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Families covered: Gunning of Ash, Gunning of Bristol, Gunning of Castlecoote (Castle Coote), Gunning of Ely, Gunning of Eltham, Gunning of Horton, Gunning of Meopham, Gonning of North Stoke, Gonning of Swanswick, Gunning of Turney's Court

Thomas Gonning of Tressoning
1. son
2. William Gonning of North Stoke (d 1458)
  m. Alice Long
  A. John Gonning of North Stoke
  m. Jane Wilshere
  i. Thomas Gonning of North Stoke and Swanswick
  a. ?? Gonning
  (1) John Gonning of Swanswick and Cold Aston (d 1562)
  m. Mary Dodington (dau of William Dodington of Todington)
  (A) Thomas Gunning of Turney's Court, Cold Aston (d 1603) "ancestor of Gunnings of Langridge"
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  m. Alice
  (i) Thomas Gunning of Turney's Court (d 1645)
  m1. ??
  (a) William Gunning (b 1592, d 1666)
m. Anne
  ((1)) William Gunning (b 1612, d 1704) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  ((A)) John Gunning of Turney's Court
  ((i)) Thomas Gunning 'of Sheffield' of Turney's Court (b 1735-6, d 06.05.1784)
  m. Mary Shiercliffe (b 1742, d 1779)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Gunning of Swainswick
  m2. Olive Wood (dau of Robert Wood of Monk Bretton by Frances, dau of Gamaliel Milner of Burton Grange)
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert (b 1629, d 1711), Alice (b 1614, d 1692)
  m2. ??
  (b) Thomas Gunning (d 1651)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) Thomas Gunning (d 12.08.1681)
  m. Ann
  ((A)) John Gunning (d 12.07.1745)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((i)) John Gunning (d 07.1774)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((a))+ issue - John, Thomas, Charles, Joseph (cleric), Anne, 3 others
  ((ii)) Edmund Gunning
  (B) Robert Gunning of North Stoke
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  m. Elynor
(i) John Gunning of Bristol (d 1645)
  m. (c1599) Ann Whittington (dau of John Whittington of Bristol)
  (a) John Gunning of Bristol
  m. (c1630) Elizabeth Barker (dau of John Barker of Bristol)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Gunning of Bristol and Cold Aston (dsp 1682)
  m. Anne Cann (dau of Sir Robert Cann, Bart)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Gunning (d 11.08.1704)
  m. Sir Thomas Langton, Mayor of Bristol (a 1666)
  ((3)) Joan Gunning (b 1639, d 01.04.1679)
  m. (1658) Edward Strode of Shepton Mallet
  ((4))+ other issue - John (d before 26.03.1677), Mary (d before 16.07.1679)
  (b) Mary Gunning
  m. (c1620) Edward Pitt
  (c) daughter
  m. (c1626) William Griffith
  (d) daughter
  m. (c1626) George Neathway
  (ii) Walter Gunning
  (C) William Gunning of Todington (dsp 1609)
  m. Ann Savage
  (D) Peter Gunning of Brookland, later of Ash (d 1567, minister)
  m. Elizabeth Alchorn
  (i) Thomas Gunning of Ash (b 1554, d 1630)
  (a) Peter Gunning (d 06.12.1615, vicar of Hoo)
  m. (1612) Ellen Tracy (d 1643, dau of Francis Tracy of Hoo)
  ((1)) Peter Gunning, Bishop of Ely (b 11.01.1613, d unm 06.07.1684)
  (b) Thomas Gunning of Southfleet (dsp 20.02.1634)
  (c) Robert Gunning of Meopham (d 20.10.1648)
m. (08.11.1631) Dorothy Barham
  ((1)) Robert Gunning of Meopham (b 1632)
  m. (1657) Jane Brook
  ((A)) Peter Gunning of Meopham ancestor of Gunnings of Frindsburg
  ((2)) William Gunning of Ely (b 1639, d 1704, 4th son)
  m. (1667) Mary Barrow
  ((A)) Henry Gunning of Ely (d 1763, precentor of Ely Cathedral)
  m. Mary Stuart of Stuntney
  ((i)) Stuart Gunning (b 1724, rector of Ufford)
  ((ii)) Peter Gunning
  ((a)) Henry Gunning (b 1772, d 1854)
  ((3))+ other issue - Arthur (b 1635, dsp 1685), Thomas (b 1637, d unm 1686)
  (d) Richard Gunning (b 1587, in Ireland) - continued below
  (e)+ 4 daughters (d unm)
  (E) Mary Gunning
  m. _ Stokes of Cold Aston



Richard Gunning (b 1587, in Ireland) - continued above
1. John Gunning of Castlecoote or Castle Coote
  m. Margaret Malone (dau of Edward Malone of Castlecoote)
  A. Barnaby Gunning of Castlecoote or Castle Coote
  m. Sarah Geraghty
  i. Bryan Gunning of Castlecoote or Castle Coote
  a. George Gunning (d young)
  b. John Gunning of Castlecoote
m. (1731) Bridget Bourke (d 1770, dau of Theobald Bourke, 6th Viscount Mayo)
  (1) John Gunning (d 1797, General)
  m. (1768) Susannah Minifie (d 1800)
  (A) Elizabeth Gunning (b 1769, d 1823)
  m. James Plunkett (Major)
  (2) Maria Gunning (bpt 15.08.1732, d 30.09.1760)
  m. (03.1752) George William Coventry, 6th Earl of Coventry (b 26.04.1722, d 03.09.1809)
(3) Elizabeth Gunning, Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon (bpt 07.12.1733, d 20.12.1790)
  m1. (14.02.1752) James Hamilton, 6th Duke of Hamilton, 3rd Duke of Brandon (b 10.07.1724, d 18.01.1758)
  m2. (03.03.1759) John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll (bpt 06.1723, d 24.05.1806)
  (4) Catherine Gunning (d 26.05.1773)
  m. (06.05.1769) Robert Travers of London
  (5) Lissy Gunning (d unm 31.12.1752)
  c. Barnaby Gunning 'of Holywell'
  m. Ann Staunton (dau/coheir of Thomas Staunton 'of Oldburg', Galway)
  (1) Ann or Bridget Gunning
  m. Charles Blakeney of Holywell
d. Margaret Gunning (d 09.06.1771)
  m1. John Edwards of Dublin
  m2. William Lyster of Athleague (d 1722)
  m3. Francis Houston (Captain)
  m4. (06.1731, sp) Theobald Bourke, 6th Viscount Mayo (b 06.01.1681, d 25.06.1741)
  e. Elizabeth Gunning
  m. William Mitchell (MP for Huntingdon)
  (1) Knight Mitchell of Shute Lodge (d 1797)
  m. (1770) Amelia Charlotte Molesworth (dau of Viscount Molesworth)
f. Anne Mary Gunning
  m. Henry Charles Caulfeild (bpt 17.06.1697, d 1728)
  B. John Gunning
  m. Mary Mason (dau of William Mason of Dublin)
  i. Robert Gunning 'of Ireland' (d 1750)
  m. (1734) Catherine Edwards (dau of John Edwards, cousin)
a. Sir Robert Gunning of Eltham (Kent) then Horton (Northamptonshire), 1st Bart (b 08.06.1731, d 22.09.1816)
  m1. (01.04.1752) Elizabeth Harrison (d 14.04.1752, dau of John Harrison)
  m2. (14.02.1757) Anne Sutton (d 30.06.1770, dau of Robert Sutton of Scofton)
  (1) Sir George William Gunning 'of Eltham', 2nd Bart of Horton (b 15.02.1763, d 07.04.1823)
  m. (10.02.1794) Elizabeth Bridgeman (d 05.05.1810, dau of Sir Henry Bridgeman, 1st Lord Bradford)
  (A) Sir Robert Henry Gunning, 3rd Bart of Horton (b 26.12.1795, d unm 22.09.1862)
(B) Sir Henry John Gunning 'of Altham', 4th Bart of Horton (b 17.12.1797, d 30.06.1885, rector of Wigan, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (27.02.1827) Mary Catherine Cartwright (d 25.05.1877, dau of William Ralph Cartwright of Aynho)
  m2. (23.10.1879, sp) Frances Rose Spencer (d 24.12.1927, dau of Hon. Rev. William Spencer of Great Houghton (son of 1st Baron Churchill of Wychwood) by Elizabeth Rose, dau of Thome Hornhill of Woodleys)
  (C) Orlando George Gunning, later Gunning-Sutton of Blendworth, Hampshire (b 12.05.1799, d 05.05.1852, Captain RN) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (22.06.1830) Mary Dorothea Seymour (d 31.03.1900, dau of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, Bart, sister of Sir John Hobart Culme-Seymour)
  (D) Spencer Greswolde Gunning (b 27.10.1800, d 29.05.1867, Rev.)
  m. (20.03.1839) Anne Janette Connell (dau of James Connell of Conheath)
(E) John Gunning (b 21.12.1801, d 13.10.1845, Major) had issue
  m. (08.09.1827) Jessie Babington (d 181, dau of Rev. Charles Maitland Babington)
  (F)+ other issue - George Orlando (b 18.12.1796, d Waterloo 1815), William Octavius (b 28.07.1804, d unm 28.09.1889, Captain), Elizabeth (b 27.01.1803, d unm)
  (2) Charlotte Margaret Gunning (d 1794)
  m. (03.01.1790) Hon. Stephen Digby of Richmond Park
  (3) Barbara Evelyn Isabella Gunning
  m. (1795) Maj.Gen. _ Ross
  b. William Gunning (b 1736, d Guadeloupe 1757, captain)
  m. (Marian) Christie of Stirling
  (1) Catherine Gunning
  m. (15.08.1782) William Campbell, 6th of Fairfield (d 06.1815)
  (2) Margaret Gunning
  m. James Baird

Main source(s): BP1934 (Gunning), BP1870 (Gunning)
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