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Families covered: Gordon of Buthlaw, Gordon of Cairness, Gordon of Craigellie, Gordon of Newtyle

Thomas Gordon of Seggyden (d 03.10.1594)
1. James Gordon (d 03.10.1594)
  A. Thomas Gordon of Broadland
  m. Margaret Bodie ("co-heir of Pitfour")
  i. James Gordon in Chappelton of Esslemont, 1st of Buthlaw (Aberdeenshire), etc.
m. (mcrt 27.04.1642) Anna Gordon (bur 23.01.1694, dau of Patrick Gordon, 2nd of Nethermuir, by Katherine, dau of Rev. Thomas Lumsden of Kinkell)
  a. Thomas Gordon, 2nd of Buthlaw (bur 12.05.1690, WS)
  m. (09.09.1673) Janet Fletcher (bur 04.05.1693, dau of David Fletcher, Bishop of Argyll, by Elizabeth, dau of John Strang of Glasgow University)
  (1) David Gordon, 3rd of Buthlaw (d unm bur 02.02.1696, 2nd son)
  (2) Thomas Gordon, 4th of Buthlaw (bpt 09.10.1682, a 11.1729, d unm?, 4th son)
  (3) Elizabeth Gordon (bpt 12.09.1678)
  m. (13.04.1698) Zerobabel Haig, 22nd of Bemersyde (d 01.1732)
  (4) Anna Gordon (bpt 15.10.1679)
m. _ Rutherford (Dr.)
  (5) Mary Gordon (bpt 07.06.1681)
  m. (13.07.1701) Alexander Hay of Huntingdon (d 24.03.1745)
  (6)+ other issue - James (bpt 22.05.1674, bur 27.03.1675), George (bpt 15.05.1677, bur 09.04.1686)
  b. William Gordon (b 1646, bur 09.10.1718)
  m. Elizabeth Martin (bur 1711, dau of Capt. Robert Martin of Clerkhill by Jean Colville)
(1) Thomas Gordon (dsp before 28.10.1736, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Scott (dau of Walter (not William) Scott, Earl of Tarras)
  (2) Charles Gordon, 5th of Buthlaw (d 23.12.1751)
  m. (1714) Jean Udny (bur 03.02.1789, dau/coheir (by Mary, dau of Rev. John Cheyne of Kinkell by Margaret, dau of John Johnston of that ilk & sister of Sir George, 1st Bart of Caskieben) of John Udny of Cultercullen (Fovean) & Newtyle)
  (A) John Gordon, 6th of Buthlaw (bpt 03.05.1715, dsp 07.1775, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Barclay (d 10.05.1779, dau/heir of Rev. John Barclay) @1@ below
  (B) Thomas Gordon (d 1749)
  m. (1744) Jean Barclay (d before 1779, dau of Rev. John Barclay) @2@ below
  (i) Charles Gordon of Lonmay & Cairness, 7th of Buthlaw (bpt 19.03.1747, d 26.01.1797)
m. (17.06.1783) Christian Forbes (dau/coheir of Charles Forbes of Ballogie by Christian, dau of George Cumming of Petullie by Christian, dau of Sir John Guthrie)
  (a) Thomas Gordon, 8th of Buthlaw, 5th of Newtyle & Cairness (b 08.12.1788, dsp 20.04.1841, Major General)
  m. (1816) Barbara Kana (m2. Baron de Sedaiges)
  (b) Charles William Gordon (b 1792, d 08.04.1800)
  (ii) Anne Gordon (d before 02.1796)
m. William Young of Fawsyde (d 17.10.1781, doctor)
  (a) William Young of Fawsyde, 9th of Buthlaw, 6th of Newtyle (d 09.03.1850, doctor)
  m. Mary Logie (dau of Francis Logie of Middleton by Jean Gordon, cousin)
  ((1)) Jane Young (d unm 02.03.1834)
  (b) Charles Young in W. Indies
  (c) Jean Young
  m. (09.1791) Patrick Torry, Bishop of Dunkeld then St. Andrew's (d 03.10.1852)
  ((1)) John Torry, 10th of Buthlaw, 7th of Newtyle (d(sp?) 15.12.1879, Dean of St. Andrew's)
  (iii) Jean Gordon (bpt 11.10.1747, d 25.05.1802)
  m. (13.01.1777) Francis Logie of Middlefield (son of George (sheriff clerk of Kincardine) by Elizabeth, dau/heir of John Forbes of Kincardine by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Peter Farquharson, 4th of Inverie)
  Parts of the family's estates passed to their daughters. Only the youngest had surviving children. Her eldest son (by Alexander Pirie) became Patrick Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw.
(C)+ 4 sons and 7 daughters
  (3) David Gordon (bpt 01.12.1687)
  m. _ Garden
  (4) Anne Gordon (b 1681, d 05.08.1765)
  m. (15.06.1703) John Barclay (minister in Peterhead)
  (A) Mary Barclay of Cairness (d 10.05.1779)
  m. John Gordon, 6th of Buthlaw (dsp) @1@ above
  (B) Jean Barclay (d before 1779)
  m. (1774) Thomas Gordon @2@ above
  (5) Elizabeth Gordon
m. _ Forbes in Peterhead
  (6)+ other issue - James (bpt 23.02.1671), James (bpt 03.08.1673, d before 15.06.1730, Bailie of Buthlaw)
  c. James Gordon of Dounihills in Peterhead (b 1650, bur 25.08.1718)
  m1. Jean Robertson of Dounihills (heir) had issue
  m2. (29.06.1693, ssp?) Elizabeth Mowat
  d. Robert Gordon of Woodend of Ludquharne (b 1658?, d 1696)
  ii. Thomas Gordon in Broadland, 1st of Craigellie etc. (a 1680)
  m. (before 29.01.1657) Isobel May
  a. Thomas Gordon, 2nd of Craigellie (a 1731)
  m. Anne Forbes (dau of William Forbes of Ludquharne by Anne, dau of 1st Viscount Arbuthnott)
  (1)+ 5 sons and 6 daughters
  b.+ other issue (a 1695) - son, 2 daughters
  iii. Janet Gordon (d befoer 29.03.1687)
  m. George Morrison

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw)
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