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Families covered: Poingdestre of Poingdestres, Poingdestre of S. Saviour

George Poingdestre of Poingdestres (d 1544)
m. Girette (niece of Sire (Rev) Thomas Ahier)
1. John Poingdestre of Poingdestres (d 1583)
  A. Edward Poingdestre of Poingdestres
  m1. (1562) Margaret Messervy (dau of Clement Messervy)
  i. Thomas Poingdestre of Poingdestres (b 1581)
m. Elizabeth Effard
  a. Philip Poingdestre of Poingdestres (b 1620)
  m. Sarah Pinel (dau of Rev. John Pinel)
  (1) Edward Poingdestre of Poingdestres
m. Susan Poingdestre (dau/coheir of Peter Poingdestre) @@ below
  (A) John Poingdestre of Poingdestres (b 1671)
  m. Mary Le Couteur (dau of Rev. Francis Le Couteur)
  (i) Mary Poingdestre of Poingdestres
  m. (1723) Philip Pinel of S. Trinity
  (ii) Sarah Poingdestre
  m. Nicholas Le Bas of Les Niesmes, S. Peter
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Jane, Ann
(B) Nicholas Poingdestre (4th son)
  (i) Nicholas Poingdestre
  (a) Philip Poingdestre
  ((1)) Ann Poingdestre
  m. Moses Gibaut
  ((2)) Mary Poingdestre
  m1. ??
  m2. Matthew Le Gallais of Surville
  m3. Charles De Ste Croix
  (b) John Poingdestre
  (c) Mary Poingdestre
  m. Peter Le Feuvre of S. Peter (b 1724, d 1781)
  (C)+ other issue - Peter, Edward, Charles, Jane
  (2)+ other issue - Philip, Sarah
  b. Jacob Poingdestre
  (1) Mary Poingdestre
m. G. Nicolle
  (2)+ other sisue - John, Thomas
  c.+ other issue - George (to Viriginia, N.A.), Rachel
  m2. Pauline Ahier (dau of Guyon Ahier)
  ii. John Poingdestre (b 1609, Lt. Bailly of Jersey)
  m. (1659) Ann Hamptonne (dau/coheir of Laurens Hamptonne, Vicomte of Jersey)
  a. Charles Poingdestre
  m. (1684) Ann Hilgrove
  (1) John Poingdestre (b 1693)
  m. Jane Amy (dau/coheir of Philip Amy of Castillon de Haut)
(A) John Poingdestre (jurat)
  m. Elizabeth Pipon (dau of James Pipon of Noirmont)
(i) John Poingdestre (jurat)
  m. Elizabeth Gosset (dau of Matthew Gosset) sb Jane? ## see here ##
  (a) John Poingdestre had issue
  m1. Jane Hamery (dau of Clement Hemery)
  m2. Martha Ruding (dau of Clement Ruding)
  (b) James Poingdestre had issue
  m. Grace Laird (b 1796-7, d 24.04.1828)
  (c) Elizabeth Poingdestre
  m. (20.10.1811) P. R. Lempriere of Rozel
(d) Ann Poingdestre
  m. John Leigh
  (e) Jane Poingdestre (d unm)
  (B) Philip Poingdestre
  m. Margaret Galliehan
  (i) Jane Poingdestre
  m. John De Carteret of Vincheles de Bas (*b 1758)
(ii) daughter
  m. Germain Aubin
  (iii) Margaret Poingdestre (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue - Collette, Ann, Rachel, Susan, Jane, Elizabeth
  b. Elizabeth Poingdestre
  m. (1684) George Bandinel ## see here ##
  iii. Thomas Poingdestre (b 1613, rector of S. Saviour)
  m. Mary Pipon (dau/coheir of James Pipon)
  a. John Poingdestre
  m. Sussan Seale (dau of John Seale)
  (1)+ issue - John, Mary, Thomas, Edward
  b. Thomas Poingdestre
  m. Elizabeth Rondel (dau of Louis Rondel (minister at Plouer, Brittany))
  c. Pauline Poingdestre
  m. Thomas De Lecq
  d.+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane
  iv. Edward Poingdestre (dsp)
  v. Mary Poingdestre (dsp)
  m. Richard Anley
  B. John Poingdestre
  m. Perrotine Laell (dau of Peter Laell)
  i. Edward Poingdestre
  m. Barbara Regnault (dau of Michael Regnault)
a. Peter Poingdestre
  m1. Mary Filleul
  m2. Catherine Dolbel (dau of Gilles Dolbel)
2. Thomas Poingdestre, Constable of S. Saviour
  m. Catherine Lempriere (dau of Thomas Lempriere, widow of Richard Langlois & Clement Messervy)
  A. Thomas Poingdestre (b 1544)
  m. Jane La Cloche (dau of Stephen La Cloche) ## see here ##
  i. Thomas Poingdestre (b 1571)
  m. Magdalen Durel (dau of (Thomas?) Durel)
  a. Thomas Poingdestre (b 1602)
  m. (1625) Sarah Janvrin
  (1) Thomas Poingdestre (b 1633)
  (A) George Poingdestre (b 1661)
  m. (1698) Elizabeth Durell
  (i) Ann Poingdestre
  m. Charles Marett (dsp)
  (ii) Jane Poingdestre
  m. Jacob Le Tonze (Touzel)
  (iii)+ other issue - Sarah, Magdalen, Martha
  (B) Philip Poingdestre (dsp)
  (C) Elizabeth Poingdestre
  m. Robert Smith
  (D) Mary Poingdestre
  m. George Pinel
  (2) Martha Poingdestre
  m. Ab. Herault
  (3) Sarah Poingdestre
  m. Elias De La Rocque
  (4) Susan Poingdestre
  m. John Martel
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - James, John, Benjamin, Magdalen
  b. Jane Poingdestre
  m. Stephen Amy
  c. Blanche Poingdestre
  m. Nicholas Anthoine
  ii. Clement Poingdestre (b 1576)
  B. Benjamin Poingdestre



Thomas Poingdestre
m. Thomasse Hamptonne (dau/coheir of Hostes Hamptonne) sb Mary? ## see here ##
1. Clement Poingdestre
  m. Elizabeth Seale (dau/heir of David Seale)
  A. Peter Poingdestre (b 1619)
  m. Jane Pallot (dau of John Pallot)
  i. Susan Poingdestre
  m. Edward Poingdestre of Poingdestres @@ above
  ii. Elizabeth Poingdestre
  m. Laurens Machon
  iii. Martha Poingdestre
  m. John Mourant
  iv. Sarah Poingdestre
  m. Thomas Le Breton
  v.+ other issue - Peter (dsp), Jane (d unm)

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Poingdestre of Grainville', p323+)
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