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Families covered: Strangeways of Harsley, Strangways of Ormesby (Ormsby)

This family's names is spelt in modern times as either Strangeways or Strangways. It appears from the Visitation records that, generally speaking, the Yorkshire branch used Strangeways and, later on at least, the Dorset branch used Strangways. However, cross-references from other sources are not fully consistent with this.
Henry Stranguyshe
1. Sir James Stranguyshe or Strangwish (judge) shown by Commoners (vol 1, p136) as a younger son
m. Jone Orrell (dau of Nicholas Orrell or Orells)
  A. Sir James Strangways of Harsley Castle (Speaker of the House of Commons)
  Commoners shows Sir James m1. Elizabeth Evers, m2. Elizabeth Danby. Provisionally, we show the marriages the other way round. This is implied by various sources but is not specifically spelt out.
  m1. Elizabeth Darcy (dau of Philip Darcy, 6th Lord)
  i. Sir Richard Strangeways of West Harsley (d 13.04.1488)
  m1. Elizabeth Nevill (dau of William Nevill, Earl of Kent, Lord Fauconberg)
  a. Sir James Strangeways of Harsley (d 16.12.1521)
  m1. (07.09.1472) Alice Scrope (dau of Thomas Scrope, 5th Lord of Masham and Upsal)
  (1) Sir Thomas Strangeways (d before 08.10.1525)
  m. Ann Dacre (dau of Humphrey, Lord Dacre)
  (A) Thomas Strangeways
  (B) (Sir) James Strangeways 'of Harsley Castle' (dsp 26.04.1541)
m. Elsabeth Pygot (dsp, dau/heir of Thomas Pygot of North Hall 'of Clotherholme')
  (2) James Strangeways (3rd son)
  m. Elsabeth Ratclyff (sister of Sir Edward Ratclyff)
  (3) Margaret Strangeways
m. John Dawnay
  (4) Jane Strangeways (d 15.11.1546)
  m1. John Bygott (son of Sir Raff)
  m2. (c11.1522) Sir William Mauleverer or Maleverer of Wothersome (d 11.08.1551)
  (5) Mary Strangeways
  m. Robert Roos or Ross of Ingmanthorpe (d 05.1530, son of James)
  (6)+ other issue - Richard, John
  m2. Margaret Danby (dau of Sir James Danby)
(8)+ other issue
  b. Joan Strangeways
  m. Randolff Pygot
  c. Margery Strangeways
  m. George Savage (brother of the Archbishop of York)
  d.+ other issue (d young) - William, Thomas, Elsabeth
  m2. Joan Asketon (dau of Sir John Asketon)
  ii. Sir James Strangeways of Smeton
  The following is supported by FMG (vol 2, MS261, 'Strangways', p631) & 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Conyers and Strangwayes of Ormesby', p555).
  m. Ann Conyers (d 03.1517-7, dau of Robert Conyers "of Horneby in Clyveland (Ormesby)")
  a. James Strangwayes of Ormesby (d 03.1526-7)
  m. Ann Trafford (dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford)
  (1) James Strangwayes of (Southhouse & Pickering and) Ormesby (d 01.1547-8)
  m. Agnes Danby (dau/coheir of Ralph Danby of Yafforth (Yafford))
b. Katherine Strangeways
  m. Robert Laton of Shereston
  c. Cyssely (Cecily) Strangeways
  m1. Thomas Boynton of Barmston & Aclam
  m2. Joscelyn Percy of Newland (d 1532)
  d.+ other issue - Larance, Leonard, John, Thomas, Nycolas, Rychard, Martyn, Elsabeth (nun), Margery, Jone
  iii. Margaret or Margery Strangeways (a 1475)
  m1. John Ingleby
  m2. (10.08.1468, sp) Richard Welles, 7th Lord Willoughby of Ereseby, 7th Lord Welles (b c1429, d 12.03.1469)
iv. Elsabeth Strangeways
  m. Marmaduke Clervaux
  v. Elenor Strangeways
  m. Edmund Malyvery or Maleverer of Woodersome ## see note here ##
  a. Robert Malyvery of Woodersome
  m. Jone Vavasor (dau of Henry Vavasor of Haselwod)
  vi.+ other issue - Philip, George, Thomas, Christopher, Henry, John, Robert, William (d infant), John (dsp), Thomas (d young), Jone (dsp)
Visitation (Yorkshire) identifies James's (2nd) wife as "Elsabeth filia Roberti Evers". She appears to be the same person as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Eure (d 14.03.1481/2, dau of Ralph Eure of Witton Castle)
  xvii. Felice Strangeways
  m. William Aske of Aske
  xviii.+ other issue - Raff (d young), Edward
  B. Elisabeth Stranguysh or Strangeways
  m. Sir Thomas Mountford or Montford
  C. Isabel Stranguysh or Strangeways
  m. Sir Peter Gerard (d before 1446)
  D. Margaret Stranguysh or Strangeways
  m. Thomas Surtees (son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  E. Katherine Stranguysh or Strangeways
  m. William Romondby or Richmond
  i. Jane Romondby ("Lady Willoughby") mentioned by CTG
F. Maude Stranguysh or Strangeways
  m. Ralph Stanley or Staveley of Hampshire
2. Roger Stranguyshe
  m. Alice Orrell (dau of Robert Orrell or Orells)
  A. Thomas Stranguyshs or Strangeways
  m. Eleanor Taylboys (dau of Walter Taylboys of Kyme)
  i. (Sir) Henry Strangeways
Foster names him Thomas and shows only 1 wife, a dau of Sir John Wadham (m2. John Strangwayes), implying that she was mother of Giles, John & Mary. Visitation (1563-4) which names him Henry and shows his 2nd wife Dorothy as mother of his surviving children. Commoners (vol1, p136)& CTG support the following.
  m1. (sps) Elizabeth Wadham (dau of Sir John Wadham or Wadam)
  a. Elizabeth Strangeways
  m. Thomas Trenchard of Dorsetshire
  m2. Dorothy Arundell (dau of Sir John Arundell)
a. Sir Giles Strangeways of Melbury
  m. Jane Mordaunt (dau of Sir John Mordaunt)
  b.+ other issue - John, Anna, Christiana, Margaret/Mary
  ii. James Strangeways
  m. Katherine Seton or Gordon (dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly)
  iii. Jone Strangeways
  m. Henry Champney
iv.+ other issue - Thomas, John
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - James, Robert, John, Henry, Joan, Margaret, Agnes
3. Sir Thomas Stranguyshe
  m. Catherine Nevill (d after 1483, dau of Ralph Nevill of Raby, 1st Earl of Westmorland, widow of John (not Thomas), Duke of Norfolk)
  A. Katherine Stranguyshe (d by 1474)
  m. (Henry) de Grey
  B. Joan Stranguyshe or Strangways (d 24.02.1484)
  m1. Sir William Willoughby
  m2. (11.1468) William Berkeley, 2nd Lord, Marquess of Berkeley (b 1426, dsp 14.02.1491-2)
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), another (d infant?)
4. Agnes Stranguyshe
  m. Adam Wooton
5. Katherine Stranguyshe
  m. Raff Bulkeley or Buksley
6. Isabell Stranguyshe
  m. Peter Workesley or Worsley
7. Sibill Stranguyshe (dsp)
  m. Richard Burton or Cuerton
8.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Peter, Geffery, Cyssely/Cecilia (d young)

Main source(s): Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Strangeways'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1574/5+1612, 'Strangwayes of Ormesby'), CTG (vol 2, 1835, 'Pedigree of Strangways', p161+) with a little support from Commoners (vol 1, 'Strangwayes of Well', p135+) and other input/support as reported above
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