheaton (b c1612, d 15.02.1652)
5. Frances Heron
  m. Nicholas Errington of Pont***
m2. Dorothy Fenwick (bur 21.12.1684, dau of Sir William Fenwick of Wallington (not Wellington))

Main source(s): 'Northumberland Families' (volume 2 by W. Perry Hedley, 1970) with support from BEB1844 (Heron of Chipchase) and, for lower section only, TCB (Heron of Chipchase)
[The section on Heron of Kerrouchtree, later of Heron, has been moved to Heron04.]
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