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Families covered: Stewards of Scotland, Stewart of Menteith, Stewart of Ralston

Walter Stewart, 3rd Hereditary/High Steward of Scotland (d 1241)
m. Beatrix (dau of Gilchrist, 4th Earl of Angus)
1. Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland (d 1283)
  m. Jean Macrory (dau of James Macrory of Bute and Arran)
A. James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland (b c1243, d 16.07.1309)
  ** TSP reported only James's marriage to Egidia Burgh. For some time, trusting TSP, we showed Egidia as mother of Walter, 6th Steward. It was not until a contributor (EN, 26.04.06) kindly pointed out that this is disputed, not least because it has been reported that Walter was born some years before James married Egidia, that we investigated further and found that, whilst many agree with TSP, it seems accepted by some (but not all) of the web sites that we have some faith in (eg. 'RoyalData' does) that the mother of Walter was in fact Cecilia of Dunbar. We follow this suggestion PROVISIONALLY and with some reservation because it seems surprising that TSP should make such a mistake on what, for many Scottish genealogists, is an important matter. Our concern is not eased by the fact that some of the web sites that identify Cecilia as mother of Walter have clearly made a mistake on the identity of Cecilia's own mother. This will be subjected to further review in due course!! **
  m1. Cecilia of Dunbar (dau of Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar)
  i. Andrew Stewart (dvpsp)
  ii. Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland (b 1292, d 1325)§D
  m1. Marjorie Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce, King Robert 1 of Scots)
  a. Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots (b 02.03.1316, d 19.04.1390) J
  m1. (1347) Elizabeth Mure (dau of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan) J
m2. Eupheme Ross (dau of Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross) --
  m2. Isabella Graham (sister of Sir John Graham of Abercorn)
  b. Sir John Stewart of Ralston or Railston
  m. Alicia Mure (dau of Sir Reginald Mure of Abercorn)
  (1) Sir Walter Stewart of Ralston (a 1416, dsp)
  (2) John Stewart (dsp)
  (3) Marjory Stewart (d 1438) --
  m1. Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk (d 10.1381) --
  m2. Sir Henry Douglas of Lugton and Lochleven --
(4) Egidia or Eupheme Stewart --
  m. Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine and Dundalf (a 1394) --
  (5) Margaret Stewart
  m. (1388) John Hay of Tullibody (d before 06.1418)
  c. Andrew Stewart
  d. Egidia (Jill) Stewart (d by 06.1406) --
  m1. Sir James Lindsay of Crawford (d 1358) --
  m2. Sir Hugh Eglinton of that ilk
  m3. (c10.1378, sp) Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (d 1420)
  m2. (c1296?) Egidia (Jill) de Bourg (dau of Walter de Burgh, 1st Earl of Ulster)
  iii. Sir John Stewart (d 1318)
  iv. Sir James Stewart of Durrisdeer
BLG1952 (Wardlaw-Ramsay) reports that Henry "is said to have married a dau. of Sir James Stewart of Durrisdeer, and niece of Walter, the High Steward". However, BP1934 (Moray) reports that James died without issue.
  a. daughter --
  m. Henry de Wardlaw, 1st of Wilton (a 1306) --
  v. Egidia (Jill) Stewart --
  m. Alexander of Menzies --
  B. Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl (d Falkirk, 1298)
  m. Margaret Bonkyl (dau/heiress of Sir Alexander Bonkyl of that ilk)
  C. Andrew Stewart
  m. _ Bethe (dau of James Bethe)
  D. Elizabeth Stewart (d by 1289) --
  m. Sir William, Lord of Douglas ("le Hardi", a 1256, d 1298) --
  E. daughter --
  m. Sir Alexander de Lindsay of Crawford (d 1307) --
F. Mary Stewart probably of this generation --
  m. Edward de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs (d 1285) --
  Reported by TCP (Lovel of Castle Cary) to have been sister of Sir James FitzAlan, Steward of Scotland, and mother of Muriel, was ...
  G. Hawise (FitzAlan) Stewart
  m. Sir John de Soules / Soulis, Guardian of Scotland
  i. William de Soules or Soulis, Butler of Scotland§D
  ii. Muriel de Soules (d 1318)
  m. (before 1307) Richard Lovel, 1st Lord of Castle Cary (d 31.01.1350/1)
iii. daughter --
  m. John de Keith (dvp 1324) --
2. John Stewart (d 1249)
3. Walter Stewart, Earl of Menteith (a 1292)
  m. Mary, Countess of Menteith (dau of Maurice, 3rd Earl of Menteith)
  A. Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Menteith (d c1300)
  m. Maud / Matilda (possibly Matilda de Arnot)
  i. Alan Stewart, 7th Earl of Menteith (d c1308)
  m. Marjorie
  a. Mary Stewart, Countess of Menteith
  m. (before 05.1334) Sir John Graham, 9th Earl of Menteith (d c06.03.1346-7)
ii. Piers Stewart (a 1297)
  iii. Sir Murdoch Stewart, 8th Earl of Menteith (d Dupplin, 12.08.1332)
  m. Alice (possibly a Ferrers of Groby)
  iv. Alexander Stewart or Menteith
  a. Margaret Stewart or Menteith possibly of this generation --
  m. Roger Mortimer of Foulis --
  B. Sir John Menteth, Sheriff of Dunbarton (d c1323) --
4. Eupheme Stewart (d c1267) Y
  m. (c 1213) Patrick, 6th Earl of Dunbar (d 1248) Y
5. Margaret Stewart JR
  m. Neil, 2nd Earl of Carrick (d 1256) JR
6. Elizabeth Stewart J
  m. Maldouen, 3rd Earl of Lennox (b c1190, d c1260) J
7. daughter --
  m. Donald, Lord of the Isles (d 1250) --

Main source(s): TSP (Kings of Scotland), TSP (Menteith)
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