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Families covered: Hendley of Coureshorne (Corshorne), Hendley of Cuckfield, Henley (Hendley) of Gore Court

BEB1841 suggests that the ancestors of the following family had been seated at Coursehorne "prior to 1334".
Gervas Hendley of Coorshorne in Cranbrook
m. Elizabeth Rokehurst (dau of Walter Rokehurst of Coorshorne)
1. Sir Walter Hendley of Coorshorne
  The above comes from BLG1886 (Courthope of Whiligh) through its identification of Sir Walter's sister Elizabeth. It is a presumption that Sir Walter was father of the following Gervase. As 2 of the attributed daughters shown below are identified as his coheir, it is not unlikely that Sir Walter was uncle rather than father of ...
A. Gervase Hendley of Coursehorne in Otham, Kent the first mentioned by BEB1841 & Berry
  m. Elizabeth Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts)
  i. (Sir) Walter Hendley of Coursehorne (Corshorne) (bur 16.11.1577) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m1. ?? Hales (dau of Sir James Hales, judge/baron of the exchequer)
a. Thomas Hendley of Coursehorne
  m1. Anne Bowyer (dau/heir of Henry Bowyer of Cuckfield Place by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Vaux)
  (1) Sir Thomas Hendley of Cuckfield, Sheriff of Kent (probably not Sussex) (bpt 1579, d 28.01.1655-6)
  m. (28.02.1597) Elizabeth Wilford (b c1581, bur 1634, dau of John Wilford of Enfield)
  (A) Sir Walter Hendley of Cuckfield, Bart, Sheriff of Sussex (bpt 14.07.1612, d 11.07.1675, 3rd son)
  m. (08.07.1646) Frances Springett (bpt 26.10.1624, d 25.12.1680, dau of Sir Thomas Springett of Broyle by Mary Bellingham)
(i) Mary Hendley (bpt 09.05.1647, a 1691)
  m1. (18.02.1663) Sir Walter More of Losely (dsp 1684)
  m2. (1685) William Clarke of the Middle Temple
  (B) John Hendley of Otham, Kent (b 1617, d 30.04.1676)
  The following is partly supported by BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent': Volume 5, 'Parishes: Otham').
  m. Priscilla Fludd (b c1626, d 26.12.1684, dau of Thomas Fludd of Gore Court son of Thomas by Catherine, dau of Lewin Buffkin)
  (i) Bowyer Hendley of Gore Court, Sheriff of Kent (a 1702, 4th son)
  m. Mary Sharp (b c1664, d 18.11.1752, dau/heir of Thomas Sharp of Bevenden)
  (a) William Hendley or Henley of Gore Court (b c1688, d 02.06.1762)
  m. Dorothy Singleton (d 28.03.1785)
  ((1)) William Henley of Gore Court (dsp 13.06.1798)
  m. Dorothy Hannah Louisa Harriot, Countess of Berghausen (dsp 09.10.1793)
  ((2)) Priscilla Hendley or Henley
  m. Rev. R. Hammet of Clovelly, Devon
  ((A)) Richard Hammett (dsp)
  m. Maria Bowles
((B)) James Hammett had issue
  m. Ann Morrison of Biddeford
  ((C)) Dorothea Hammett
  m. _ Hopper of Durham
  ((D)) Priscilla Hammett (d unm)
((3)) Dorothy Hendley or Henley
  m. Sir Beversham Filmer, 5th Bart (dsp)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Hendley or Henley (b 01.03.1738, d 04.06.1774)
  m. William Horne of Otham, Gore Court, etc. (b 1739-40, d 10.07.1821)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Ann, Bridget
  (b) Anne Hendley (d 10.03.1787)
  m. Samuel Horne (d 16.08.1768, rector of Otham)
  (c)+ other issue - John (d infant), Bowyer (dsp), Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Walter (b 1691-2, d 16.06.1742), Elizabeth, Mary, Priscilla (d unm 20.05.1731)
  (ii) William Hendley (b 1656-7, d 24.05.1724)
  m1. Elizabeth (d 1697)
  (a)+ issue - John, William, Mary
  m2. Margaret (d 1717)
  (d) Alabaster Hendley
(iii) Elizabeth Hendley
  m. George May of Burghurst
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (d(vp?) unm), John, Walter (b c1652, d 26.10.1668), Bridget
  (C) Jane Hendley
  m. Charles Goldsmith (physician)
  (D) Anne Hendley (b 1604)
  m1. (1629) Thomas Tayler of Godmersham
  m2. _ Warren of Pembrokeshire
m3. George Earle of Lincolnshire
  (E) Frances Hendley
  m. John Baker of London ("sonn of the Chirurgeon")
  (F)+ other issue - Bowyer (b c1599, dvp), Thomas (b c1610, dvp), Elizabeth, Rachell
  (2) Francis Hendley
  (3) Margery Hendley
  m. Francis Handbery of Lymington
  m2. Mary Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts of Glassenbury)
(4) Walter Hendley of London
  m. Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot of Waddon, m2. Thomas Roberts)
  (A) John Hendley
  (5)+ other issue - John, William
  b. Elizabeth Hendley
  m. William Coke of London
  m2. (1566) Elizabeth Billingham (Bellingham) of Sussex
  c. John Hendley in Wales
  The following connections (particularly Alice) are somewhat presumptuous not only because it is not certain that they were of this generation but also because the identifications of their father(s) are not sufficient to be certain that the (Sir) Walter mentioned was of this family.
  B. Helen Hendley ("dau/coheir of Sir Walter")
  m. Thomas Colepeper of Bedgebery
  C. Anna Hendley ("dau/coheir of Sir Walter")
  m. Richard Covert of Slaugham
  D. Alice Hendley ("dau of Walter") possibly Elizabeth (m2. George Fane)
  m. Sir William Waller of Groombridge (d 18.01.1555)
2. Elizabeth Hendley
  m. Richard Courthope of Cranbrook

Main source(s): CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p174+), Visitation (Kent, 1619, Hendley), Visitation (Kent, 1662, Hendley of Cuckfield), BEB1841 (Hendley of Cuckfield), TCB (vol 3, Hendley)
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