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Families covered: Clervaux of Croft

Sir Hamon de Clerevaulx or Clervaulx or Clervaux "accompanied the Conqueror from Normandy"
Visitation indicates that Sir Hamon obtained the manor of Croft in Yorkshire (later described as being in co. Durham) but Commoners indicates that he "acquired lands in Botham, in the county of York" and does not describe any of his successors as being "of Croft" for another 4 generations.
1. Alban de Clerevaulx or Clervaulx or Clervaux
  m. ?? (dau of either Jordan Busby or Sir Lambert Bushy)
  A. Jordan Clervaux
  Commoners keeps the family name as Clerevaulx for several generations. We follow Visitation is using the more modern version.
  m. Amaretta Nevile (dau of _, Lord Nevile of Hornby)
  i. John Clervaux
  m. Oswalda Bruce (dau of Sir Adam Bruce or Brus)
  a. Thomas Clervaux of Croft
  m. Timothea Gascoigne (dau of John Gascoigne)
  (1) Robert Clervaux of Croft
  Foster first names Robert's wife as Alice Anlaby but in a note, followed by Commoners, identifies her as ...
  m. Ann Lathby (dau of Edward Lathby or Latheby)
  (A) Sir John Clervaux of Croft
  m. Herodia (dau of Lord Marmion)
  (i) Sir Henry Clervaux of Croft
  m. Jonatha or Jamathela Nesom (dau of John Nesom or Nesome of Nesom(e))
  (a) Robert Clervaux of Croft (2nd son?)
  Foster includes a note that reports as follows: "Visitation Pedigree of 1564 begins with this Robert, and indeed the earlier generations, as here printed, are deemed fictitious.".
  m. Eve Fairfax (dau of Sir William Fairfax of Gilling)
((1)) Sir Thomas Clervaux of Croft
  Foster & Commoners indicate that Sir Thomas's wife is shown by some as daughter of Lord Grey of Codnor but follows Visitation in naming her ...
  m. Constance Gobion (dau of Sir Hugh Gobion or Gobyon)
  ((A)) Katherine Clervaux (dsp)
  ((2)) John Clervaux of Croft
  m. Matilda Cerf (dau of Adam or Robert Cerf or Serff or Adam the Sheriff)
  ((A)) (Sir) William Clervaux of Croft
  m. Ann Scoythley (dau of Thomas Scoythley or Stodelay or Stoithley)
((i)) Sir John Clervaux of Croft
  m. Eleanor Percy (dau of Sir Alexander Percy)
  ((a)) Sir John Clervaux of Croft - continued below
  m. Beatrix Mauliverer (dau of Sir John Mauliverer or Maleverer of Allerton)
  ((b)) Robert Clervaux (dsp)
  m. _ Colvile
  ((c)) Christiana Clervaux
  m. Thomas Colwell
  ((d)) Johanna Clervaux
  m. John Sothills (d c1485)
  ((e)) Margaret Clervaux
  The Visitations report that there was a daughter Margaret who became a nun. Foster shows (in italics) an additional Margaret (the only one mentioned by Commoners) who married ...
m. William Boynton of Sedbury
  ((f)) Anastasia Clervaux
  m. (Sir) Thomas FitzHenry
  ((g)) Alice Clervaux
  m. (Sir) Thomas or John Covell
  ((h))+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp), Michael
  ((ii)) William Clervaux
  ((B)) Beatrix Clervaux possibly of this generation
  m. John Kelynghall of Nether Middleton (b c1395, d 02.1442)
  ((3))+ other issue - Symon (parson of Leigh), William (rector of Croft), Margery
  (b)+ other issue - John (dsp), William



Sir John Clervaux of Croft - continued above
m. Beatrix Mauliverer (dau of Sir John Mauliverer or Maleverer of Allerton)
1. Sir John Clervaux of Croft
  m. Isabell Richmond (dau of Richard Richmond of Richmond by Elizabeth, dau/heir of William Burgh)
  A. Sir John Clervaux of Croft (d 1443)
  m. Margaret Lumley (dau of Sir Ralph Lumley, 1st Lord, by Elenor, dau of John, Lord Nevill of Raby)
i. Sir Richard Clervaux of Croft (d 1490)
  m. Elizabeth Vavasor (dau of Sir Henry Vavasor of Haselwood by Joan Gascoigne)
  a. Marmaduke Clervaux of Croft (d 1498-9)
  m. Elizabeth Strangways (dau of Sir James Strangways of Hurlesley Castle)
  (1) John Clervaux of Croft (d 1513-4)
  m. Margaret Hansard (dau of Richard Hansard of Walworth by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Blount, brother of Walter, 1st Lord Mountjoy)
(A) Elizabeth Clervaux (dsp 15.04.1543)
  m. Thomas Hilton, Lord of Hilton Castle
  (2) William Clervaux of Croft
  m. Isabell or Elizabeth Belasyse (dau of Thomas Belasyse of Henknoll by Margaret Thirkeld)
  (A) Richard Clervaux of Croft (dsps)
  m1. Margery Killinghall (dau of William or Robert or George Killinghall of Middleton)
  m2. Margery Plaze or Place
(i)+ issue (dvpsp)
  (B) John Clervaux (dsp, esquire 'of the body' to King Henry VIII)
  (C) Elizabeth Clervaux
  m. Christopher Chaytor of Butterby (a 1575)
  (3) Elizabeth Clervaux
  m. Percival Lambton of Belsis
  (4) Eleanor Clervaux
b. John Clervaux of Croft (shown as eldest son by Commoners, as 2nd son by the Visitations)
  m. Jane Hussey (dau of John Hussey of Sleeford)
  (1) Margery Clervaux
  m. John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough
  c. Elizabeth Clervaux
  m1. William FitzHenry
  m2. William Clarginet or Clarjinet
  d. Margaret Clervaux (d before 03.10.1525)
  m. Thomas Laton of Saxhow (bur 02.03.1524)
e. Joan Clervaux
  m. Christopher Aske
  f. Isabell Clervaux
  m. William Conyers of Wynyard (son/heir of Sir Roger)
  g.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Robert, Beatrix (nun)
  ii. John Clervaux (dsp)
  m. _ Vincent
  B. Thomas Clervaux
  m. Isabell Conyers (dau of Robert Conyers of Sockburne)
  i. Robert Clervaux (dsp)
  ii. Alice Clervaux
  m. John Faunt of Wyston = John Fawne of Wistow
  C. Margaret Clervaux
  m. William Vincent of Great Smeaton
  D. Agnes Clervaux
  m. John Headlam
  E. Elizabeth Clervaux (dsp)
  m. William Leversham or Leveson of York
  F. Beatrix Clervaux
  m. John Killinghall of Nether Middleton
  G. Johann or Katherine Clervaux
  m. Henry Tailboys
  H.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), John
2. Thomas Clervaux (dsp)
  Visitation (Glover 1584/5) identifies Thomas's wife as daughter of Thomas Conyers of Sockborne but (with them showing that Thomas as a generation later) Commoners, apparently supported by Foster although Foster suggests her father was Thomas, identifies her as ...
  m. Isabel Thoresby (dau of Hugh Thoreseby of Thoresby)
3. Agnes or Anne Clervaux
  m. Thomas or William Studdow or Stewdow
4.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Robert

Main source(s): Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5 & 1612, 'Clervaux of Croft'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Chaytor of Spennithorne Hall', p139+) with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Clervaux')
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