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Families covered: Petit of Ardevora, Petit (Petyt) of Badger
[We are not aware of any connection between the 2 families shown on this page. They share the page, possibly only temporarily, for our convenience].

Sir Otes Petit of Ardevora
m. Elizabeth (dau/heir of Simon FitzIve)
1. Sir John Petit of Ardevora
  m. _ Wallisboro (heir)
  A. Sir John Petit of Ardevora
  m. Alice Seneschall (dau of Sir John Seneschall)
  i. Sir John Petit
  Vivian notes that Sir John "was cosen & heire to Sr. Otes Petit & Dame Elizabeth his wife, who was Daughter of Isabell le Blanch, sister to King Hen. 3."
  m. Alice Beauchamp (dau of Sir Michael Beauchamp by "Mirabell, wife of Roger Durhall")
a. Sir Michael Petit (a 1240)
  m. Amitia (dau of Sir Thomas Le Archdeacon)
  (1) Sir John Petit (a 1250)
  (A) John Le Petit (a 1250)
  m. Isabella Helegan (dau/coheir of Richard Helegan)
  (i) Sir John Le Petit of Trenerth (a 1302, d 1363, MP)
m. Joanna Carminow (dau/coheir of Sir Oliver Carminow by Isolda Ferrers)
  (a) Michael Petyt (b c1333)
  m. Amicia Bloyou (dau of Sir John Bloyou by Margaret, dau/heir of Sir John Tynten)
  ((1)) John Petit of Ardevora (d 23.07.1429)
  m. Margaret Roscarrock (dau/coheir of John Roscarrock (Restorake) by Isabel, dau/coheir of Thomas Govily of Govily)
((A)) John Petit of Ardevora (b c1399, d 10.06.1455)
  m. Margaret Trenowith (dau of Ralph Trenowith of Trenowith)
  ((i)) John Petit (b 1426-7)
  m. Jane Anthorn (dau of William Anthorn of Anthorn or Antron)
  ((a)) Ellinor Petit (a 1511)
  m. John Bevill of Gwarnack
  ((b)) Jane or Matilda Petit probably of this generation
  m1. Thomas Trevanion
  m2. John Killigrew of Arwenack (d 08.11.1536)
  ((c))+ 2 daughters
((ii)) Michael Petit of Trelowyth, Trelonk & Goviley
  m. Thomazin Leigh (dau of Thomas Leigh of Holsworthy, m2. Peter Bevill) ## see here ##
  ((a)) Thomas Petit
  m. Elizabeth Godolphin (dau of John Godolphin)
  (((1))) Thomas Petit
  m. Jane Poyle (dau/heir of Robert Poyle)
  (((A))) Michael Petit (dsp)
  (((B))) Alice Petit, heiress of Trelowyth & Goviley
  m1. James Tresahar of Trevethan
  m2. Edward Cowche
(((2))) Jane Petit (a 1517)
  ((b)) John Petit (dsp)
  ((c)) Isabell Petit
  m. John Pentyre
  ((d)) Emlyn Petit
  m. William Gerveis
  (ii)+ other issue - Joanna, Amicia
  (B) Michael Petit (a 1302, 1320, MP)



?? Petit
1. Richard Petit of Bagesover (Badger), Salop (a 1431)
  A. Robert Petit (a 1465)
  B. John Petit or Petyt of Badger the first mentioned by Visitation (Staffordshire)
  m. Agnes Gronchron (dau/coheir of Richard Gronchorn of Gronchron or Groveshorne)
  Visitation (Shropshire) shows an intervening generation, Thomas of Badger (d 1495-6), father of Henry father of Dorothy. Visitation (Staffordshire) shows that this John had 3 sons:
  i. Henry Petit or Petyt of Badger (a 1506)
  m. Dorothy Wolrich (dau of Humphrey Wolrich of Dudmaston, m2. Thomas Kinardesley of Loxley)
  a. Dorothy Petit or Petyt
  m1. John Kinardesley (d 1514-5)
  m2. Thomas Noell or Nowell of Pelsall
ii. John Petyt of Badger
  a. Richard Petit
  (1)+ issue - Richard, Andrew, Thomas
  b. John Petit of Hexstall, Staffordshire
  m. _ Allen (widow of Geffrey Bilston)
  (1) Thomas Petit of Hexstall (a 1583)
  m. Joyce Noel (dau of Robert Noel of Hilcotte)
  (A)+ issue (a 1583) - John (b c1573), Walter, Thomas, Dorothy, Anne
  (2)+ other issue - John, Symon, Anne, Cassandra, Dorothy, Jane
  iii. William Petyt
  a. Henry Petit of Paget's Bromley, Staffordshire (a 1583)
  (1) Richard Petit
2. Agnes Petit (dsp 1436-7)
  m. Thomas Heath

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (reviewed & expanded 25.01.19) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Tresahar of Trevethan', p494+ with a little support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Bevill of Gwarnacke', p30)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Kynnersley of Loxley, etc.), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Petit of Hexstall)
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