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Families covered: Sempill of Cathcart, Sempill of Eliotstoun, Sempill of Sempill

Robert de Sempill (a 1280)
1. Robert de Sempill (d before 1330)
  m. Marjory Bruce (d by 1318)
  A. William de Sempill, 1st of Eliotstoun (a 1340)
  i. Thomas de Sempill of Eliotstoun
a. Sir John Sempill of Eliotstoun (a 1397)
  (1) John Sempill of Eliotstoun (a 1445)
  (A) Sir Robert Sempill of Eliotstoun (a 1478)
  m. Elizabeth ??
  (i) Sir William Sempill of Eliotstoun
  m1. Margaret (or Marion) Cathcart (dau of Sir Alan Cathcart, 1st Lord) presumed mother of ...
  (a) Thomas Sempill of Eliotstoun, Sheriff of Renfrew (d Sauchieburn 11.06.1488)
  m. Elizabeth Ross (d before 17.11.1505, dau of John Ross, 1st Lord)
((1)) Sir John Sempill, 1st Lord (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m1. (before 09.09.1501) Margaret Colvill (d c05.1504, dau of Sir Robert Colvill of Ochiltree)
  ((A)) William Sempill, 2nd Lord (d 03.06.1552)
  m1. (before 20.07.1517) Margaret Montgomery (dau of Hugh, 1st Earl of Eglnton)
  ((i)) Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord (b c1505, d before 17.01.1575-6) --
  m. Isabel Hamilton (dau/sister of Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar) --
  p. Elizabeth Carlile
  ((ii)) David Sempill of Craiginfeoch (a 1546)
  ((a)) John Sempill of Craiginfeoch
  (((1))) William Sempill of Craiginfeoch (a 1589)
((iii)) Ninian Sempill
  partner(s) unknown
  ((a))+ issue - James, James
  ((iv)) William Sempill (dsp 03.12.1576)
  m. Margaret Maxwell
  ((v)) Peter Sempill (a 1558)
  ((vi)) Helen Sempill
  m. Alan Cathcart, 3rd Lord (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  ((vii)) Mary Sempill
  m. Sir John Stirling of Keir
  m2. (before 12.02.1522-3) Elizabeth Arnot (a 1538, dau of John Arnot of Arnot)
  m3. (after 1540) Marion Montgomery (dau of Hugh Montgomery of Hazelhead)
  ((B)) Francis Sempill (a 03.1501-2)
((C)) Gabriel Sempill of Cathcart and Ladymure (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) - continued below
  m. Jonet Spreule (d 22.10.1550, possibly dau of John Spreule of Coldoun)
  ((D)) Marian Sempill
  m. George Maxwell
  ((E)) Isabel Sempill
  m1.(mcrt before 11.03.1502-3) Robert Crawford, younger of Greenock
  m2. (c1518) George Chalmers
  ((F)) Janet Sempill possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Uchtred Knox of Ranfurlie
  m2. (before 16.02.1505-6) Margaret Crichton (dau of James Crichton of Ruthven)
((2)) John Sempill (a 08.1502)
  ((3)) Margaret Sempill
  m1. John Houstoun, younger of Houstoun (d before 17.07.1490)
  m2. (before 18.02.1506-7) Robert Crawford of Kilbirny
  ((4)) Marion Sempill
  m. (before 15.07.1486) John Stuart of Henriestoun (d 1512)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Sempill
  m. Sir Adam Mure of Caldwell (d before 1516)
  m2. Agnes Montgomery (dau of Alexander Montgomery, 2nd Lord)
  (b) Mary Sempill
  m. Thomas or John Brisbane of Bishopstoun (a 1490)
  (2) Jean Sempill
  m. Sir John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute (a 1385)
  ii. Robert de Sempill (a 1392)
  B. Thomas de Sempill (a 12.1388)
2. Thomas de Sempill



Gabriel Sempill of Cathcart and Ladymure (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) - continued above
m. Jonet Spreule (d 22.10.1550, possibly dau of John Spreule of Coldoun)
1. William Sempill of Craigbait, later of Cathcart (d 27.06.1578)
  m1. Marion Kirkaldy
  m2. (before 06.09.1551) Janet Montgomery (dau of Hugh Montgomery of Hasilhead)
  m3. Margaret Noble (a 1580)
  Except that Margaret was not mother of Gabriel, it is not known which wife was mother of ...
  A. Gabriel Sempill of Cathcart had issue
  m. (before 01.08.1572) Margaret Spreule
  B.+ other issue (a 04.1573) - John, Robert
2. John Sempill of Cathcart (dsp by 1546)
  m. Mariot Lindsay
3. Gabriel Sempill of Cathcart, later of Craigbait (dbefore 24.03.1572-3)
  m. Margaret Lindsay
  A. Robert Sempill (d 17.01.1591)
  m. (mcrt 01.1589) Grissel Montgomery (dau of Patrick Montgomery of Giffen)
  i. Hew Sempill (a 1654, in Madrid)
  B. Gabriel Sempill (d 04.05.1587)

Main source(s): TSP (Sempill), BP1934 (Sempill)
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