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Families covered: Barker (alias Coverall) of Coulshurst (Colehurst), Barker of Haghmond, Barker of Hallon, Barker of Hopton Castle, Barker of Wolverton

Ralph de Coverall in Hallon
1. William Barker of Hallon in Winfield, Salop (a 1327)
  Visitation shows William, son of Ralph, as husband of Margaret Goulston but, according to the vnla web site, has missed out several generations.
  A. Robert Barker of Hallon (b before 1319, a 1340)
  m. Alice
  i. Robert Barker of Hallon (d 1428)
  m. Isabel
  a. Robert Barker of Hallon (d 1474)
  m. Alice
  ii. William Barker (alias de Coverall) of Hallon (a 1369, d 1412)
  m1. Alice Seisdon (dau of Hammond Seisdon by Matilda)
  a. Richard (Roger) Barker of Hallon (d 1469)
  m. Agnes (d 1477)
(1) William Barker
  b. Agnes Barker
  m. (before 1412) John Hulle
  m2. Margaret Goulston (dau/heir of Francis Goulston of Goulston)
  c. ?? Barker alias Coverall of Coulshurst or Colehurst generation apparently omitted by Visitation
  (1) Thomas Barker alias Coverall of Coulshurst (Colehurst) generation apparently omitted by Visitation
(A) John Barker alias Coverall of Coulshurst
  m. Joyce Burton (dau of Edward Burton of Longnor, Groom of the Stole)
  (i) John Barker alias Coverall of Wolverton
  m. Elizabeth Hill (dau of Thomas Hill, sister of Sir Rowland of Haghmond, Lord Mayor)
  (a) James ('Jacob') Barker of Haghmond, Salop
  m. Dorothy Clive (dau of Richard Clive of Stuche (Styche))
  ((1)) Rowland Barker of Haghmonde, Sheriff of Salop (a 1585)
  m. Cicely Charleton (sister (not dau) of Andrew Charleton of Apley Castle)
  ((A)) John Barker of Haghmond (dsp)
  m. Margaret Newport (dau of Sir Francis or Richard Newport of High Ercall)
  ((B)) Walter Barker of Haghmonde, Sheriff of Salop (a 1621)
  m. Ursula Elkin (dau of William Elkin, alderman of London, widow of Sir Roger Owen of Condover)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1623) - Rowland (b c1622), Elizabeth, Cicely
  ((C)) William Barker of London
  m. Amey Lancaster
  ((i))+ issue - Thomas, James, Hanna, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Richard Barker
  m. Dorothy Poyner (dau of William Poyner)
  ((A))+ issue - James, Andrew, Dorothy, Mary, Elizabeth
  ((3)) James Barker
  m. Elizabeth Weale (dau of Edward/Edmond Weale, widow of _ Baker)
  ((A)) James Barker (a 1650, Captain of Dover Castle)
  ((B)) John Barker of London (a 1650)
  m. Anne Westrowe (dau of Thomas Westrowe, alderman of London)
((i)) Nathaniel Barker (b c1623, dsp by 1650)
  ((C)) Anne Barker
  m. Thomas Westrowe (Alderman of London)
  ((4)) John Barker
  ((5)) Mary Barker
  m. Nicholas Chambers
  ((A))+ issue - Michael, Andrew, Judith, Mary
  ((6)) Margaret Barker
m. Andrew Charleton of Appeleye (Apley Castle)
  (b) Edward Barker of Wolverton
  m. Katharine Egerton (dau of Raphe Egerton of Wrinhill)
  ((1)) Rowland Barker of Wolverton (a 1582)
  ((2)) Margaret Barker
  ((3)) Anne Barker
  m. Raphe Rode of Rode
  The following is supported by Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Hill of Court of Hill').
  (c) Alice Barker (d 1603)
  m. Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord Mayor of London (d 17.11.1571)
  (d) daughter
  m. _ Sutton
  (e) daughter
  m. _ Bentley
  (f) Joane Barker
  m. _ Bradshawe
  (ii) William Barker of Coulshurst
  m. Joane Horne (dau of William Horne of Little Ercall)
  (a) William Barker of Hopton Castle
  m. Mary Titteley (sister/heir of William Titteley of Titteley or Tytteley)
((1)) John Barker of Hopton Castle (b c1558, d 13.09.1607)
  m. (28.12.1579) Edith Blanchard (dau of John Blanchard of Marshfield)
  ((A)) John Barker of Hopton Castle (b c1580, a 1623)
  Visitation shows only John's marriage to Elizabeth Spicer, showing her as mother of all of his children. The vnla web site identifies 2 additional (younger) sons and shows his first marriage to ...
  m1. Mary
  ((i)) John Barker (b c1606, d 1639)
  m2. Elizabeth Spicer
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Barker
  m. (c1630) John Gunning
  ((iii))+ other issue - Andrew (a 09.1639), William (b c1612, d 1637), Mary, Joyce, Grace, Anne
  ((B)) Joyce Barker
  m1. (c1605) _ Bigges
  m2. (before 1623) Andrew Charlton of Apley Castle
  ((C)) Mary Barker
  m. Richard Longe
  ((D))+ other issue - Robert (dsp), William, Andrew, Thomas
  ((2)) Thomas Barker of London (d 1617, doctor)
  m. Anne Lloyd (dau of Thomas Lloyd of Monmouthshire)
  ((A)) William Barker of London then Shropshire (a 1623, doctor)
m1/2. Margaret Pollington (dau of Thomas Pollington of Thame)
  ((i)) Margaret Barker
  m2/1. Margaret Kendricke (dau of Hugh Kendricke of Chester)
  ((ii))+ other issue - William, Thomas, Nicholas, Anne
  ((B)) Margaret Barker
  m. Francis Doughty
((3)) Andrew Barker (dsp)
  ((4)) Dorothy Barker
  m. Francis Holland of Burwarton
  (b) John Barker of Coulshurst
  m. Elizabeth or Sarah Sandford (dau of Hugh Sandford of Sandford)
  ((1)) George Barker of Coulshurst (d 1617?)
  m1. (Ann) Steventon of Rowton
  ((A)) Andrew Barker of Coulshurst (a 1617)
m1/2. Constance Smithe (dau of George Smithe of London)
  ((i)) George Barker
  m2/1. Isabel Kinaston (dau of Francis Kinaston of Oteley, widow of (William) Hill)
  ((B)) Robert Barker
  m. Katharine Ackworthe (dau of George Ackworthe of Kent)
  ((i))+ issue - John, Robert, William, Thomas, George, Mathew, Mary, Bridgett, Johanne
  ((C)) Elizabeth Barker
  m. Rowland Bulkeley
((D)) Margaret Barker
  m. William Gruffethe (Griffith)
  m2. Katherine Bulkley (dau of Thomas Bulkley of Buntingsdale)
  ((E)) John Barker
  m. Joane Sowthorn (dau of George Sowthorn or Southerne of Fitz)
  ((i)) George Barker
  ((F)) Anne Barker
  m. Thomas Umpton or Unton
((G)) Isabel Barker
  m. Arthur Warde of Coton
  ((2)) Jane Barker
  m. (Nicholas) Brograve of Wapenham
  ((3)) Katherine Barker
  m. William Vessey
  ((4)) Dorothy Barker
  m. Adam Manwering of Highhouse
  (B) William Barker of Aston mentioned by Visitation as brother of John, father of John & William
  m. _ Colecloughe
  (C) Margaret Barker
  m. William Hill of Blore (uncle of Sir Rowland)
  (2) Randall Barker had issue
  d. John Barker of Aston
  m. Elizabeth Greene (dau/coheir of William Greene of Aston by Margery)
  (1) John Barker of Aston (d c1507)
  iii. Henry Barker of Hallon
  m. Margery Wermode (dau of William Wermode by Joan)
  a. William Barker of Hallon
  iv. Alice Barker
  m. (c1352) John Gerbord
  B.+ other issue (a 1340) - Agnes, Sybil

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Barker of Wollerton, Coulshurst and Haughmond) with some support/input from www.vnla.com/vnl/gen/mcq/Barker.htm (with thanks to a contributor (DS, 12.11.07) for drawing that site to our attention
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