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Families covered: Hales of Coventry, Hales of Hales' Place, Hales of Newland, Hales of Snitterfield, Hales of Whitefriars (Whitefriers)

Thomas Hales or Halls (alderman of Canterbury)
m. _ Trefie or Trefroy of Cornwall
As noted on the continuation, there is disagreement between BEB1841 & Visitation on the order (of seniority) of his sons. We provisionally follow BEB1841.
1. Christopher Hales
  Named by one section of Visitation as Charles, the second son, who married Mary Lucy and was father of Lucy (m. Edmond Taverner) and John who (by a dau of Anthony Font of Fossen) was father of John, Bartholomew, Jane & Mary. Named by another section of Visitation as Christopher who married a sister of Thomas Lucy. We provisionally follow BEB1841 but note that Visitation identifies Christopher/Charles's wife as ...
m. Mary Lucy (sister of Thomas Lucy of Charlecote)
  A. John Hales of Hales' Place and Whitefriers or Whitefriars (Coventry)
  BEB1844 does not identify Christopher's mother, wife or daughter-in-law. MGH (NS1 vol 1 (1874), p69, which we have not used to check other parts of this page, show John's wife as Friswild, dau of Anthony Faunt of Foston, but then shows them as parents of Sir John, 1st Bart. TCB, which we trust, shows Friswild (Frideswith), dau of Sir Anthony Faunt, as mother of Sir John, 1st Bart. However, both the Faunt sources identify the wife of John Hales of Coventry as ...
  m. Frideswide (aka Griswold) Faunt (dau of William Faunt of Foston)
  i. Christopher Hales of Whitefriars
  m1. Frideswith Faunt (dau of Anthony Faunt of Foston, cousin?)
  a. Sir John Hales of Whitefriars, 1st Bart of Coventry (b c1646, d 1677)
  m. (c03.1668/9) Ann Johnson (b c1646, d before 04.1713, dau of ?? Johnson, alderman of London)
  (1) Sir Christopher Hales of Whitefriars, 2nd Bart of Coventry (b c1670, d unm 07/19.01.1716/7)
  (2) Sir Edward Hales of Whitefriars, 3rd Bart of Coventry (d 07.09.1720)
  m. Elizabeth Thorpe (b c1676, d 24.04.1766, dau of _ Thorpe of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields)
  (A) Sir Christopher Hales, 4th Bart of Coventry (d 08.05.1776)
  m. (09.1736) Harison Columbine (bur 03.06.1762, dau of Benjamin Columbine of Moreley)
  (i) Sir John Hales, 5th Bart of Coventry (b c1743, d 15.02/3.1802)
  m. (13.05.1777) Anne Scott (d 25.09.1799, dau of John Scott of North End)
  (a) Sir John Scott Hales, 6th Bart of Coventry (b 17.11.1779, d unm22.02.1803)
  (b) Sir John Hales, 7th Bart of Coventry (b 10.10.1782, d unm 22.01.1805)
  BEB1844 shows that John, 6th Bart, was succeeded by his brother Christopher but TCB shows Samuel as having been baronet in-between.
  (c) Sir Christopher Hales, 8th Bart of Coventry (b 24.08.1785, d unm 16.01.1806)
  (d)+ 5 daughters
(ii) Elizabeth Hales
  (B) Edward Hales
  m. (01.1735-6) Susannah Bertie (dau of Charles Bertie of Uffington)
  (C) Anne Hales who married ...
  m. Christopher Taylor
  (i) Mary Taylor probably of this generation
  m. (05.05.1763) Rev. Thomas Monro (d 1781)
  (D)+ other issue - John, Catherine, Elizabeth
  (3) Dorothy Hales
m. Michael Rutter of Burton
  (4) daughter
  m. _ Eyre of Lincoln
  b.+ 2 sons
  m2. (1645) Jane Purefoy (b 1628, d 1676, dau of George Purefoy of Wadley) presumed 2nd wife, not mentioned by BEB1844 (Hales)
  ii. Joan Hales probably of this generation
  m. Kennard Delabere of Southam (b c1606, d c1656)
  B. Lucy Hales probably of this generation (see note above)
  m. Edmond Taverner
2. John 'Clubfoot' Hales of Hale's Place (aka Whitefryers, Coventry) (d 05.01.1572)
3. Bartholomew Hales of Snitterfield
  m. Mary Harpur (dau of George Harpur or Harper of Kent)
  A. Sir Bartholomew Hales of Snitterfield (b c1562)
  m. Katherine Griesley (d 1635, dau of Sir Thomas Griesley of Drakelow)
  i. Elizabeth Hales (b c1618, dvp)
  B. Prudence Hales
  m. John Rubrough of Bristol
  C. Bridget Hales
  m. John Knottesford of Studeley
  D. Mary Hales
  m. Anthony Woodhull of Mollington
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Henry
4. Stephen Hales or Halls of Newland, Warwickshire shown by Visitation as the eldest son
  m. Anne Morrison (dau of Richard Morrison of Buckinghamshire)
  A. Sir Charles Hales or Halls of Newland (d 02.02.1618)
  m. Elizabeth Fish (dau of Walter Fish of London and/or Coventry)
  i. Stephen Hales of Snitterfield (a 1619)
  m. Abigail Walter (dau of William Walter of Wimbledon)
  a. Sir Stephen Hales of Snitterfield (b c1618, dsp 1668, youngest son?)
  b.+ other issue (a 1619) - Charles (b c1603), Stephen (dvpsp by 1619), William or Walter (b c1607), Bartholomew (b c1609), Elizabeth (b c1606), Katherine (b c1610), Abigail (b c1616), Anna (b c1617)
  ii. (Sir) John Halls
  B. Timothy Halles of Exall
  m. Elizabeth Ashley (dau of Sir Thomas Ashley of Wolvey)
  i.+ issue - John, Charles
C. Stephen Halles
  Shown by one section of Visitation as father of Anne (m. _ Combe ), Katherine (m. _ Buggs) & Mary (m. _ Bugges). This appears to be duplication with another section of Visitation (which we provisionally follow) which shows those ladies as his sisters.
  D. Robert Halles (dsp)
  E. Anne Halles
  m. Edward Combe of Stratford
  F. Katherine Halles
  m. Edward Bugges of Essex
  G. Mary Halles
  m. John Bugges (brother of Edward)
5. Mildred Hales
  m. Thomas Dockwra (b c1518, d 1602)

Main source(s): BEB1844 ('Hales of Coventry') with some support/input from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Hales'), TCB (vol 3, 'Hales of Coventry', p116+)
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