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Families covered: Hamptonne of Hamptonne, Hamptone of Jersey

'Armorial' (p177) reports that "The patronymic of this family indicates an English origin, but it has been located in Jersey from a very early date. Its supposed insular founder, Thomas De Hamptonne, was Keeper of Governor of the Norman Isles in 1343."
Guille De Hamptonne (a 1453, jurat)
1. Guille De Hamptonne of Hastains (a 1470, Lt. Bailly of Jersey)
  m. Jeanette De La Rocque (dau/coheir of Guille De la Rocque (Lt. Bailly of Jersey))
  A. Nicholas De Hamptonne (a 1501, Lt. Bailly of Jersey)
  m1. Jane Le Moigne (dau of Nicholas Le Moigne of Luce De Carteret)
i. Laurens Hamptonne of Luce De Carteret & Malory (a 1526, jurat)
  m. Thomyne Satre (dau/coheir of Simon Satre, sister of Mme de S. Ouen)
  a. Nicholas Hamptonne
  m. Elizabeth Dumaresq (dau of Ed. Dumaresq)
(1) Edward Hamptonne
  m1. Susan Bisson (dau of Leonard Bisson)
  (A) Laurens Hamptonne (3rd son)
  m1. Sarah Hamptonne
  (i) Edward Hamptonne, Vicomte of Jersey (b 1628, d unm 1660)
  m2. (1636) Martha Bisson (dau of Edward Bisson)
  m3. (1639) Philippine Seale (dau of John (sb Germain?) Seale) ## see here ##
Not clear which wife (could be Sarah Hamptonne) was mother of ...
  (ii) Elizabeth Hamptonne
  m. Joshua Ahier (rector of S. Laurence)
  (a) Joshua Ahier (b 1657, d 1721)
  m. (1712) Marie Madelaine (dau/coheir of Sn. de Morteterre (Normandy), sister of Mdme Bissoin)
  ((1)) Rachel Elizabeth Ahier (b 1714)
m. (1731) Nicholas Hamptonne @@ below
  (b)+ other issue - John, Edward, Elizabeth
  (iii) Anne Hamptonne
  m. (1659) John Poingdestre (jurat)
  (iv) Rachel Hamptonne
  m. (1658) David Patriarche (jurat)
  (v) Sarah Hamptonne
  m. (1663) Philip Payn, Vicomte of Jersey
  (B)+ other issue - John (d unm), Joshua (dsp?)
  m2. Elizabeth Dumaresq (dau of John Dumaresq (Bailly of Jersey))
  (2) Nicholas Hamptonne
  m. Jane De Caux
  (A) Abraham Hamptonne
  m. Laurentia Le Gros (dau/heir of John Le Gros)
  (i) Nicholas Hamptonne
  m. Priscilla Laurens (dau of John Laurens)
(a) Nicholas Hamptonne (b 1671)
  m. (1698) Rachel Vennement
  ((1)) Nicholas Hamptonne (d 1737)
m. (1731) Rachel Elizabeth Ahier (dau/heir of Joshua Ahier) @@ above
  ((A)) Nicholas Hamptonne 'of Hamptonne' (b 1736)
  m. (1764) Mary Falle
  ((i)) Mary Esther Hamptonne (b 1765)
  m. (1784) Elias Syvret (dau of Elias by Catherine De Carteret of Vincheles de Haut)
  ((B)) Mary Elizabeth Hamptonne (b 1732)
  m. John Giffard
  ((C)) Esther Hamptonne (b 1734)
  m. John Vaudin
  (ii Elias Hamptonne
  m. (1703) Ann Le Feuvre
  (a) Henry Hamptonne
  m. Priscilla Laurens (dau of John Laurens)
  ((1)) Raulin Hamptonne
  m. Margaret Poingdestre
  ((A)) Margaret Hamptonne
((2)) Joshua Hamptonne (b 1736)
  m. Ann Giffard (dau of Francis Giffard)
  ((A)) Francis Hamptonne
  m. Elizabeth De Ste. Croix (dau/heir of Joshua De Ste. Croix)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Hamptonne
  m. Francis Barreau
  ((ii))+ other issue - Francis (dsp), DElizabeth, Jane (dsp), Ann, Mary, Sophia Esther
  ((B)) Ann Hamptonne
  m. Amice Le Grand
  ((C))+ other issue - Edward, Joshua
  ((3))+ other issue - Nicholas, Rachel
  (iii) Abraham Hamptonne
  m. Priscilla De Ste. Croix
  (a)+ issue - Joshua, Susan, Priscilla, Mary
  (3) Catherine Hamptonne
  m. Helier Le Montais
  (4) Elizabeth Hamptonne
  m. Elias Lempriere
  b. Helier Hamptonne
  m. Heliere Journeaulx
  (1) Clement Hamptonne (youngest son)
  m. Jane De La Rocque (dau of Raulin De La Rocque)
  (A)+ issue - Susan, Elizabeth, Sarah
  (1)+ other issue - Elias, James, Abraham, Sarah
  c. Guille Hamptonne
  (1) Thomas Hamptonne
  m. (1619-20) Elizabeth Le Febvre
  (A) Thomas Hamptonne
  m. (1663) Rachel S. Duval
  (i) Rachel Hamptonne
  m. (1684) Daniel Mauger
  (a) Marianne Mauger
  m. (1722) Elissha Knapp
  ((1)) May Knapp
  m. (1744) Joseph Oliver
  ((A)) Elizabeth Oliver
m. (1797) Samuel Hoskins
  ((i)) S. Elliott Hoskins had issue
  m. Harriet Rowley MacCulloch (dau of Thomas MacCulloch)
  e. Edward Hamptonne
  e. Frances Hamptonne
  m1. Helier Dumaresq
  m2. Leonard Bisson
  f. Mary Hamptonne
  m. John Le Marquard
  ii. Helier Hamptonne (a 1553)
  Helier is identified as the "supposed founder of" the following branch which comes from 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Hamptonne of S. Pierre', p181).
  a. Nicholas Hamptonne
  (1) John Hamptonne (d 1658)
  m. Collette
  (A) William Hamptonne of Hamptonne House, S. Peter
  m. (1645) Martha Tocque
(i) Helier Hamptonne (d unm 1669)
  (ii) John Hamptonne (b 1649, d 1707)
  m. Elizabeth Anley (dau of Philip Anley, aunt of Philip Anley (jurat))
  (a) John Hamptonne (b 1678, jurat)
  m. Mary Ann Durell (dau of Thomas Durell)
  (b) Elias Hamptonne, last of Hamptonne House (a 1759, dsp)
(c) Amice Hamptonne (dsp)
  (d) Elizabeth Hamptonne
  m. Philip Falle 'of S. Peter'
  ((1)) John Falle
  ((2)) Rachel Falle
  m. Thomas Messervy
  ((3)) Elizabeth Falle
  m. John Remon
(e) Margaret Hamptonne
  m. Amice Alexandre
  m2. Isabel (dsp)
  B. Louis De Hamptonne (rector of S. Laurence)
  C. Hoste De Hamptonne
  i. Mary De Hamptonne sb Thomasse?
  m. John Poingdestre sb Thomas? ## see here ##
  D. Jeannette De Hamptonne possibly fits here
  m. Thomas Lempriere of S. John (a 1495)
2. Jane De Hamptonne
  m. Perryn Le Serues (jurat)

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Hamptonne', p179+)
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