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Families covered: Conyers of Hornby, Conyers of Marske, Conyers of Wynyard

John Conyers of Hornby (b 1392)
BP1934 shows a different ancestry for John from what we show. We used to give BP1934 precedence but, after checking the Visitations, now follow that given by 'TUDOR' and supported by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Conyers of Sockburne (I)). Some of the dates shown for these early generations look questionable so we hope to review them in due course.
m. Margaret St. Quintin (b 1392, dau of Anthony St. Quintin of Hornby by Margaret Swynho)
1. Christopher Conyers of Hornby (d after 1462)
  m1. Ellen Rolleston / Rylestone (d 1443/4)
A. Sir John Conyers of Hornby (d 14.03.1489-90)
  m. Margaret Darcy (dau of Philip Darcy, 6th Lord of Knayth)
  Through this marriage passed a claim on the barony of Darcy de Knayth.
  i. Sir John Conyers of Hornby (dvp Edgcote 26.07.1469)
  m. Alice Nevill (dau of Sir William Nevill, Lord Fauconberg, Earl of Kent)
  a. John Conyers (d before 04.03.1472)
  b. William Conyers of Hornby, 1st Lord (b 21.12.1468, d 14.04.1524)
Visitation show only William's marriage to Anne Neville. TCP confirms that his 1st wife was ...
  m1. (after 24.09.1479) Mary Scrope (dau of John Scrope, 5th Lord of Bolton)
  m2. (before 06.02.1498) Anne Neville (dau of Ralph Nevill, 3rd Earl of Westmorland)
  (1) Chistopher Conyers, 2nd Lord (b c1491, d 14.06.1538)
  m. (28.09.1515) Anne Dacre (d c1548, dau of Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord of Gillesland)
(A) John Conyers, 3rd Lord (b 1524, d 30.06.1557)
  m. (before 28.10.1539) Maud Clifford (dau of Henry de Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland)
  (i) Anne Conyers
  m. Sir Anthony Kemp of Slindon
  (ii) Elizabeth Conyers
  m. Thomas Darcy, later of Hornby Castle (d 06.11.1605)
  Through this marriage passed a claim on the barony of Darcy de Knayth.
  (iii) Katherine Conyers
m1. John Atherton of Atherton (son of John of Atherton & Fryton)
  m2. Francis Savile (son of Francis)
  (iv)+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Henry (dvpsp), Margaret (d unm)
  (B) Leonard Conyers (b c1529, d 03.10.1577)
  m. _ Layton
  (C) Jane Conyers (b c1522, d 04.12.1558)
  m. (c1547) Sir Marmaduke Constable of Everingham
  (D) Elizabeth Conyers (b c1531)
  m. George Place of Halnaby
  (2) Catherine Conyers (b c1510, d 21.10.1566)
  m. Sir Francis Bigod of Settrington (b 1507, d 1537)
(3) Margaret Conyers
  m1. Sir Richard Cholmondeley of Roxby
  m2. Henry Scrope (b c1510, d 10.05.1590)
  (4) Grace Conyers
  c. Reginald Conyers of Wakerley (d 1514)
  m. (Regis) Norwich (dau of Simon Norwich of Brampton)
d. Margery Conyers (b c1469, d 10.05.1524)
  m. Sir William Bulmer of Wilton (b c23.04.1465, d 18.10.1531)
  e. Anne Conyers (b c1470, d 1530)
  m. Richard Lumley, 4th Lord (d 26.05.1510)
  f.+ other issue - Eleanor (see @2@ below), Elizabeth (see @3@ below)
  ii. Richard Conyers of Horden
  m. Elizabeth Claxton (dau of Robert Claxton of Bedale)
  iii. William Conyers
  @1a@ : see @1b@ below in case there is some confusion.
  m. Elsabeth Wadesley (dau of Robert Wadesley)
  a. Margery Conyers
iv. Christopher Conyers
  m. Jone Montford (dau of Thomas Montford)
  v. Margaret Conyers
  m. Richard Askew
  vi. Eleanor Conyers
  @2@. Visitation shows this Eleanor as married to Sir Thomas Markenfeld. 'TUDOR' shows an Eleanor of the generation earlier (below)as married to an unidentified Thomas Markenfield, and also one a generation later (above) as married to the Sir Thomas Markenfield we link to, and also an Eleanor of this generation as married to Thomas Tunstall (who appears to have married again after her). The dates look likely for this Eleanor being married to Sir Thomas Markenfield and then to Thomas Tunstall.
  m1. Sir Thomas Markenfield
  m2. Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle
vii. Elizabeth Conyers
  @3@. Visitation shows this Elizabeth as married to William FitzWilliam. 'TUDOR' shows an Eleanor of this generation as married to Thomas Cleseby and also one a generation later (above) as married to the Sir William FitzWilliam. The dates look likely for this Elizabeth being married to (Thomas Cleseby and then to) Sir William FitzWilliam.
  m1. Thomas Cleseby
  m2. (c1466) Sir William FitzWilliam of Sprotborow (d 1494)
  vii. Margery Conyers
  m. Roland Playce
  viii. Alice Conyers "dau of Sir John", probably of this generation
  m. Henry Wharton of Wharton
  ix. Anne Conyers mentioned by 'TUDOR' (with a query) but not by Visitation
  m. James Strangeways of Smeton
  x.+ other issue - Henry, Philip, Robert, Johanna (d unm)
B. William Conyers of Marske
  @1b@ : see @1a@ above. Visitation (1563-4) shows the William who married Elsabeth, dau of Robert Clesby, as of this generation and the William of the next generation (son of this William's elder brother Sir John by Margaret Darcy) as married to Elsabeth, dau of Robert Wadesley. Visitation (1584/5+1612), which provides their children, shows the William 'of Marske' who married Elizabeth Cleasby as son of Sir John by Margaret Darcy. We provisionally show him as of this generation, following the earlier Visitation.
  m. Elsabeth Cleasby (dau of Robert Cleasby)
  i. Christopher Conyers of Marske
  m. Joan Metcalfe (dau of Thomas Metcalfe of Nappa)
  a. William Conyers of Marske
  m. Elinor Sedgwick (dau of Humfrey Sedgwick)
  (1) William Conyers of Marske
  m. Catherine Maleverer (dau of Ralph (sb James) Maleverer of Wothersome)
  (A) daughter apparently of this generation
  m. Arthur Philippe
  (2) Christian Conters probably the Christian who married ...
  m. Anthony Girlington of Girlington
  (3)+ other issue - James,Thomas, Christopher, Robert, Elizabeth, Alice, Margery, Katherine
  b. Elizabeth Conyers
  m. Roger Sedgwick
  c. Cicely Conyers
m. Henry Askew
  d. Margery Conyers
  m. _ Slingsby
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher, Robert
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation
m. Thomas White of Redheughe
  C. Richard Conyers of Cowton
  m. Alice Wycliffe
  i. Richard Conyers (b c1461) mentioned by 'TUDOR' but not by Visitation
  m. Catherine Bowes (dau of William Bowes of Streatlam)
  ii. Alice Conyers
  m. _ Franke
  iii. Margery or Margaret Conyers (b c1468, d 12.08.1532)
  m. Ralph Bowes of Streatlam (b 01.09.1468, d 03.07.1482)
  iv. Alionora Conyers
  m. Robert Lassells of Sowerby
v. Elizabeth Conyers shown by some web sites as married to ...
  m. William Elmeden of Elmeden (b 1464, d 1505)
  vi. Margaret Conyers
  m. Ralph (not Robert) Danby
  D. Robert Conyers (6th son)
  m. Margaret Darcy
  E. Roger Conyers 'of Wynyard'
  m. Sybell Langton (dau of Thomas Langton of Wynyard)
  The following connection came from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615, 'Langton & Conyers of Wynyard, &c.').
  i. Roger Conyers
  ii. William Conyers of Wynyard
  m. Isabella Clervaux (dau of Richard Clervaux of Croft)
  a. Sybella Conyers
  m. Ralph Claxton of Wynyard
iii. Ann Conyers
  m. William Blakiston
  iv. (Eleanor) Conyers
  m. Gerard Salveyn of Croxdale (a 1476)
  F. George Conyers
  m. Izabell Franke (dau of Cuthbert Franke)
  i.+ issue - William, John, George, Margery
  G. Joan Conyers (a 05.1483)
  m. John FitzRandall of Spennithorne (d 05.03.1474/5)
H. Isabel Conyers
  m. Roger Aske
  I. Margery Conyers
  m. Robert Wycliffe (d 01.10.1494)
  J. Elizabeth Conyers
  m. William Borough
  K. Margaret Conyers
  m1. Roger Lasselles
  m2. James Pykerynge
  L. Katherine Conyers
  m1. Conan Aske
  m2. Roland Pudsey
  M.+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher (priest), Raff, Jacob, Sibilla
  'TUDOR' shows another daughter, Eleanor. See @2@ above.
m2. Margaret Wadeley (dau of Robert Wadeley)
  R. Bryan Conyers
  m. Elizabeth Nelson (dau of Thomas Nelson of Evdell)
  The following connection was found on various web sites.
  i. Christopher Conyers of Pinchingthorpe, Yorkshire (d 06.04.1543)
  m. Alice Fulford (dau of Thomas Fulford of Fulford by Philippa Courtenay)
  a. Agnes Conyers
  m. Geoffrey Lee of Cawood (MP)
  S. Margaret Conyers
  m. Henry Pudsey
  T. Alice Conyers
  Visitation shows Alice married to the son/heir of Thomas Quarton. This is probably the Alice, shown above as of a generation later, who married Henry Wharton.
  U.+ other issue - Nicholas, Henry, Conan

Main source(s): BP1934 (Conyers), TCP (Conyers), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Conyers), Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Conyers of Hornby) with support from 'TUDOR'
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