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Families covered: Cranfield of Middlesex, Colwell of London, Carver of Chesterfield, Carver of Morthen, Cawthorne of Bank End

Thomas Cranfield of London
m. Martha Randill (dau of Vincent Randill of London)
1. Lionel Cranfield, Lord High Treasurer, 1st Earl of Middlesex (bpt 13.03.1574-5, bur 14.08.1645, younger son)
  m1. (c1596) Elizabeth Shepherd (d before 1619, dau of Richard Shepherd of London)
  A. Martha Cranfield (bpt 12.07.1601, d 10.04.1677)
  m. (1619/20) Henry Carey, Earl of Monmouth (bpt 27.01.1595/6, d 13.06.1661)
B. Elizabeth Cranfield (b c1608, d 1694/5)
  m1. (04.1631) Edmund Sheffield, 2nd Earl of Mulgrave (b c12.1611, d 24.08.1658)
  m2. (sp) Sir John Bennet, 1st Lord Ossulston of Ossulston (d 1688)
  C. Mary Cranfield (d unm)
  m2. (before 18.01.1619/20) Anne Brett (d 03.02.1669/70, dau of James Brett of Hoby by Anne, dau of Anthony Beaumont of Glenfield & sister of Mary, Countess of Buckingham)
  D. James Cranfield, 2nd Earl of Middlesex (b by 10.11.1621. bur 13.09.1651)
  m. (03.03.1645/6) Anne Bourchier (b c1628, bur 09.09.1662, dau of Edward Bourchier, 4th Earl of Bath)
i. Elizabeth Cranfield
  m. John Egerton, 3rd Earl of Bridgewater (b 09.11.1646, d 19.03.1700-1)
  E. Lionel Cranfield, 3rd Earl of Middlesex (b c1625, dsp 26.10.1674)
  m. (01.05.1655) Rachel Fane (bpt 28.01.1612/3, dsp 11.11.1680, dau of Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland)
  F. Frances Cranfield (d 20.04.1687)
  m1. (1637) Richard Sackville, 5th Earl of Dorset (b 16.09.1622, d 27.08.1667)
  Their eldest son, who later became 6th Earl of Dorset, was created Earl of Middlesex in 1675.
  m2. Henry Poole
  G.+ other issue - Edward (d unm), William (d young)
2. Martha Cranfield (b c1578, d 28/9.10.1613) probably of this generation
  m. (1603) Sir John Suckling (b 1569, d 22.11.1662)
3. Elizabeth Cranfield probably of this generation
  m. Andrew Richards of Rustop



Arnold Colwell of Gloucester
m. Amy Sparry of Kings Noron
1. Thomas Colwell, Sheriff of London (d 12.1675)
  m. Elizabeth Barcroft (d 16.12.1684, dau of John (sb Thomas?) Barcroft of Barcroft)
A. John Colwell (b c1643, a 1664)
  m. Lucy
  i. Daniel Colwell (bur 12.04.1680)
  B. Arnold Colwell of Woodford, Essex (d 1688)
  m. (c02.1680-1) Susanna Anlaby (b 1655-6, d 10.06.1715, dau of Thomas Anlaby of Etton, m2. Foot Onslow)
  i. Daniel Colwell (b c1701, d 29.04.1707)
  C. Anne Colwell (b c1642)
  m. (c12.1666) James Zouch of Woking (b c1684, dsp 10.1708)
  D. Mary Colwell (b c1651, d c09.1699))
  m. (c12.1672) Sir Thomas Allen, 2nd Bart of Somerleyton (dsp 10.1696)
  E. Lucia Colwell (b after 1653, a 1675)
  m. John Pulteney (d 23.05.1726, uncle of William, Earl of Bath)
  F. Frances Colwell (b after 1653, bur 29.02.1687)
  m. (c06.1681) Sir William Kingsmill of Sidmonton (bur 26.11.1698)
2. Daniel Colwell



Marmaduke Carver (d 08.1665, rector of Harthill)
Whilst noting that one source suggests that Marmaduke's wife was a daughter of Walmsley of Dunkenhalgh, FMG gives precedence to identifying her as ...
m. Anne Hodgkinson (dau of Roger Hodgkinson son/heir of Alderman Henry of Preston)
1. Marmaduke Carver of Chesterfield
  m. Ann Milward (bur 05.1674, dau of Thomas Milward of Chesterfield)
  A. Marmaduke Carver of Chesterfield (d 20.06.1751, town clerk)
  m. (14.01.1699/1700) Ethelred Stones (b c1682, d 31.10.1770, dau of Nicholas Stones of Bradway)
  i. Marmaduke Carver of Morthen (b c1712, d 18.08.1746, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Griffiths (b c1722, d 23.11.1777, dau of Rev. John Griffiths of Eckington)
a. John Carver of Morthen (d 1807, rector of Whiston & Freeton)
  m. (1763) Sarah Allen (dau of Thomas Allen of Chapeltown by Elizabeth Middleton)
  (1) Marmaduke Middleton Carver, later Middleton of Leeme, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 1868) had issue
  m1. Mary Anne Athorpe (dau of Robert Athorpe Athorpe of Dinnington)
  m2. (1822, sp) Martha Dawson (dau of Anthony Dawson of Azerley)
  (2) Sarah Carver (a 1803)
  b. Anne Carver
  c. Elizabeth Carver
  m. (16.10.1781) Robert Barker
  ii. Ann Carver (bpt 11.05.1703)
  m1. (21.04.1719) Robert Hunloke (dsp, son of Sir Henry)
  m2. John Salt of Betley
  iii. Elizabeth Carver (bpt 16.05.1710)
  m. John Smith of Staveley & Somersal
  a. Elizabeth Smith
  m. Godfrey Webster of Chesterfield (tanner)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - George (bpt 05.02.1700-1, d 1727), Marmaduke (bpt 25.12.1705, d young), Sarah (bpt 01.05.1716)
  B. Ann Carver (bpt 21.01.1672)
  m. George Ward of Killamarsh
  C. Mercy Carver
  m. (sp) _ Wheldon of Greenwich
2. Edward Carver (rector of Harthill)
  m. Mary
  A.+ issue - Thomas (b 1671), Edward (b 1672), Marmaduke (b 1674, d 1675), Charles (b 1675, d 1689), Bridget (b 1667, d 1678), Anne (b 1668, d 1673), Elizabeth (b 1677), Sarah (b 1680)
3. Charles Carver (rector of Eyam)
  m. _ Rotherham of Eckington (m2. George Atton of Chesterfield)
  A. ?? Carver in Nottinghamshire (physician)
4. Abigail Carver (bpt 17.05.1656)



Thomas Cawthorne of Bank End
m. Elizabeth Ellison of Higham
1. Thomas Cawthorne 'of Lewden'
  m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of John Wood of Barley Hall, m2. Thomas Wood of Lewden)
  A. Mary Cawthorne (b 02.02.1752)
m. (18.01.1776) Hanson Wood of Leeds
2. Eliza Cawthorne of Bank End (d c1753, youngest son)
  m. Mary Beal (dau of Henry Beal of Views)
  A. Elizabeth Cawthorne
  m. Benjamin Binks of Darnal
  i. Mary Binks
  m1. Richard Spurr of Sheffield
  m2. Robert Fisher of Sheffield
  ii. Katherine Binks
  m. _ Rooke of Sheffield
3. Mary Cawthorne
  m. John Clarke of Hickleton
4. Olave Cawthorne
  m1. John Wood of Huddersfield
  m2. John Jesset of Huddersfield
5.+ other issue - David (d young), Elizabeth (d unm)

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