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Families covered: Fulford of Fulford, Fulford of Great Fulford, Fulford of Littleham

Commoners reports that "This family is of Saxon origin, and held Folefort, as it is written in Domesday Book, from which place the name is derived."
William de Fulford of Fulford (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
1. Nicholas Fulford of Fulford
  A. William Fulford of Fulford
  m. Mariot Belston (dau of Sir Baldwin de Belston of Parkham)
  i. (Sir) Henry de Fulford of Fulford
  a. William de Fulford of Fulford
  Vivian starts with an Edmond Fulford of Fulford, shown as father of the following John. The above comes from BLG1952 & Commoners.
  (1) John de Fulford of Fulford
  m. Alicia Fitzurse (dau of Ralph Fitzurse, son of Sir Reginald)
  (A) Sir Henry de Fulford of Fulford (a Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
Vivian shows Henry as father of William father of William father of Thomas (m. _ Mourton) father of John father of Henry (m. Willmot, dau of Philip Brian), father of the Balwin (Baldwin) who married Jennet, dau of John Bosome. BLG1952 & Commoners show a much simpler descent as follows.
  (i) Henry de Fulford of Fulford (a 1395)
  m. Wilhelma Langdon (dau of John Langdon, son of Johanna, dau of Sir Ralph Fitzurse of Williton)
  (a) Sir Baldwin Fulford of Fulford, Sheriff of Devon (b after 1399, d 1461)
  m. Elizabeth (or Jennet) Bozom (dau of Sir John Bozom of Bozomzeal, m2. Sir Wiliam Huddersfield)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset and Cornwall (d 20.02.1489)
  m. Philippa Courtenay (dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham by Elizabeth Hungerford)
  ((A)) Sir Humphrey Fulford of Great Fulford (b c1465, dsp 19.09.1508)
  m. Florence Bonvile (dsp 03.10.1524, dau of (John) Bonvile of Halnaker (not 'of Shute'), m2. John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath)
((B)) William Fulford of Great Fulford (b c1476, d 20/23.08.1517) - continued below
  m. Joan Bonvile (dau of John Bonvile of Comberaleigh or Combraleigh)
  ((C)) Thomas Fulford (dsp)
  ((D)) Sir Philip Fulford (dsp 10.04.1532)
  m. Agnes Bozom (dau of John Bozom of Bozomzeal)
  ((E)) daughter (dsp) mentioned by Vivian
m. Sir John Kirkham of Blagdon
  ((F)) Joane Fulford mentioned by Vivian
  m. William Yeo of Heamton Sachvile
  ((G)) Joan Fulford (dsp(ms) 1512, 2nd Joan) mentioned by Vivian
  m1. Richard Dowrish of Dowrish
  m2. _ Poyntyngton
((H)) Alice Fulford probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Conyers of Pinchingthorpe (d 06.04.1543)
  ((2)) John Fulford (d 19.05.1518, canon then archdeacon of Exeter)
  ((3)) Thomasin Fulford
  m. John Wise or Wyse of Sydenham
  ((4)) Alice or Anna Fulford
  m. Sir William Cary of Cockington (d Tewkesbury 1471)
  Shown by Vivian as Baldwin's siblings were ...
  (b) William Fulford
  (c) Katherine Fulford
  m1. Ralph Prye
  m2. John Glynn of Morvell
  Not shown by Vivian even though Visitation (Devon, 1620, 'Fulford') shows an unnamed sister of Baldwin & William as married to _ de Movell, was ...
  (d) (Elizabeth) Fulford
  m. (Walter Coode) de Morvell
  ii.+ other issue - Sir Baldwin, Sir Amias



William Fulford of Great Fulford (b c1476, d 20/23.08.1517) - continued above
m. Joan Bonvile (dau of John Bonvile of Comberaleigh or Combraleigh (Combe Raleigh) by Alice, dau/heir of William Dennis by dau/heir of Thomas Challons son of Sir Robert)
1. Sir John Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon (b c1504, d 14.11.1544)
  m. Dorothy Bourchier (dau of John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath (by Cecilia D'Aubeney), m2. Walter Dennis of Holcombe)
  A. Sir John Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon (b c1524, d 23.08.1580) this generation omitted by Commoners but in BLG1952 & Vivian
  m1. Ann Dennys (dau of Sir Thomas Dennys of Holcombe Burnell)
  i. Sir Thomas Fulford of Great Fulford (b c1553, d 31.07.1610)
  m. (c10.1580) Ursula Bampfylde (d 1639, dau of Richard Bampfylde of Poltimore)
  a. Sir Francis Fulford of Great Fulford (bpt 01.09.1583, d before 02.05.1664, Colonel, MP)
m. (13/14.09.1601) Elizabeth Samways (dau of Bernard Samways of Toller Fratrum & Winterbourne St. Martin)
  (1) Thomas Fulford (bpt 31.05.1604, dvp Exeter bur 12.08.1643)
  m. Ann (bur 18.01.1666-7)
  (A) Francis Fulford of Great Fulford (b 03.07.1632, bur 29.01.1674-5)
  m1. (30.06.1659) Susanna Kelland (bur 30.06.1670, dau of John Kelland of Painsford)
  (i) John Fulford (dvpsp bur 07.08.1670)
  (ii) Francis Fulford of Great Fulford (b 08.10.1666, dsps 26.09.1700, Colonel, MP)
  m1. Margaret Poullett (dsp 18.061687, dau of John Poullett, Lord of Hinton St. George)
  m2. (09.10.1690) Mary Tuckfield (dau of John Tuckfield of Little Fulford, m2. Henry Trenchard)
  (a) john Fulford (b 08.12.1692, bur 18.09.1693)
  m2. (26.10.1671) Bridget Drewe (a 1688, dau of Francis Drewe, m2. Bampfield Rodd)
  (B) Anna Fulford (bpt 28.05.1635, a 1674)
m. _ Shell (d by 1674)
  (C) Frances Fulford (a 1674)
  m. _ Good
  (D) Ursula Fulford (a 1674)
  m. Thomas Achym of Pelynt
  (i) Ursula Achim (d 31.12.1694) probably of this generation
  m. (1662) Henry Henning of Poxwell (b 1645-6, d 1699, MP)
  (E) Dorothy Fulford (bpt 13.10.1636, a 1674)
  m. _ Ford
  (F) Elizabeth Fulford (bpt 12.04.1638, a 1674)
m. Philip Drake
  (G)+ other issue (a 1664, dsp) - John (bpt 25.05.1640), Richard
  (2) John Fulford (b c1609, d by 1664, 3rd son)
  m. Jane
  (A)+ issue - William (bpt 13.09.1635, d young), others (a 1664 - John, Francis, Richard, Anne, Katherine)
  (3) Amias Fulford (b c1611, a 1664) had issue
m. Margaret Trelawny (dau of Sir John Trelawny, 1st Bart of Trelawny
  (A) Elizabeth Fulford (d 1706) probably of this generation
  m. Giles Frampton of Buckland (b 1643, d before 10.1685)
  (4) George Fulford of London & Toller Fratrum (b c1619, d by 1688)
  m. (31.08.1654) Susan Browne (dau of John Browne of Frampton) wife of George, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Francis Fulford of Toller, later of Great Fulford (d 1730)
  m. Catherine Swete (dau of William Swete)
  (i) Francis Fulford of Great Fulford, Sheriff of Devon (b 1704, bur 10.01.1748-9)
  m. Anne Chichester (a 1747, dau of Sir Arthur Chichester, 3rd Bart of Youlston)
  (a) John Fulford of Great Fulford (bpt 29.07.1736, dsp bur 20.01.1780, 4th son)
m. (02.06.1762) Elizabeth Laroche (b c1730, bur 13.10.1791, dau of John Laroche, sister of Sir John, Bart)
  (b) Benjamin Swete Fulford of Fulford (bpt 25.10.1743, a 1776)
  m. Joanna Gerard Galpine (dau of Thomas Galpine)
  ((1)) Baldwin Fulford of Great Fulford (b 01.10.1775, d 10.04.1847, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (26.11.1799) Anna Maria Adams (d 17.10.1860, dau of William Adams of Bowdon)
  ((2))+ other issue - Harriet (a 1776), Elizabeth Mary (a 1776), Florence Anne
  (c) Anne Fulford (bpt 05.07.1742)
  m. (09.02.1759, div 1772) Sir John Colleton, 4th Bart (d 1777)
TCB (vol 3, Colleton) reports that Sir John & Anne went to live in South Carolina in 1759. Anne returned to England in 1767, Sir John in 09.1769.
  partner unknown
  ((1)) John Fulford (b 21.02.1769)
  (d)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 07.11.1730, bur 07.05.1733), Chichester (bpt 25.06.1731, bur 17.01.1732-3), Francis (bpt 28.05.1734, bur 10.11.1734), Francis (bpt 19.10.1738, d before 24.12.1772, Vicar of Dunsford), Henry (bpt 03.11.1737, bur 31.05.1739), William (bpt 17.05.1740,. bur 20.05.1740), Ann (bpt 17.06.1732, bur 28.11.1735), Catherine (bpt 15.06.1735, bur 20.10.1743)
  (B) John Fulford (a 1688)
  (5) Elizabeth Fulford (bpt 18.02.1607-8) probably the Elizabeth (d 1635) who married ...
  m. William Drewe of The Grange (b 1603, d after 02.11.1654)
  (6) Anna Fulford (bpt 01.12.1612, a 1664)
  m. _ Davy
  (7) Margaret Fulford (a 1664)
  m. _ Hull
  (8)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 08.01.1606-7, a 1623), Richard (b c1621, a 1623), Ursula (bpt 29.03.1603, bur 11.12.1636), Grace (bpt 11.11.1605, a 1664), Mary (bur 11.01.1611-2)
  b. William Fulford (bpt 10.08.1600, bur 10.03.1638-9, of the Middle Temple)
  c. Thomas Fulford of Thord, St. Margaret, Somerset (bpt 12.06.1598, a 1620)
  m1. (04.08.1628) Elizabeth (bur 09.04.1629, widow of _ Lacey)
  m2. )c08.1631) Joan Mallock of Milverton
  (1) Thomas Fulford apparently of this generation
(A) Margaret Fulford (heir)
  m. (1678) John Williams of Herringston (b 1660, d 1722)
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt 20.09.1632), William (bpt 04.09.1636), Mathew (bpt 14.06.1640), Etheldida (bpt 09.02.1636-7), Catherine (bpt 04.04.1639)
  d. Bridget Fulford (a 1610)
  m. (17.06.1598) Arthur Champernowne of Dartington
  e. Elizabeth Fulford (a 1610)
  m1/2. John Berriman of Beare
  This is possibly the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Thomas Sydenham of Winford Eagle
  f. Maria Fulford (a 1610)
  m. (05.01.1608-9) Thomas Acham of Cornwall
  g. Anna Fulford
  m. (18.06.1615) John Sidnam of Skilgate
  ii. Gabriel Fulford (bur 13.11.1636, 4th son)
  a. Thomas Fulford
  (1) Richard Fulford (bpt 08.01.1624-5, bur 20.02.1624-5)
  b.+ other issue - William (bpt 10.08.1600), John (bpt 28.05.1604), Anne (bpt 25.04.1608, bur 17.01.1635)
  ii. Andrew Fulford of Littleham (bur 16.01.1626-7, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of John Shire or Stere or Sture of Bradley)
  a. William Fulford of Littleham (2nd son)
  (1) Andrew Fulford (bpt 21.05.1640)
b.+ other issue - Andrew (b c1603, a 1620), Gilbert, John (bpt 09.08.1613), Francis (bpt 03.10.1616, bur 30.04.1617), Henry (bpt 07.03.1617-8, a 1620), Richard (bpt 30.03.1619, a 1620), Thomas (bpt 26.08.1621), Margaret, Elizabeth (bpt 12.10.1615, bur 13.10.1615)
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (bur 21.12.1619), Francis, Arthur (bur 02.03.1643-4)
  m2. (30.01.1569-70) Ellinor Smyth (a 1610, dau/heir of Barnard Smyth of Totnes ,widow of John Charles of Tavistock, m3. John Wrey of Trebigh, m4. Ambrose Bellot of Bochym)
  B. Andrew Fulford
  Commoners suggests that the following Faith was Sir John's daughter rather than granddaughter but Vivian does not show her as a daughter of Sir John whilst BLG1952 identifies her as Andrew's daughter.
  i. Faith Fulford
  m. (John?) Davis or Davies (captain, "the great circumnavigator")
  C. Elizabeth Fulford (d 24.11.1565)
  m1. Humphrey Arundell of Stelland (d 1549)
  m2. Thomas Cary of Cary
  D. Cicilia Fulford
  m. Nicholas (probably not William) Adams
  E. Faith Fulford
  m. (27.09.1582) John Davis of Sanridge (Captain)
2.+ other issue - Robet (a 1544), Baldwin (a 1544), Thomas (a 1532), James (a 1544)

Main source(s): BLG1952 '(Fulford of Fulford'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Fulford of Fulford', p378+) with support from Commoners (vol 4, 'Fulford of Great Fulford', P158+)
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