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Families covered: Arnot of Arnot, Arnot of Balbarton, Arnot of Scotlandwell

Thanks to a contributor (RKBS, 26.06.15) for drawing our attention to the fact that 'The House of Arnot' can be found at books.familysearch.org. [Peter BG first came across the book in a library in/about 1998 (before this database was started) when, apparently because there was insufficient clarity on the pre-17th century generations that were relevant to his own family, he took down only a very few notes.] We first prepared a Draft page on the family on 10.02.06, taking much of the second section from 'Fife (P&H)' but without the connection between the 2 sections. That connection has now been made below but it should be viewed as speculative, being taken from references in the electricscotland site which are not always clear on the succession, although it is clearer than the references found in the book.
(Sir) Malcolm de Arnot, Fife (a 1120)
1. Arnold, Bishop of St. Andrews (a 1160)
2. Sir Peter de Arnot succeeded by ...
  A. Sir Michael de Arnot (d 1190?)
  i. Nicol de Arnot who we speculate was father or grandfather of ....
  a. Sir Malcolm de Arnot (a 1240, d before 1305)
  (1) Sir Henry de Arnot
  (2) Michael de Arnot
  (A) David de Arnot (a 1296, 1305) - continued below --
  (B) Michael de Arnot of Brocoli (Brocollie) (a 1289)
  m. ??, heiress of Brocollie
'The House of Arnot' (p62) suggests that the first reported Arnot of Brocoli was in 1410 "when James Arnot succeeded thereto, it seemeth be marriage of the heretrix descended of the said Michael".
  (i) ?? Arnot
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? Arnot
  ((1)) daughter (heiress of Brocoli)
  m. James Arnot (a 1410, son of Sir Henry of that ilk, brother of William) @@ below
  ii. Arnoold de Arnot (Abbot of Melrose)
3. William de Arnot
4. daughter
  m. Neil Cunningham (Governor of Lambroughton, "born in England in 1131 of an English family")
  'The House of Arnot' (p12) reports that Neil was implicated in the murder of Thomas a Becket (a 1172) and fled to Scotland. That page shows the following sons but we have not been able to connect this to Cunningham01.
  A.+ issue - John of Glengarnock, ?? of Belton, ?? of Barns, Adam of Caprington



David de Arnot (a 1296, 1305) - continued above possibly father of ...
1. Nicol de Arnot (a 1320) brother of ...
2. Michael de Arnot (a 1335)
  m. ?? (sister of Duncan, Earl of Fife)
  Both 'The House of Arnot' and the electricscotland site indicate that the loss of documents makes the connections over the next few generations difficult to ascertain. 'Fife (P&H)' reports that Michael was probably grandfather (rather than great-great-grandfather, which is what we show) of Richard (d 1429), brother of his successor John, but the electricscotland site does not mention such a Richard whilst 'The House of Arnot' mentions merely Richard as a possible second son.
  A. David ("the Divel") Arnot (a c1360)
  i. Sir Henry Arnot (a 1388, 1404)
a. William Arnot (a 1410)
  (1) Richard Arnot of Arnot (dsp)
  (2) John Arnot of Arnot (a 1429)
  m. Margery Boswell (dau of John Boswell of Balgregie & Balmuto (sister of David), m2. Sir Thomas Sibbald of Balgonie)
(A) John Arnot of Arnot
  m. Catherine Melville (of family of Carnbee)
  (i) John Arnot of Arnot
  m. (1489) Euphame Scot (dau of (Sir William) Scot of Balwearie)
(a) Walter Arnot of Arnot
  m. (1520) Elizabeth Duddingston (dau of ?? Duddingston of Saintford (Sandfurd))
  ((1)) David Arnot of Arnot (d by 1557)
  m. (1549) Jane Bruce (dau of (Sir William) Bruce of Earlshall)
  ((A)) David Arnot of Arnot (a 1583, d before 1610)
  m. Katherine Forrester (dau of ?? Forrester of Strathendry)
electricscotland suggests that the successor, David, d unm 1584 and was succeeded by a son Walter, presumed illegitimate. However, any son of David & Katherine must have been no older than an infant in 1584. 'House of Arnot' confirms that Walter was this David's son.
  ((i)) David Arnot (d unm 1584)
  ((ii)) Walter Arnot of Arnot (a 1610)
  m. Mary Balfour (dau of Sir James Balfour, sister of 1st Lord Balfour of Burleigh)
  ((iii)) George Arnot (d unm 1584)
  ((iv)) Jean Arnot
  m. James Murray of Strowan
  ((v)) Margaret Arnot
m. Alexander Young (gentleman usher to King James VI)
  ((vi)) Bessie Arnot ("goodwife of Grange Moor, Borthwick")
  ((vii)) Marion Arnot ("Lady Blackhall")
  ((viii)) Euphem Arnot
  m. Sir Mylne Bruce
  ((B)) Janet Arnott
  m. Thomas Forrester of Strathendry
  ((C)) Elizabeth Arnot ("Lady Ifuth (sic) Hay")
m. _ Hay
  ((D)) Helen Arnot ("Lady Balcanqual")
  ((E))+ other issue - Andrew (minister), Ealter (d unm), Robert (d unm)
  ((2)) Archibald Arnot (a 1568, minister of Scotlandwell )
  The following is supported by 'The House of Arnot' (p221+).
  m. ?? Morton (dau of William Morton (Myrton) of Cambo)
  ((A)) Andrew Arnot of Scotlandwell
m1. Isabella Spens (dau of _ Spens of Wolmerston)
  ((i)) Andrew Arnot of Scotlandwell (a 1591, dvp)
  m. Jean Fentoun
  ((a)) John Arnot (d unm)
  ((b)) Margaret Arnot
  m. James Bruce of Newburn (nephew of ?? Bruce of Airth)
  ((c)) Janet Arnot
  m. James Beveridge of Wester Tilliachie
((ii)) David Arnot of Scotlandwell (dvp unm, physician)
  m2. Janet Seaton (dau of ?? Seaton of Lathrisk)
  ((iii)) George Arnot of Capildrae (Kepildray)
  m. _ Boswell (dau of George Boswell of Bowhill (parson of Auchterderren))
  ((a)) Andrew Arnot of Capildrae (Kepildray) (a 1649, Captain)
  m. _ Arnot (dau of Henry Arnot of Couland)
  (((1))) William Arnot (a 1695, Major)
  ((b)) Margaret Arnot
  m. William Paton (Captain)
  ((iv)) Eupham Arnot ("Lady Balmanno") ## see here ##
  ((v))+ other issue (d unm) - Henry, Andrew
((3)) George Arnot (parson of Esse)
  ((4)) Margaret Arnot
  m. Alexander Inglis (tutor of Tarbet)
  ((5)) Katherine Arnot
  m. (1545) John Graeme, 4th of Garvock
  ((6)) Giles (Gilles) Arnot
  m. Robert Alexander of Mount Fleurie
  ((7)) Elizabeth (Bessie) Arnot
  m. Henry Douglas of Drumgarland
  ((8)) Jean Arnot
  m1. John Spens of Condie (advocate to Queen Mary)
  ((A)) Jean Spens
  m. ??, laird of Lathendry
  ((B)) Marion Spens
  m. _ Banatyne of Kelmacks
((C)) daughter
  m. Sir John Moncrieff of Kinninmont (Kinninaite)
  m2. Andrew Herring of Glascune
  (b) David Arnot of Tongland (Tungland) (d by 03.1597, Abbot?, 3rd son)
  (c) Helen Arnot
  m. John Spens of Lathallan (d 1520)
  (d) Jean Arnot possibly of this generation
  m. John Bonar of Kilgraston (a 1513)
  (e)+ other issue - Andrew (parson of Tough), ?? of Pitmeddan, James of Cobsie/Colsie, daughter
(i) Robert Arnot of Woodmylne (d 09.09.1513 Flodden, Comptroller of Scotland, Captain of Stirling Castle, 3rd son)
  m. Janet Balvaird ("daughter of the Guidman of Glentarkie")
  (iii) Malcolm Arnot (minister of Scotlandwell) ancestor of Arnots of Kinnaswood.
  (iv) Henry Arnot of Barcaple, Galloway possibly ancestor of Arnots of Barcaple
  (iii) daughter possibly the Janet who married ...
  m. David Bruce of Rait (d by 12.1516)
  (iv)+ other issue - David (abbot of Cambuskenneth, Bishop of Galloway), 13 other sons
  (B) Walter Arnot of Balbarton
  The following is supported by 'The House of Arnot' (p160+).
m. Janet Forret
  (i) William Arnot of Balbarton (dsp?)
  m. Matilda Johnston
  (a) Elizabeth Arnot (d by 31.01.1527-8)
  m1. Richard Broun of Fordell & Balbarton (d c1500)
  m2. Sir Robert Colville of Hiltoun (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  'The House of Arnot' suggests that Elizabeth m3. Lord Semple "and heired all" her husbands' families but electricscotland does not mention such a marriage which appears to be duplication with her aunt (just below).
(b) Helen Arnot
  m. Archibald Dundas of Fingask
  'The House of Arnot' suggests that Helen m2. Thomas Douglas of Arnacroigh but electricscotland does not mention such a marriage which appears to be duplication with her aunt (just below).
(C) Florence Arnot
  m. Sir John Rattray of Rattray
  (D) Elizabeth (Bessie) Arnot
  m. (before 12.02.1522-3, sp) William Sempill, 2nd Lord (d 03.06.1552)
  (E) Helen Arnot
m. Sir Thomas Douglas of Arnacroigh (Anacraigh)
  (F)+ other issue (14 others?)
  (3) Elizabeth Arnot possibly of this generation --
  m. Walter Stewart, 'Baron of Morphie' (d by 1488) --
  b. John Arnot
  c. James Arnot (a 1410)
  m. ?? Arnot (dau/heir of ?? Arnot of Brocoli) @@ above
  (1) John Arnot of Brocollie
  (2) son had issue in England
  d. daughter (Margaret?)
  m. ?? Cunningham, Lord Kilmaurs ## see here ##
  ii. John Arnot of Lochrig in Cunningham
3. Matilda de Arnot possibly of this generation --
  BLG1952 (Chinnery-Haldane of Gleneagles) suggests that Sir Simon's wife was a widow, probably of ...
  m1. Alexander, Earl of Menteith (d c1300)
  m2. (c1315) Sir Simon de Haldane --

Main source(s): 'The House of Arnot and some of its branches' by James Arnott (1918) with some input/support from www.electricscotland.com/history/nation.arnot2.htm and, for the lower section, 'Fife (P&H)' (mainly vol 2, p399) with other input/support as reported above
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