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Families covered: Bandinel of Jersey, Bandinel of Melesches

'Armorial' (p36+) reports that the family of Bandinelli was illustrious in (what is now) Italy for centuries, "producing six cardinals and other ecclisastics of note, besides many laymen who obtained renown in politics, diplomacy, and arms. It was, however, in the sixteenth century thaht the head of his house achieved a greater trimph that any which had been accomplished by his predecessors, by sacrificing all the worldy advantages of his exalted position for consience' sake. This high-minded nobleman took up his residence at Geneva, where he was, however, greatly distressed at the excessed of the Swiss Reformers, and endeavoured, though fruitlessly, to oppose the prevailing current of opinion." His ony son was ...
David Bandinellir or Bandinel, later in Jersey (a 1602, 1620, Dean of Jersey)
m. Elizabeth Stalling (granddau/heir of Sir Nicholas Stalling)
1. James Bandinel (cleric)
m. Margaret Dumaresq
  A. David Bandinel 'of Bagot' (a 1683, jurat)
  m. (1637) Rachel Messervy (dau/heir of Philip Messervy of Bagot)
  i. George Bandinel of Melesches, Vicomte of Jersey
  m1. Elizabeth Poingdestre ## see here ##
  a. David Bandinel of Melesches, Vicomte of Jersey
  m1. Anne Corbet
(1) Philip Bandinel of Melesches
  m. Susan Horman
  (A) Philip Bandinel
  m. N. Mauger
  (i) Philip Bandinel (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Dumaresq ## see here ##
  (ii) Charles Bandinel
  (B) Elizabeth Bandinel
  m. Charles D'Auvergne
  (C) Rachel Bandinel
  m. John Dumaresq
(D) Esther Bandinel
  m1. _ Watts
  m2. _ Nugent
  (2)+ other issue - John (d 1720-1), David (b 1706, d young?)
  m2. Mary Le Feuvre
  (4) David Bandinel (b 1723)
  b. Rachel Bandinel
  m. George Le Fevre of Guernsey
m2. Elizabeth De Carteret (dau of Francis De Carteret & coheir of the S. of S. Ouen)
  c. George Bandinel
  m1. Elizabeth Ahier
  (1) Elizabeth Bandinel
  m. Thomas Le Vavasseur dit-Durell
  m2. Elizabeth Lempriere (dau of James Lempriere) ## see here ##
  (2) George Bandinel
  m. Douce Dumaresq ## see here ##
  (A) Thomas Bandinel (youngest son?)
  m. Jane Nicolle (dsp) ## see here ##
  (B)+ other issue - George, James, Francis (dsp), Douce Anne (d 1829), Elizabeth (d 1844)
  (3) James Bandinel (cleric)
m. Margaret Dumaresq
  (A) James Bandinel had issue
  m. (1813) Maria Eliza Hunter (dau of Rev. R. Hunter)
  (B) Bulkeley Bandinel (cleric)
  m. Mary Phillips (dau of John Phillips)
  (C) Margaret Bandinel
m. Rev. Thomas Le Mesurier of Guernsey
  (D)+ other issue - Henrietta Anne, Mary Anne
  (4) Anne Elizabeth Bandinel
  m. John Lempriere
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, Francis
d. Elizabeth Bandinel
  m1. James Corbet of Rozel
  m2. Charles Hilgrove
  ii. David Bandinel (b 1665)
  m. Mary Le Manquais
  iii. Margaret Bandinel (b 1650)
  m. Thomas Durell
  B. Elizabeth Bandinel
  m. (1653) Clement Lempriere
2. David Bandinel
  m. Jane Gervaise (dau of Nicholas Gervaise)
A. Esther Bandinel
  m. Clement Gallichan (dsp)
3. Thomas Bandinel, Constable of S. Martin
  m. Collette Lempriere (dau of James Lempriere)
  A. Thomas Bandinel (b 1640)
  m. Judith Lempriere (dau of Thomas Lempriere)
  i. Thomas Bandinel (dsp)
  m1. Esther Hilgrove
  m2. Jane Marett (dau of Edward Marett)
  ii. Elizabeth Bandinel
  m. Philip Fauvel
  a. issue (dsp)
  iii.+ other issue - James (dsp), Elizabeth (d young)
  B. Mary Bandinel
  m. Philip Nicolle
  C.+ other issue (all dsp?) - James, Clement, David, John
4. Anne Bandinel
  m. (1637) Clement Dumaresq (Captain RJM)
5. Esther Bandinel
  m. Thomas Le Breton
6.+ other issue - Daniel (d 1647), John (cleric)

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Bandinel', p40+)
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