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Families covered: Barcroft (Bercroft) of Barcroft, Barcroft of Foulridge

Whitaker reports that the "first names in this descent are given from charters, and arranged, as far as possible, in chronological order." It is not unlikely that some of the successors were not sons of their predecessors but younger brothers, cousins or nephews.
Gilbert de Berecroft, Lancashire (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272) apparently succeeded by ...
1. Richard de Berecroft apparently succeeded by ...
  A. Mocock de Brerecroft (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307) apparently succeeded by ...
  i. Richard de Brerecroft apparently succeeded by ...
a. Matthew de Brerecroft (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) apparently succeeded by ...
  (1) William de Bercroft (a 1382) apparently succeeded by ...
  (A) Thomas Bercroft of Barcroft (a 1429, 1458) the first mentioned by BIFR1976
  (i) William Bercroft of Barcroft (a 1477, 1507)
  (a) William Bercroft of Barcroft (a 1499, d 1525)
  m. Joanna
  ((1)) Robert Barcroft of Barcroft - continued below
  m. Alice Ingham (sister/heir of John Ingham)
  ((2)) Agnes Barcroft
  m. (c1512) Lawrence Whitaker (son/heir of Miles of High Whitaker)
  ((3)) Isabel Barcroft
  m. (c1500) John Parker of Extwistle
  (b) John Bercroft of Moseley, Lancashire (a 1546)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Edmund Tattersall)
  ((1)) son
  ((2)) daughter
  m. George Halstead
  (c) Anne Bercroft (a 1536)
  m. Oliver Halstead of Rowley
  (ii) Richard Bercroft of Burnley (a 1475)
  (B) John Bercroft (a 1458)



Robert Barcroft of Barcroft (b before 1485, d before 1546) - continued above
m. Alice Ingham (a 1546, sister/heir of John Ingham)
1. William Barcroft of Barcroft (d 09.02.1580/1) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Agnes
  A. Robert Barcroft of Barcroft (bur 06.04.1612)
  m. Elizabeth Roberts (d 10.1605, dau of John Roberts of Foxstones)
i. William Barcroft of Barcroft Hall (d 01.1620/1)
  m. Susan Rushton (dau of Nicholas Rushton or Rishton of Antley)
  BIFR1976 and Whitaker disagree with Dugdale on the next generation, showing William & Susan's children as William (dvp unm) and Susan (m. Peter Ormerode), Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth & Anne, missing out Thomas. We suspect that this may have been an error by the Harleian editor and follow BIFR1976 & Whitaker.
  a. Robert Barcroft of Barcroft (b 1594, d 1647)
  b. William Barcroft (b 1599, d 1641-4)
c. Thomas Barcroft of Barcroft Hall (b 1605, d 09.1668)
  m1. (20.11.1637) Mary Scarborough (d 08.1638, dau of Nicholas Scarborough of Glukesburn, widow of John Parker of Extwisle)
  (1) Susan Barcroft (bpt 16.08.1638)
  m. (24.11.1657) Peter Ormerod (son of Peter of Ormerod)
  m2. Ruth Fourness (d 07.1696, dau of John Fourness of Toothill End)
  (2) William Barcroft (d 1642)
  (3) Magdalene (or Elizabeth) Barcroft of Barcroft Hall see note ## below
  m. Henry Bradshaw of Bradshaw Hall (d 1698)
(4) Sarah Barcroft (bpt 29.08.1649)
  m. Nicholas Townley of Royle
  (5) Ruth Barcroft (bpt 28.09.1651)
  m. Peter Leigh of Norbury Booths
  (6) Anne Barcroft (bpt 11.1653)
  m. John Brockholes of Claighton or Claughton
## The following connection is speculative! The above-shown heiress of Barcroft Hall, who married Henry Bradshaw, is named by Whitaker as Elizabeth and by BIFR1976 as "Elizabeth (Magdalene)". BLG1952 (Bradshaw-Isherwood of Marple) names her Magdalene. Dates show that she could not have been the same person as the wife of Thomas Colwell who is identified in Visitation (London, 1664, Colwell) as Elizabeth, dau of John Barcroft of Barcroft (Lancashire). Provisionally (!), we presume that Visitation should have named that Elizabeth's father as Thomas and not John and show her here, in which case it would be likely that the above heiress of Barcroft Hall was called Magdalene.
  (7) Elizabeth Barcroft (d 16.12.1684) possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Thomas Colwell of London (d 12.1675)
  d. Elizabeth Barcroft
  m1. John Bellfield of Clegswood
  m2. John Halliwell of Pike House
  ii. Thomas Barcroft (vicar of Great Limber)
  iii. Elizabeth Barcroft
  m. (1587) Laurence Ormerod of Ormerod
  iv. Ann Barcroft
  m. James Aspinall
  v. Alice Barcroft
  m. Henry Walton
  vi. Mary Barcroft (b 1573)
  m. _ Richard Towne
  vii. Susan Barcroft
  m. Christopher Jackson
B. Thomas Barcroft of Foulridge
  See the note just below.
  C. Henry Barcroft of Foulridge
  BIFR1976 shows Thomas and Henry as younger brothers of the above Robert with Thomas being shown as father of Ambrose (who is shown on the continuation page). Whitaker, who focuses on the senior line, does not mention Thomas but says of Henry that he "settled at Foulridge, and was, as I conjecture, ancestor of the Barcrofts of Noona". BLGI1912 (Barcroft of The Glen) starts with Ambrose, having identified him as "son of Thomas Barcroft, of Foulridge Hall, son of Henry Barcroft, of Foulridge, younger son of William Barcroft, of Barcroft". Provisionally, we follow BLGI1912 in identifying this Henry as father rather than younger brother of ...
  i. Thomas Barcroft of Foulridge Hall (a 1586)
  m. Isabel Carr
  D. Ann Barcroft
  m. (1555) Henry Farrer of Eawood, Halifax
  E. Joan Barcroft
  m. (c04.1551) Richard Folds
  F. Margaret Barcroft
  m. (c1547) John Kepax
2. John Barcroft (in Burnley?) (a 1562)
3. Thomas Barcroft of Ightenhill Park, Lancashire (a 1547)
  m. Jennet Halstead (dau of John Halstead of High Halstead)
  A.+ issue - Robert, Alice
4. Jennet Barcroft
  m. Robert Woodrouffe

Main source(s):
(1) BIFR1976 (Barcroft) with a little support from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Barcroft of Barcroft)
(2)the pedigree on 'Barcroft of Barcroft' within vol II of 'An History of the Original Parish of Whalley and Honor of Clitheroe', originally by Thomas Dunham Whitaker (1818), continued & completed by Rev. Ponsonby A. Lyons (1876)
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