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Families covered: Hales of Dungeon, Hales of Hales Place

Roger de Hales or Hayles or Halys (d 1313)
1. ?? de Hales
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? de Hales
  i. Nicholas de Hales of Hales Place
  a. Sir Robert de Hales of Hybury (d 1381, Admiral, Prior)
  b. Sir Nicholas de Hales
  (1) Thomas de Hales of Hales Place
  (A) John Hales of Hales Place
  (i) Henry Hales of Hales Place
  m. Julian Capel (dau of Richard Capel of London)
(a) Thomas Hales
  The following is partly supported by an article on Sir Christopher Hales in www.hales.org (Newsletter, vol 7, no. 4, Winter 2002). Thanks to a contributor (CV, 01.01.09) for bringing this to our attention.
  m. Elizabeth Carenton
  ((1)) Sir Christopher Hales (b c1482, d 06.1541, attorney general, Master of the Rolls)
  m. (c1517) Elizabeth Caunton (b c1495, dau of John Caunton, alderman of London)
  ((A)) John Hales
  ((B)) Mary Hales
  m1. John Colepeper
  m2. _ Arundel
  ((C)) Elizabeth Hales
  m. Sir George Sydenham
  ((D)) Margaret Hales
  m1. Lewis West
  m2. _ Dodman
  m3. William Horden of Kent
(b) John Hales
  ((1)) John Hales of Dungeon (a 1539, baron of the Exchequer)
  m. Isabel Haris (dau of Stephen Harris)
  ((A)) Sir James Hales of Dungeon (b c1470, d 1555, judge) - continued below
  m. _ Hales (dau of Thomas Hales of Henley)
  ((B)) Thomas Hales of Thanington
  m. Jane Holloway (dau of Clement Holloway)
  ((C)) Edward Hales of Tenterden
  m. Margaret Honywood (dau of John Honywood of Seen)
  ((D)) William Hales of Nackington
  ((E)) Mildred Hales
  m. John Honywood of Seen
(B) Thomas Hales
  (i) James Hales
  (a) John Hales
  BEB1841 (Hales of Coventry) shows John as father of Thomas (alderman of Canterbury) who married a daughter of Trefie of Cornwall, father of 4 sons (Christopher, John, Bartholomew & Stephen - shown on the continuation). One section of Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Hales) shows this John as an Alderman of Canterbury and his son Thomas as father of John of Canterbury, father of 4 sons (Stephen, Charles, Bartholomew & John). Another section shows that also except that it was the last John dsp and it was his brother Thomas (m. _ Trefroy of Cornwall) who was father of 4 sons (John. John, Stephen & Bartholomew). We provisionally follow BEB1841.
  ((1)) Thomas Hales or Halls (alderman of Canterbury)
  m. _ Trefie or Trefroy of Cornwall
  (C) Henry Hales
  (i) George Hales of Ledenham
  (a) Edward Hales of Rumford, Essex
2. Alice de Hales (d by 1330)
  m.. (c1320) Thomas Plantagenet 'de Brotherton', Earl of Norfolk (b 01.06.1300, d 1338)



Sir James Hales of Dungeon (b c1470, d 1555, judge) - continued above
m. _ Hales (dau of Thomas Hales of Henley)
1. Humphrey Hales of Dungeon
  m. _ Atwater (dau of Robert Atwater of Royton)
  A. Sir James Hales of Dungeon
  m. Alice Kemp (dau of Sir Thomas Kemp by Cecilia Cheyney)
  i. Cheyney Hales of Dungeon (d 18.03.1596)
m. Mary Hardres (dau of Richard Hardres of Hardres)
  a. Sir James Hales of Dungeon (a 1619)
  B. Humphrey Hales (York Herald)
  i. John Hales of Lenham
  m. Margaret Took (dau of George Took of Bear)
  a.+ issue - Anthony, Humphrey
  ii. Samuel Hales
  m. Elizabeth Hammond (dau of Edward Hammond of St. Alban's Court)
  C. Abigail Hales
  m. Anthony Sampson of Nottinghamshire
2. Elizabeth Hales possibly of this generation
  m. John Gason of Ickham
3. daughter possibly the wife of ...
  m. Walter Hendley of Coursehorne (bur 16.11.1577)
4. Jane or Mary Hales possibly fits here
  m. Walter Mantell of Horton Priory (d 01.05.1533)

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Hales of Woodchurch)
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