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Families covered: Gordon of Lesmoir, Gordon of Newton-Gordon, Gordon of Tillytermont

William Gordon of Tillytermont (b c1405, d c1480)
m. _ Rutherford (dau of Sir John Rutherford)
1. George Gordon of Tillytermont (b c1440, d c1500)
  m. _ Innes (dau of Beroald Innes of Meilliers)
  A. Alexander Gordon of Craig ancestor of Gordon of Pronie
  This is presumably the Alexander Gordon of Tillytermont who died at Pinkie in 1547, having married ...
  m. ?? Byset (dau of Patrick Byset of Lessendrum)
  B. James Gordon, 1st of Lesmoir (b c1472, d c1505)
  m. Anne Stewart
The family record by Douglas Wimberley (see Main Sources below) suggests that Anne was a daughter of either Stewart of Lorn (John, 2nd Lord ?) or John Stewart of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl. If of the latter, she was probably not legitimate.
  i. James Gordon, 2nd of Lesmoir (b c1495, d c1555)
  m. (before 02.06.1546) Margaret Ogilvy (dau of Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater)
  a. George Gordon, 3rd of Lesmoir (b c1516, d c1590)
  m. Katharine Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes, 6th of Tolquhoun)
  (1) Alexander Gordon, 4th of Lesmoir (b c1540, d c1609)
  m. Anne (or Mariota) Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes, 6th of Pitsligo)
  (A) Sir James Gordon, 1st Bart of Lesmoir (b c1562, d 1641)
  Wimberley mentions only James's marriage to Rebecca Keith, identifying her as mother of his children.. TCB identifies his 1st wife, and presumed mother of the children, as ...
  m1. Anna Mercer (a 1605)
  (i) James Gordon (b c1590, dvp 05.09.1633)
m. _ Urquhart (dau of Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty)
  (a) James Gordon (b c1612, d 1634-8)
  m. _ Menzies (dau of _ Menzies of Pitfodels)
  ((1)) Sir James Gordon, 2nd Bart of Lesmoir (dsp young 1647)
  The family record by Douglas Wimberley (see Main Sources below) indicates that, because James was young when he died, he did not fully inherit the baronetcy. Other sources may therefore differ with our numbering of the Barts.
  ((2)) daughter
  m. _ Gordon of Beldornie
((3)) (Catherine) Gordon
  m. (John) Abercrombie of Glassaugh
  (ii) Sir William Gordon of Broadland, 3rd Bart of Lesmoir (b c1592, d c1658)
  m1. Christian Walker (probably of family of Peterhead)
  (a) Sir William Gordon, 4th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1620, d c1695/before 1685)
  m. Margaret Learmonth (dau of Sir James Learmonth of Balcomie)
  ((1)) Sir James Gordon, 5th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1660, d c1734)
  m. (mcrt 19.12.1676) Jean Gordon (dau of Sir John Gordon, 2nd Bart of Haddo, by Mary Forbes)
  ((A)) William Gordon (b c1690, dvp 1725)
  m. Margaret/Mary Duff (b 1691, dau of Alexander Duff, 3rd of Drummuir)
  ((i)) Sir William Gordon, 6th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1720, dsp 1751/15.09.1750)
  m. Lilias Gordon (dau of James Gordon of Carnoustie)
  ((B)) George Gordon (dsp)
  m. heiress of Sands
  ((C)) Alexander Gordon in Aberdeen (b c1693)
  m. Isabel Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon in Rotterdam, grandson of Craig)
  ((i)) Sir Alexander Gordon, 7th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1725, d 1782, 3rd son)
  m. (1759) Margaret Scott (dau of Robert Scott of Dunninald by Anne, dau of George Middleton of Seaton)
  ((a)) Sir Francis Gordon, 8th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1764-7, d unm 1837/09.11.1839, 3rd son)
  ((b)) Anne Gordon (b 1760)
  m. William Lumsdaine
  ((c)) Diana Gordon (b 1766, d 1853)
  m. (1790) Maj. Gen. C. Irvine (d 1819)
  ((d)) Margaret Gordon (b 1772)
  m. John Bowman
  ((e))+ other issue - Alexander (b 1761, d unm), George (b 1763, d 1780), John (b 1769, d unm), Isobel (b 1773)
((ii)) Isobel Gordon
  m. Robert Logie
  ((iii)) Anne Gordon
  m. Archibald Christie of Keith
  ((iv))+ other issue - James (d infant), George (dsp), John, Thomas, Jean (d infant), Margaret (d unm), Agnes, daughter, Catharine, Mary
  ((D)) John Gordon of Kinellar or Kinnellar
  m. (1718) Henrietta Fraser (d 26.02.1751, dau of William Fraser, 2nd Lord Saltoun)
  ((i)) Margaret Gordon (2nd dau)
  m. George Shand
  ((ii)) Catharine Gordon
m. William Fraser of Park
  ((iii)) Eleanora Gordon (d 13.09.1800)
  m. George Fraser, 5th Lord Saltoun (b 10.10.1720, d 30.08.1781)
  ((iv))+ other issue - James, Alexander, John (dsp), William, Jean (d unm)
  ((E)) Robert Gordon (d unm)
  ((F)) Anna Gordon
  m. Robert Farquharson, 3rd of Finzean (d 12.04.1742)
  ((G)) Jean Gordon
  m. _ Sandilands of Craibstone
  ((H)) Margaret Gordon (d unm)
  ((2)) William Gordon, later Learmonth of Balcomie
  ((3)) Margaret Gordon
  m. Alexander Duff of Braco (b 1652, d 12.1705)
  ((4)) Anna Gordon
  m. James Ogilvy (son of Earl of Findlater)
  (b) Anna Gordon
  m. _ Seton of Barns
  (c)+ other issue - Alexander, Thomas of Monaughty
  m2. Isabella Leslie (dau of Sir Patrick Leslie of Iden) mentioned by TCB
(iii) Alexander Gordon of (Newton-)Gerry
  (iv) Jean Gordon
  m. John Gordon of Craig
  (v) Mary Gordon
  m. laird of Caskieben
  m2. Rebecca Keith (dau of William Keith of Ravenscraig)
  (B) Katharine Gordon
  m. Alexander Burnett of Leys (d 1619)
(C) Agnes Gordon
  m. Bannerman of Waterton
  (D) Janet Gordon --
  m. James Crichton of Frendraught and Auchingoul (d c1619) --
  (E)+ other issue - John (parson of Crimond), George (had issue), Alexander
  (2) John Gordon of Newton-Gordon
  m. Margaret Udny (dau of Udny of Udny)
  (A) James Gordon of Newton-Gordon (d before 1644)
(i) George Gordon of Newton-Gordon
  m. Janet Leslie (dau of Sir John Leslie, 1st Bart of Wardis)
  (a) James Gordon of Newton-Gordon (d 1647)
  ((1)) George Gordon of Sheelagreen
  m. Christian Gordon (dau of Gordon of Coclarachy)
  (b) Helen Gordon
  m. Sir William Leslie, de jure 3rd Bart of Wardis
(B) Elspeth Gordon (d 02.12.1642)
  m1. Sir John Leslie, 1st Bart of Wardis (d 1640)
  m2. (24.06.1641, sp) Sir Alexander Gordon, 1st Bart of Cluny (d before 1650)
  (3) James Gordon (b c1553, d 1641, Jesuit)
  (4) Janet Gordon
  m. William Forbes, 7th of Tolquhoun (d by 1595)
  (5) Jean Gordon
  m. Ogilvy of Carnoustie
  (6) Margaret Gordon
  m1. ?? Innes of Touchis
  m2. (c1576) Patrick Grant of Ballindalloch
  m3. John Gordon of Birsemoir (d 1590)
b. James Gordon of Easter Crichie
  m. Margaret
  (1) George Gordon of Easter Crichie
  c. Thomas Gordon of Seggieden (6th son) ancestor of Gordon of Bathlaw
  d. Janet Gordon
  m. William Seton, 5th of Meldrum (a 1535)
  e. Katharine Gordon
  m. Blackhall of Barra
  f. Marjory Gordon
  m. John Gordon of Ardmather (Ardmacher)
g. Margaret Gordon
  m. Gilbert Keith, 5th of Ludquharn (d before 1567)
  h. Elizabeth Gordon
  m. Knows of Ashintilly
  i.+ other issue - Alexander of Birkenburn, Patrick of Oxhill (a 1567), John of Leicheston, Henry of Delspro, William of Terpersie (a 1562)
  ii. Thomas Gordon of Seggyden (d 03.10.1594, 8th son) reputedly of this generation
  iii. Margaret Gordon probably of this generation
  m. George Strachan of Lesmurdie
  C. William Gordon of Braikley
  i. Elizabeth Gordon
  m. _ Gordon of Craig
  D. Thomas Gordon of Bowmakillock
2. Patrick Gordon of Craig ancestor of Gordon of Craig and others
  m. Rachel Barclay (dau of _ Barclay of Towie)
  A. Elizabeth Gordon probably of this generation
  m. William Strachan of Glenkindie (b c1488, d 1566)
3. Catharine Gordon probably of this generation --
  m. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum --

Main source(s): 'Memorials of Four Old Families: Campbell of Kilmartin, Gordon of Lesmoir, Irvine of Drum, and Wimberley of South Witham & Beachfield' by Captain Douglas Wimberley, 1894, with a little support from TCB (vol 2, 'Gordon of Lesmoir', p299+)
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