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Families covered: Honywood of Evington, Honywood of Hampstead, Honywood of Malling Abbey, Honywood of Sene

John Honywood of Seen (Sene), Newington, Kent
BP1934 describes John as 'of St. George's Priory, Canterbury'. Visitation (Kent) describes him as 'of Honywood' or 'of Sene' whilst BEB1841 (Hales of Wooodchurch) describes him as 'of Seen'.
m. Mildred Hales (dau of John Hales, baron of exchequer)
1. Thomas Honywood 'of Honywood' of Sene (d 02.05.1580, MP)
  m. Margaret Bedingfield (dau of William Bedingfield of Braborne or Bellhaven)
  A. Elizabeth Honywood
  m. Thomas Scott of Scot's Hall (dsp 1610)
2. John Honywood
  Wright reports that John m1. Mary Heyman (mother of Catherine), m2. Joan Perry (mother of the other children). Visitation mentions only the marriage to Joanne Perry. Provisionally we follow BP1934 in showing Joanna as the 1st wife.
  m1. Joanna Perry (dau of _ Perry of Chatham)
  A. Sir Thomas Honywood of Elmsted (ELmstead) & Hene (d 1622)
m1. Jane Hales (dau of Edward Hales of Tenterden)
  i. Sir John Honywood, Sheriff of Kent (d 1658)
  m1/2. (sp) ??
  m2/1. Mary Godfrey (dau of Thomas Godfrey of Lydd)
  a. Sir Edward Honywood, 1st Bart of Evington (b c1628, d 1670)
  m. (by 1654) Elizabeth Maynard (bur 26.10.1680, dau of Sir John Maynard of Tooting & Iselham (by Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Middleton of Chirck Castle), m2. Charles Melvin)
  (1) Sir William Honywood, 2nd Bart of Evington (b c1654, d 01.06.1748)
  m. (15.07.1675) Anna Christiana Newman (d 26.10.1736, dau of Richard Newman of Fifehead Magna)
(A) William Honywood of Cherdon (dvp 1719)
  m. Frances Raleigh (dau of William Raleigh)
  (i) Sir John Honywood, 3rd Bart of Evington, Sheriff of Kent (b c1710, d 26.06.1781)
  m1. Annabella Goodenough (b 1703-4, d 22.07.1737, dau of William Goodenough of Langford)
(a) William Honywood of Malling Abbey (b 1731, dvp 23.10.1764)
  m. Elizabeth Clack (dau of Thomas Clack of Wallingford)
  ((1)) Sir John Honywood, 4th Bart of Evington (b c1757, d 29.03.1806)
  m. (13.12.1788) Frances Courtenay (dau of William, 2nd Viscount Courtenay)
  ((A)) Sir John Courtenay Honywood, 5th Bart of Evington (b 1787, d 12.09.1832) had issue
  m. (27.07.1808) Mary Anne Cooper (d c04.1841, dau of Rev. William Henry Cooper of Gogar by Isabella Ball, dau of Moses Franks of Teddington)
  ((B)) Frances Elizabeth Honywood
  m. Aubone Surtees
  ((C)) Charlotte Dorothea Honywood (d 1811)
  m. Sir Frederick Grey Cooper, Bart (Colonel)
  ((D)) Annabella Christiana Honywood (d 04.04.1814)
m. (25.08.1806) Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart (b 1781, d 24.05.1849)
  ((E)) Caroline Honywood
  m. (1807) Edward Temple (son of Rev. Thomas William)
  ((F)) Eliza Augustus Honywood
  ((G)) Louisa Catherine Honywood (d 1822)
  m. (1820) Rev. Henry R. Quartly
  ((2)) William Honywood of Leminge and Marks Hall
  m. Mary Brockman (sister of James Drake Brockman of Beachborough)
  ((A)) William Philip Honywood of Marks Hall (b 15.10.1823, dsp 20.02.1859)
  m. (08.04.1847) Frances Emma Philips (dau of Charles Philips of Briggins Park)
  ((B)) Caroline Honywood
  m. (17.01.1815) T.H. de Ripley (vicar of Wootton Bassett)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Honywood
((3)) Edward Honywood (d 01.12.1812, prebendary of Exeter)
  m. Sophia Long (dau of Rev. John Long)
  ((A)) Edward John Honywood of Woodhayes (b 1790, d unm, Colonel)
  ((B)) Sophia Elizabeth Honywood
  m. Rev. H.A. Hughes
  ((4)) Annabella Christiana Honywood (d 04.1808)
  m. (07.1775) Robert Gorges Dobyns Yate of Bromesbarrow (b c1752, d 26.05.1785)
  (b) Annabella Christiana Honywood
  m. (13.05.1756) Sir Edmund Filmer, Bart (d 27.06.1810, rector of Crundal)
  (c) Thomasine Honywood (b 1714-5, bur 25.01.1774)
  m. (1757) W(illiam) Western Huggessen of Provender
  (d)+ other issue - Edward (d 1752), Christian
  m2. (1742) Dorothy Filmer (d 08.10.1781, dau of Sir Edward Filmer, Bart)
  (f) Filmer Honywood of Hull Place and Marks Hall (d unm 02.06.1809)
  (g) John Honywood (b 1745, Rev.)
m. (1785) Elizabeth Wake (dau of Rev. Charles Wake)
  (h) Mary Honywood
  m. J.W. Emmett
  (ii) Frances Newman Honywood
  m. Thomas Hodges of Lacon Warehorn
(iii) Martha Honywood
  m. Thomas Andrews of Hinkskull
  (iv) Thomasine Honywood
  m. Thomas Randolph of Oxford
  (B) Edward Honywood
  m. Mary Wearg (dau of Thomas Wearg of Kensington)
  (i) Mary Honywood
  m. James Smith (son of Trafford, son of Sir Robert, 1st Bart)
  (ii) Anne Honywood
  (C) Anna Christiana Honywood
  m1. (1696) John Dod of Broxton
  m2. Walter Brame of Bridge
  (D) Thomasine Honywood
  m. Joseph Burchett
  (E) Elizabeth Honywood
  m. Joseph Dodd of Chatham
  (F) Mary Honywood (d unm 1708)
  (2)+ other issue - John (d unm 09.1737, rector of Burwash), Thomasine
  b.+ other issue - William, John, Elizaeth, Mary, Jane, Catherine
  ii. Edward Honywood (3rd son)
  m. Mary Baker (dau of John Baker of Withiam)
  a. Isaac Honywood of Hampstead
m. (1667) Rebecca Pycheford (dau of William Pycheford)
  (1) Isaac Honywood
  m. Mary Fraser
  (A) Fraser Honywood of Malling Abbey and Hampstead (dsp?)
  m. Jane Atkins (dau of Abraham Atkins)
  iii. Margaret Honywood
m. Thomas Boys of Mersham
  iv. Prisicilla Honywood
  m. Robert Scott (brother of Sir Edward)
  v. Catharine Honywood (d 1625)
  m. Thomas Taylor of Willesborough (b 1595, d 1631)
vi.+ other issue - William (a 1639, Sheriff of London), Robert, Thomas (Captain), Benoni
  m2. Margaret Buller of Shillingham
  x. Thomasina Honywood
  m. Francis Buller (son/heir of Sir Richard)
  B. Margaret Honywood
  m. Jonathan Carbell
  C. Mildred Honywood
m. _ March
  D. Bennetta Honywood
  m. Richard Hamon (probably not Ralph Heyman) (son of William)
  E. Jane Honywood
  m. John Knatchbull
  m2. Jane Heyman (dau of Peter Heyman by Mary Tirrel of Beches)
F. Catherine Honywood
  m. Sir Edward Scott of Scot's Hall
3. Christopher Honywood, Mayor of Hythe (d 1599, MP for Hythe)
  m1. Anne Borne (dau of Henry Borne or Bourne of Brome of Sherstead by Elizabeth, dau of John Cromer)
  A.+ issue - Mildred, Joane, Bennitt, Mary
  m2. ??
4. Isabel Honywood shown by Wright a generation earlier
  m. Christopher Lasheford
5. Joan Honywood
  m. Roger Moone
6. Margaret Honywood (d young)
7. Bennitt Honywood shown by Wright a generation earlier
  m. John Dryland
8. Mary Honywood (bur 18.03.1599-1600) shown by Wright a generation earlier
  m1. Vincent Boys
  m2. Edmond Gray (Edmund Gayde or Gay of Elmestead)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Honywood) with a little support/input from 'The History and Topography of the County of Essex' (Thomas Wright, vol 1, 1836, p373 in note), Visitation (Kent, 1574, Honywood), TCB (vol 3, Honywood)
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