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Families covered: Killigrew of Arwennack, Killigrew of Killigrew, Killigrew of Penryn

BHO (Magna Brittania, vol 3, Cornwall, General History: Extinct baronets) reports as follows: "This ancient family, which was originally of Killigrew in St. Erme, are traced to the reign of Henry III., and said to have been descended from a natural son of Richard Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans. This conjecture is countenanced by the arms which, in a MS. history of the family, are said to have been given by that Prince to Ralph de Killigrew, the first of the family there mentioned. The Killigrews removed to Arwenick, near Falmouth-Harbour, on marrying the heiress of that house and name in the reign of Richard II." The first we have seen mentioned appears to have been that same Ralph de Killigrew who, so it seems, was possibly an illegitimate son of Richard, Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans.
Ralph de Killigrew (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
1. John Killigrew of Killigrew (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  A. Otho Killigrew of Killigrew
  m. Joan Kentlebury (dau/heir of William of Trethewye son of John Kentlebury (Canterbury) of Trethewye)
  i. Simon Killigrew
  a. daughter
  m. John Treffry (d 1283)
  ii. John (or Thomas) Killigrew of Killigrew
  m. Mary Poltesmore (dau of Sir Richard Poltesmore or Potesmore)
  a. Simon Killigrew of Arwennack. Cornwall (a 1403)
  m. Jane de Arwennack (dau/heir of Robert de Arwennack son of Robert son of John son of Thomas of Arwennack)
  We have seen the Killigrews' residence spelt in various ways, viz: Arwenack, Arwennack, Arwenick, Arwennick, Arwynike, Arnwick. On this page we try to keep to 'Arwennack', as used by Vivian, but cross-references from elsewhere in the database may spell the place differently.
  (1) Thomas Killigrew of Arwennack
Vivian shows that Thomas had 2 sons called John. There seems to be some confusion on this and the next 2 generations. In Vivian (Erisey, p154), which shows only one son, names him Thomas (m. Mary Boleigh) who had sons John (father of the Elizabeth who m. John Godolphin), Simon (dsp) & Thomas of Arwennack (m. Jane Barrett). The following follows Vivian (Killigrew, p267).
  m. _ Beaupell
  (A) John Killigrew of Arwennack
  m. Mary Boleigh (dau/heir of John Boleigh)
  (i) John Killigrew
  (a) Elizabeth Killigrew (heir)
  m. John Godolphin
  (ii) Simon Killigrew (dsp)
  (iii) Thomas Killigrew of Arwennack (d 20.09.1513)
  Vivian (Erisey, p154) shows Thomas's wife as Jane, dau of William Barrett of Ardevera. On p268 he reports that that was erroneous and identifies her as ...
  m1. Jane Darrell (dau/heir of William Darrell of Andover)
  (a) Alexander Killigrew (b c1493, a 1513, dsp??)
m2. (c1512) Johanna (dau of John Herry of Ruddeford (sb Harris of Radford?))
  (B) John Killigrew of Penryn (d 09.11.1461, 2nd John)
  (i) Thomas Killigrew of Penryn (b c1446, d before 07.06.1501)
  m. Agnes (a 1501)
(a) John Killigrew of Penryn & Arwennack (d 08.11.1536)
  Vivian (Erisey, p154) shows this John as son of the above Thomas of Arwennack but on p268, having corrected the identity of Thomas's wife, shows him here.
  m. Jane Petit (dau of John Petit of Ardevera (by Jane Anthorne), widow of Thomas Trevanion)
  ((1)) John Killigrew of Arwennack (a 1567, Captain of Pendennis Castle)
  m. Elizabeth Trewennard (dau of James Trewennard of Trewennard (Trewynard))
  ((A)) Sir John Killigrew of Arwennack - continued below
  m. Mary Wolverston (dau of Philp Wolverston)
  ((B)) Peter Killigrew (pirate)
  m. Ellen Higgens of Worcestershire
  ((C)) Sir Henry Killigrew of Laroch, Cornwall (b before 1531, d 16.03.1602/3, Ambassador, 4th son)
  m1. (04.11.1566/7) Katherine Cooke (dau of Sir Anthony Cook of Essex)
  m2. (07.11.1590) Jael de Peigne (d before 28.03.1632)
((D)) Sir William Killigrew of Hanworth (d 23.11.1622)
  m. Margaret Saunders (dau of Thomas Saunders of Uxbridge)
  ((E)) Alice Killigrew
  m. Richard Bonython @@ see here @@
  ((F)) Jane Killigrew
  m. John Michell @@ see here @@
  ((G)) Margaret Killigrew (d 08.05.1598)
  m. (24.06.1552) Sir Francis Goldolphin
  ((H)) Grace Killigrew
m. John Tretherffe
  ((I))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp before 1558, pirate), Amy
  ((2)) Bennet Killigrew (dsp before 13.05.1554, 3rd son)
  m. Anna
  ((3)) Elizabeth Killigrew (d 31.01.1563)
  m. (c1505) Thomas Treffry of Fowey (d 1563)
  ((4)) Agnes Killigrew (a 1567)
  m. John Penrose of Penrose
  ((5))+ other issue - James of Budock (d before 16.11.1568), Thomas (a 1500)
(b) Thomas Killigrew (dvp)
  (c) Robert Killigrew (d 04.01.1534)
  m. Elizabeth (d 24.03.1530, dau/heir of Morys of Wolstane)
  ((1)) Henry Killigrew of Woltston (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Bond (dau of William Bond)
  ((A)) Johanna Killigrew
  ((B)) Blanch Killigrew
  m. John Wrey of North Russell
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas, Elinor (a 1500), Blanche, Jane, Mary
  (d) Agnes Killigrew (a 1501)
  m. John Buscarnon of Bodmin



Si) John Killigrew of Arwennack (d 05.03.1584, Captain of Pendennis Castle) - continued above
m. Mary Wolverston (dau of Philp Wolverston of Wolverston Hall, widow of Henry Knyvett)
1. John Killigrew of Arwennack (d 12.08.1605, Captain of Pendennis Castle)
  m. Dorothy Monck (a 1633, dau of Thomas Monck of Potheridge)
A. Sir John Killigrew of Arwennack 'of Falmouth Castle' (b c1583, dsp before 29.05.1633)
  m. (div 1613) Jane Fermor (dau of Sir George Fermor of Northampton, m2. Francis Blewett)
  B. Sir Peter ('the Post') Killigrew (b c1593, bur 07.1668, MP, 4th son)
  Vivian (Erisey) shows Sir Peter & Sir William as sons rather than younger brothers of Sir John. Vivian (Killigrew) corrects that and TCB confirms that they were sons of John & Dorothy Monck. Vivian (Erisey) also suggests that Peter inherited his brother's baronetcy but Vivian (Killigrew) & TCB confirm that it was Peter's son Peter who was the 2nd Bart.
  m. Mary Lucas (dau of Sir Thomas Lucas of Colchester)
i. William Killigrew (d unm 1678, General)
  ii. Sir Peter Killigrew of Arwennack, 2nd Bart (b c1633, d 08.01.1704/5)
  m. (c12.1662) Frances Twisden (b c1643, d 04.1711, dau of Sir Roger Twisden, 2nd Bart, by Isabella Saunders)
  a. George Killigrew (bpt 13.12.1644, dvp 20.03.1687/8)
  m. (05.1684) Anne St. Aubyn (dau of Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart)
  (1) Peter Killigrew (bpt 12.10.1686, bur 08.03.1686/7)
  (2) Anne Killigrew (b 07.12.1687, d before 12.1736)
  m. (c1718) John Dunbar of Bally Carney (Major)
  b. Peter Killigrew (d infant) (bpt 18.08.1680, d 21.11.1680)
  c. Frances Killigrew (bpt 28.02.1665/6, d 03.1736)
  m. (20.04.1686) Richard Erisey
  d. Ann Killigrew (d before 27.09.1727)
  m. (23.02.1689) Martin Lyster, later Killigrew, of Staffordshire
iii. Elizabeth Killigrew?
  C. Simon Killigrew (b c1596, d before 1664)
  m. (1620) Elizabeth Orell or Ross
  i.+ issue - Simon (bpt 20.08.1645), Thomas (bpt 26.11.1650), Richard (bpt 28.12.1651), Charles (bpt 28.01.1654), William (bpt 14.06.1657), Margaret (bpt 28.11.1647), Elizabeth (bpt 13.12.1649), Jane (bpt 06.02.1653), Constance (bpt 08.11.1658), Frances (bpt 23.11.1659)
  D. Sir William Killigrew, 1st Bart (b 1600, d unm bur 17.07.1665, Colonel)
  E. Dorothy Killigrew
  m. _ Hooker of London (goldsmith)
  F. Maria Killigrew
  m. Sir George Grenville of Penheale
  G. Elizabeth Killigrew
  m. Edmund Yeo
  H.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1584, a 1620, dsp), Henry (b c1590, a 1620, dsp), Walter (d c1598), son, Grace (d c1592), Odelia (bpt 24.10.1659)
2. Katherine Killigrew (b c1562, bur 18.05.1598)
  m1. Robert Trapp
  m2. Sir Henry Billingsley
3.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Simon, Mary

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Killigrew of Arnwenack', p267+) with, for the lower section, a little support from TCB (vol 3, 'Killegrew or Killigrew', p141), BEB1841 ('Killegrew of Arwennick')
[This page was redone using Vivian (Killigrew) on 10.02.19. It had originally been developed using the lineage of Killigrew within Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Erisey of Erisey', p154+) with input from various web sites (not least this one) partly supported by cross-references from elsewhere in the database with a little support for the lower section as mentioned just above. Any leftovers from that original development are shown above in italics.]
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