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Families covered: Sutton of Aram (Averham), Sutton of Norwood Park, Sutton of Scofton
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Robert de Sutton of Aram (b 1240, d 1291)
m1. Lucy or Alice Bertram (dau of Rowland Bertram)
1. John de Sutton
2. Sir Richard de Sutton of Worsop
  m. Isabel Rotheric
  A. Sir John de Sutton (b 1310, d 1359)
  m. Margaret Mortimer
  i. Sir John de Sutton
m2. Isabel Pigott (dau/coheir of Hugh Pigott or Picot)
3. James de Sutton (b c1269, d 1304)
  m. Agnes Barry
  A. Richard de Sutton (b 1296, d 1339)
  m. Alice Bingham
  i. Robert de Sutton (b c1316, d 1369)
  m. Joan Musters
a. Rowland Sutton (b 1349, d 1397)
  m. Catherine Hastings
  (1) Henry Sutton (b c1376, d 1416)
  m. Margaret Hussey (dau of Robert Hussey of Norwood Park)
  (A) Richard Sutton (b c1400, d 1468)
  m. Catherine FitzWilliam (dau of Edmund FitzWilliam of Wadworth)
(i) Robert Sutton (b c1422, d 1500)
  m1. Elizabeth Stanley
  (a) Henry Sutton
  m. Alice Byron (dau of Nicholas Byron)
((1)) Thomas Sutton of Aram (d 1520)
  m. Catherine Bassett
  ((A)) Henry Sutton of Aram (b c1525, d 1559, 4th son)
  m1. Alice Hall (dau of Francis Hall)
  ((i)) Edward Sutton 'of Averham'
  m. Olivia Cooper
  ((ii)) William Sutton 'of Aram'
  m. Anne Rodney (dau of John Rodney)
  ((a)) Sir William Sutton of Aram (b 1561, d 1611) - continued below
m. Susan Coney (dau of Thomas Coney of Bassingthorpe)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Barbara
  m2. Alice Harrington
  ((v)) Anne Sutton (d 08.11.1612)
  m. Sir Henry Brooke (of Cobham family)
  ((vi))+ other issue - John, Mark, Edmund, Henry, Harrington
  ((B)) John Sutton (4th son)
  ((i)) Barbara Sutton possibly of this generation
  m. Francis Harrington of South Witham (d 1595)
  ((C))+ other issue - Anthony, Rowland
  ((2)) Robert Sutton
  m2. Isabel Borough
  (B) Margaret Sutton



Sir William Sutton of Aram (b 1561, d 1611) - continued above
m. (10.11.1584) Susan Coney (dau of Thomas Coney of Bassingthorpe)
1. Robert Sutton, 1st Lord Lexinton of Aram (d 1668)
  m1. Elizabeth Manners (dau of Sir George Manners of Haddon)
  m2. Anne Palmes (dau of Sir Guy Palmes of Lindley)
  m3. Mary St. Leger (dau of Sir Anthony St. Leger by Bridget, dau of Sir Anthony Mayney of Linton)
  A. Robert Sutton, 2nd Lord Lexinton of Aram (d 1723)
  m. Margaret Hungerford (dau of Sir Giles Hungerford of Colston or Coulston by Margaret)
  i. William George Sutton (dvp unm 1713)
  ii. Eleonora Margaret Sutton (d unm)
  iii. Bridget Sutton (d 16.06.1734)
  m. (27.08.1717) John Manners, 3rd Duke of Rutland (b 21.10.1696, d 29.05.1779)
  B. Bridget Sutton
  m. John Darcy, Master of Darcy (dvp 07.06.1688)
2. Henry Sutton (3rd son)
  m. Mabel Faunt (dau of Henry Faunt)
  A. Robert Sutton
i. Sir Robert Sutton (b 1671, d 13.08.1746, Ambassador, MP)
  m. (10.12.1724) Judith Tichborne (d 17.05.1749, dau of Benjamin Tichborne)
  a. John Sutton of Norwood Park (dsp 1772)
b. Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Bart of Norwood Park (b 31.07.1733, d 10.01.1802)
  m1. Susan Champion de Crespigny (d 12.06.1766, dau of Philip Champion de Crespigny of Camberwell)
  m2. Anne Williams (d 02.12.1787, dau of William Peere Williams of Codhay)
  (1) John Sutton (b 1770, dvp 15.09.1801)
  m. Sophia Frances Chaplin (d 09.02.1844, dau of Charles Chaplin of Tathwell)
  (A) Sir Richard Sutton, 2nd Bart of Norwood Park (b 16.12.1799, d 13.11.1855) had issue
  m. (19.12.1819) Mary Elizabeth Burton (d 01.01.1842, dau of Benjamin Burton of Burton Hall)
  (2) Richard Sutton (b 02.02.1711, dsp, rector of Brant Boughton)
  (3) Robert Nassau Sutton (b 01.08.1776, d 07.04.1833, Captain) had issue
  m. (20.05.1812) Mary Georgiana Manners-Sutton (d 10.11.1846, dau of John Manners-Sutton of Kelham)
  (4) Henry Sutton (d young)
  (5) Elizabeth Evelyn Sutton
  m1. George Markham, Dean of York
  m2. (08.08.1803) John Pulteney of Northerwood Park
  (6) Anne Georgiana Sutton
  m. Robert Chaplin (d 29.05.1839, minister)
  (7) Isabella Frances Sutton
  m. (1799) W(illiam) Chaplin (d 11.12.1835, minister)
  m3. (08.04.1793) Margaret Porter (d 03.01.1824, dau of John Porter of Wandsworth)
  ii. Richard Sutton of Scofton, Governor of Bruges (b 1674, d 07.1737, Lt. General)
  m. Catherine de Tolmer
a. Robert Sutton of Scofton (d 13.11.1776)
  m. Anne Throckmorton (dau of C.Throckmorton)
  (1) Robert Sutton of Scofton
  (A) Robert William Evelyn Sutton of West Retford
  (2) Ann Sutton
  m. Sir Robert Gunning, Bart
  b. Catherine Sutton probably of this generation
  m. John Porter of Alfarthing in Wandsworth (b 1696, a 1752)
3. Olive Sutton probably of this generation
  m. Robert Stillington of Kelfield (d before 21.11.1629)
4. Susan Sutton (b c1613. a 09.1665) probably of this generation
  m. (16.02.1607/8) William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe (bpt 05.01.1588, d c1629)
5. (Jane?) Sutton probably of this generation
  m. Anthony Rokeby of Slaningford (d c1635)
6.+ other issue - Richard, Gervas

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