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Families covered: Heron of Ford, Heron of Meldon, Heron of Thornton

This family is supposed to have derived its name from an ancestor who was nicknamed 'Heron' because he had long legs. BEB1844 (Heron of Chipchase) starts with a Sir John Heron of Ford who was "one of the soldiers of the Conqueror" and who married a daughter of Sir William Chipches, the Saxon lord of Chipches Castle, but that seems odd given that Ford may not have come into the family until a later generation. Whilst TCP starts with the William Heron who died in 1296, BE1883 and 'Northumberland Families' start with ...
Jordan Hairun (d before 1191)
m. dau of Radulf de Wircester
1. Radulf Heron of Hadston (d before 1196)
2. Jordan Heron of Hadston (d 1221)
  A. William Heron, Governor of Bamburgh then Scarborough Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1256)
  m. Mary (dau of Odonel de Ford)
i. William Heron (d 12.1296)
  m1. Christian de Notton (dau of Roger de Notton)
  a. Walter Heron of Hedleston (dvp before 1294)
  m. (27.10.1284) Alicia de Hastings (dau of Sir Nicholas de Hastings of Gissing)
  (1) Emmeline Heron (b c1290)
  m. John Darcy, Justice of Ireland, Governor of York, 1st Lord (d 30.05.1347)
  b. Roger Heron of Ford and Bokenfield, Governor of Bamburgh Castle (d 1332-3)
  Vickers mentions only Roger's 2nd marriage, to Margery ("probably a second wife"), and shows her as mother of his children. The other sources indicate that the children were by ...
  m1. Elizabeth or Isabel (d by 1326, dau of Adam de Swinburne)
  (1) William Heron of Ford (d 21.12.1379)
  m. Isabel
  The following takes account of the corrections to TCP (Heron) that are reported by 'MedieGen'.
(A) Sir Roger Heron of Ford (b c1330, d by 1400)
  m. Margaret (d 1407, m2. John Blacket)
  (i) William Heron of Ford (d 10.11.1400)
  m. Isabel Scot (dau of Richard Scot of Newcastle)
  (a) Sir William Heron of Ford, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 08.11.1400, d 01.09.1425)
  m. Anne (or Elizabeth) Ogle (dau of Sir Robert Ogle)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Heron (b c1422)
  m. (1438) John Heron of Ford, Sheriff of Northumberland (d Towton 29.03.1461) @@ below
  p. Agnes de Kirkton
  (b) Liell Heron of Bockenfield
  (c) other issue - Jordan of Bockenfield, Odinel
  (ii) Walter Heron of Hetherslaw mentioned by Vickers
  (B) William Heron (d by 1351) ancestor of Herons of Cornhill
(C) John Heron of Thornton (a 1377) possibly the same person as ...
  Vickers shows the above Sir Roger (a 1381) as father of William of Ford faher of William of Ford (d 1428) father by Isabel of the John who m. Elizabeth Heron.
  (i) John Heron of Thornton (d 05.10.1408)
  m. Katherine was John's widow, presumed mother of ...
  (a) William Heron of Thornton and Ford (b 12.03.1395/6, d 15.01.1427/8)
  ((1)) John Heron of Ford, Sheriff of Northumberland (d Towton 29.03.1461)
  m. (1438) Elizabeth Heron (b c1422, dau of Sir William Heron of Ford) @@ above
((A)) (Sir) Roger Heron of Ford (d before 07.1485)
  m. Joan (d 1509/10) named Elizabeth by Vickers
  ((i)) John Heron of Ford (b c1473, d unm 21.06.1497)
  ((ii)) Sir William Heron of Ford (b c1475, d 18.07.1535)
  m1. Elizabeth (a 1513)
  ((a)) William Heron (dvp)
  m. Margaret Forster (a 1589, dau of Sir Thomas Forster)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Heron (b by 1532, d 14.01.1553/4)
  m. (c1549) Thomas Carr (d 26.01.1557/8)
  m2. Agnes (a 1539)
Thanks to a contributor (OWC, 27.02.12) for drawing our attention to VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 8, Parishes: Croydon cum Clopton) which provides some support for the above and reports the following connection.
  ((B)) Elizabeth Heron
  m. (c1467) Robert Tailboys (son of William)
  (D) Thomas Heron of Meldon (d 1404)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland in Three Parts' (John Hodgson, Part II, vol II, 1832, 'Pedigree of the Herons of Meldon', p16+) with thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 13.08.17) for bringing this to our attention.
  (i) Nicholas Heron of Meldon (b c1386, a 1416)
  (ii) Thomas Heron (a 1403)
  (a) Thomas Heron of Meldon
  ((1)) Thomas Heron of Meldon
  ((A)) Roger Heron (dsp)
  ((B)) Alexander Heron of Meldon (a 1535, 1569)
  m. Margery Gray (probably sister'coheir of Sir Thomas Gray)
  ((i)) Alexander Heron of Meldon (d 30.09.1598)
  ((ii)) Roger Heron of Meldon (a 1595)
  ((a)) Alexander Heron of Meldon (d 30.09.1599)
  ((b)) Robert Heron of Meldon (a 1609)
  m. Catharine
(((1))) William Heron (b c06.1587, a 1622)
  ((iii)) Thomas Heron (a 1590)
  ((iv)) Isabella Heron
  m. Robert Middleton of Belsay Castle
  ((v)) Julian Heron
  m. Anthony Mitford of Ponteland
  ((vi)) Cicely Heron
  m. Anthony Hedworth (son of John of Harraton)
  (E) Walter Heron 
m. Cecily de Insula (dau of John de Insula of Chipchase)
  (F) Andrew Heron (a 1352) mentioned by Vickers
  (G) Elizabeth Heron
  m. William Lilburn of Beanley
  (H) Margaret Heron possibly of this generation
  Margaret is not mentioned by TCP, 'MedieGen', or BE1883 but is identified by BEB1844 (Tyrrell of Springfield) as the heiress who brought Heron into the Tirrell/Tyrrell family. If (as is suggested by the dates) she was of this generation (rather than, say, 2 generations later) then, noting that she had several surviving brothers, the place called Heron that she took into the Tyrrell family as her dowry was probably only a small part of the Heron family holdings of the time and was probably developed/expanded by the Tyrrells later.
  m. Sir James Tirrell
  (2) Roger Heron
  (3) Sir John Heron of Eppleton or Crawley ancestor of Herons of Eshot
  BE1883 reports that William Heron, Lord Say, was a grandson of Odonel Heron, younger son of William Heron by Christian de Notton. TCP (Heron) shows this connection.
  (A) Sir William Heron of Applynden, Lord Say (dsp 30.10.1404)
m. (before 11.1393) Elizabeth de Saye (b 24.02.1365/6, dsp 08.07.1399, dau of William de Saye, 3rd Lord)
  m2. Margery (a 1346, m2. Gilbert of Borendon)
  c.+ other issue - Gilbert (dsp 1300/1), Odinel of Tritlington (d 1311/2)
  m2. Mary (m2. John Cambous)
  Possibly of this generation, but if so by which wife is unknown, was ...
  e. Isabel Heron
  m. Sir Nicholas de Worteley
  (1) Margaret de Worteley
  m1. Sir John de Lungeville
  m2. Sir Peter de Saltmershe, 2nd of Saltmarshe, Constable of York Castle (d 1338-9)
  ii. Lucy Heron
  m. Thomas de Dyvelston of Dilston
  iii. Christina Heron
  m. Robert de Gunwarton of Gunnerton

Main source(s):
(1) TCP (Heron), 'MedieGen', BE1883 (Heron)
(2) 'Northumberland Families' (Vol 2, W. Perry Hedley, 1970) with some support/contradiction from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 11, Kenneth Vickers, 1922, 'Heron of Ford', p378+)
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