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Families covered: Lempriere of Les Augres, Lempriere of Chesnel, Lempriere of Dielament, Lempriere of Saval

Michael Lempriere of Dielament (a 1570, Attorney General of Jersey)
m. Mabel Dumaresq (dau of Richard Dumaresq of Vincheles de Bas, relict of John Messervy)
1. Hugh Lempriere of Dielament (a 1575, 1621, Solicitor General, Jurat, Lt. Bailly)
  m1. Elizabeth Dumaresq (dsu of Edward Dumaresq of La Haule)
  A. Philip Lempriere of Dielament (a 1624, jurat)
m. Mary Le Montais (dau of Helier Le Montais)
  i. Philip Lempriere of Dielament (d unm)
  ii. Hugh Lempriere of Dielament (dsp 1698)
  m. Margaret La Cloche
  B. Michael Lempriere of Maufant (a 1643, 1655, jurat, Bailly of Jersey)
  m. (1657) Sarah De Carteret (dau of Francis De Carteret of La Hague)
  i. Michael Lempriere of Dielament (jurat, Colonel RJM)
m. Frances De Carteret (dau of Francis De Carteret of La Hougue)
  a. Michael Lempriere of Dielament & Saval (jurat, Colonel RJM))
  m. Jane Corbet (dau of James Corbet)
  (1) Charles Lempriere of Dielament (a 1776, Solicitor General, jurat, Lt. Bailly, Colonel RJM)
  m. (1733) Elizabeth Corbet (dau/heir of James Corbet of Rozel, granddau of Anne, dau of Francis De Carteret)
  (A) William Charles Lempriere of Dielament & Saval (dvp 01.05.1790, jurat, Lt. Bailly, Colonel RJM, 2nd son)
  m. (04.04.1782) Elizabeth Gosset (dau of Matthew Gosset)
  (i) Philip Raoul Lempriere of Rozel (b 27.08.1785, d 04.11.1859, jurat, Colonel RJM) had issue
  m. (20.10.1811) Elizabeth Poingdestre (dau of John Poingdestre (jurat))
  (ii) William (Charles) Lempriere of Ewell, Surrey (d 1853, Captain) had issue
m. Harriet Reid (dau of Sir Thomas Reid, Bart)
  (iii)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary
(B) Thomas Lempriere of Chesnel (d 30.06.1823, Commissary General, Colonel RJM)
  The following is supported by BLG1862-3 ('Lempriere of Pelham').
  m. (1783) Elizabeth Charity Beuzeville (dau/heir of Rev. Samuel Beuzeville & heir of Admiral G. Oury)
  (i) George Oury Lempriere of Chesnel & Pelham (Hampshire) (b 11.03.1787, Vice Admiral) had issue
  m. (08.08.1833) Frances Dumaresq (dau/heir of William Dumaresq of Pelham)
  (ii) Amelia Lempriere
  m. Charles Pipon ## see here ##
  (iii) Marianne Lempriere (07.08.1870)
  m. (02.08.1830) Algernon Herbert (son of Earl of Caernarvon)
  (iv) Jane Lempriere
  m. _ Lewis (Major)
(v)+ other issue - Charles, Thomas (RN), Samuel (RN), Elizabeth Sophia, Mary Julia, Anne Oury, Caroline Charity
  (C)+ other issue - Charles (dsp unm, Captain RJM), Philip, Sophia
  (2) Philip Lempriere of Chesnel (a 1749, dsp, Attorney General of Jersey)
  m1. Julia de Varignon (dau of Brig. General d'Apremont)
  m2. Mary Weeks
(3) Jane Lempriere
  m. Ed. Richard (Ricard) (jurat)
  (4) Ann Lempriere
  m. (1742) Thomas Pipon
  b. Mary Lempriere
  m. John Le Hardy (Constable of Grouville)
  ii. Philip Lempriere (dsp)
  iii. Mary Lempriere
  m. Henry De Carteret of La Hague
  iv. Joan Lempriere
  m. John Le Geyt
  C. Mabel Lempriere
  m. John Herault
  D. Elizabeth Lempriere
  m. Aaron Stocal (Solicitor General of Jersey)
  E.+ other issue - Joshua of S. John, Nicholas (d 1661, MD)
  m2. Jane Herault (sister of the Bailly)
2. Thomas Lempriere of Les Augres (jurat)
  m. Rachel Sarre (dau of Ed. Sarre of S. John)
  A. Benjamin Lempriere of Les Augres (jurat, 2nd son)
  B.+ other issue - Joshua, Mary, Rachel, Sarah, Esther, Elizabeth, Douce
3. Sarah Lempriere
  m. Martin Romeril, Constable of S. Trinity
4. Esther Lempriere
  m. Francis Amy

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Lempriere of S. Trinit'y, p245), BLG1886 ('Lempriere of Rozel Manor')
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