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Families covered: FitzPayn of FitzPayn, Fortibus of Albemarle, Furnivall (Furnivalle) of Sheffield, Fourdrinier of Caen, Fourdrinier of Hanley

Robert FitzPayn, Sheriff of Dorset and Somerset (a 1186)
BE1883 (FitzPayn) suggests that this Robert was son of Pain Fitz-John whose nephew took the name Vesci and was founder of the eminent family of that name. However, that Pain (Payne or Paganus), who is reported in BE1883 (Clavering) as having died without issue, had no sons, only daughters.
1. Roger FitzPayn 'of Poorstock' (d before 14.10.1237)
  m. Margaret de Lincolne (sister of Alured de Lincolne)
  A. Robert FitzPayn (d before 27.04.1281)
  m. Roberge
i. Robert FitzPayn, 1st Lord (d 22.08.1315)
  m. Isabel de Clifford (a 1319, dau of Sir John de Clifford of Frampton-on-Severn)
  a. Robert FitzPayn, 2nd Lord (d 30.11.1354)
  m1. ??
  (1) Robert FitzPayn (dvpsp before 10.12.1322)
  m. (1316) Maud de Badlesmere (dau of Sir Bartholomew de Badlesmere)
  m2. (c1319) Ela (d 16.02.1355/6, possibly dau of Guy de Bryan)
  (2) Isabel FitzPayn (d before 1375)
  m. (before 17.04.1334) Sir John de Chideock of Chideock (b c1306, d 06.05.1388)
  b. Joan FitzPayn
  m. Richard de Grey, 2nd Lord of Codnor (d 1335)
2. Robert FitzPayn



BE1883 starts with the following Girard who, in the time of Richard I (who r. 1189-1199), "came into England from Normandy".
Gerard de Furnivalle = Girard de Furnival
1. Gerard de Furnivalle (d 1217-8)
  m. Maud de Luvetot (dau/heir of William de Luvetot of Worksop (d 1181) by Maud (b c1161), dau of Walter FitzRobert))
  A. Sir Thomas de Furnivalle (a 1238)
  m. Bertha (a 1260, m2. Ralph le Bigod)
  i. Sir Gerard de Furnivalle of Sheffield (Yorkshire) (dsp before 18.10.1261)
  m. Maud (dau of Sir John FitzGeoffrey, sister of Sir Richard of Shere & Fambridge, m2. William, Earl of Warwick)
  Assuming that TCP is correct, BE1883 has confused the generations here, showing this Gerard as son rather than elder brother of ....
  ii. Sir Thomas de Furnivalle of Sheffield and of Worksop & Grassthorpe (Nottinghamshire) & Eyam, etc. (Derbyshire, 0th/1st Lord (d 12.05.1291)
TCP identifies this Thomas as the 1st Lord, albeit indicating some uncertainty thereon by showing his name within a box. BE1883 indicates that it was it was his son who was the 1st parliamentary lord (as opposed to just being a feudal lord). This can lead to some confusion as to the numberings of the lords so, although we did not do so until 14.01.22, we show both (TCP/BE1883).
  a. Sir Thomas de Furnivalle of Sheffield, Worksop, Grassthorpe, etc., 1st/2nd Lord (d 1332)
  BE1883 mentiond only Thomas's marriage to Elizabeth de Montfort. TCP shows that his 1st wife (and mother of at least Thomas) was ...
  m1. (by 1272) Joan Despencer (dau of Sir Hugh le Despencer, Justiciar, by Aline Basset)
  (1) Thomas de Furnivall, 2nd/3rd Lord (d 10.1339)
  m. (24.02.1317-8) Joan de Verdon (b 08.1303, d 02.10.1334, dau of Theobald de Verdon, Lord, by Maud Mortemer)
(A) Thomas de Furnivall, 3rd/4th Lord (b 22.06.1322, dsp 21.04.1365)
  m1. (by 1336) Margaret (a 06.1344)
  m2. Joan Mounteney (b 29.09.1321, d 24.02.1395/6, dau/heir of Sir Thomas Mounteney of Cowley & Shirecliffe, m1. Sir John Bret)
  (B) William de Furnivall, 4th/5th Lord (b 23.08.1326, d 12.04.1383)
  m. (c1365) Thomasine (d 20.07.1409, widow of Sir John de Dagworth of Dagworth)
  (i) Joane de Furnivall, Baroness Furnivall (b 1368, d 01.06.1413)
  m. (c1379) Thomas Nevill, Lord Furnivall (d 14.03.1406-7)
  (C) Maud de Furnivall probably of this generation
  m(1). John Marmion of Tanfield etc, 2nd Lord (b c1292, d 30.04.1335)
This may have the Maud who (also) married ...
  m(2). Walter Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton (b c1314, d 09.1374)
  (D) Margaret de Furnivall (b 1320) probably of this generation
  m. Peter de Montfort, 3rd Lord (d 1367)
  (2) William de Furnivalle possibly of this marriage
  (3) Catherine de Furnivall (d 1349) shown by TCP (Thweng) as "possibly" of this marriage
  m. William de Thweng, 2nd Lord (dsp 25.02.1340)
(4) Eleanor de Furnivall probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (before 1309) Piers de Mauley of Mulgrave, 2nd Lord (b 10.03.1280/1, d after 23.05.1348)
  m2. (1322) Elizabeth de Montfort (d 08.1354, dau of Sir Piers de Mountfort of Beaudesert, widow of Lord Mountagu)
  b. Sarah de Furnivall possibly of this generation
  m. John Beke, Lord Beke of Eresby (b before 1230, d c1303)
  B. Gerard de Furnivalle of Morden Furnival
  m. Christian Ledet (dau/heir of Guischard Ledet, widow of Henry de Brayboc)
  i. Sir Gerard de Furnivalle 'of Sheffield, Hallamshire, Swanlands, Ferriby, etc.'
  m. Joan de Morvill (dau/coheir of Hugh de Morvill)
  a. Loretta de Furnivalle
  m. John Ufflet
  b. Christian de Furnivalle
m. Sir John Eynsford or Eynfforde of King's Peon (d 1395-6)
  (1) Elizabeth Enysford
  m1. Sir Piers (probably not John) Milborne
  Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Hacklute), which names her 1st husband as Piers Mylbourne, shows that Elizabeth also married ...
  m2. Sir John Baskervile
  C. William de Furnivalle (dsp)
  m. Ada
  D. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Arnold de Mounteney



William des Forts (Forz), 'de Fortibus', Count of Aumale (Albemarle) (d 1194/5)
m. (after 03.07.1190) Hawise, Countess of Aumale, Lady of Holderness (d 11.03.1214, dau of Guillaume 'le Gros', Count of Aumale, Lord of Holderness)
1. William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle§C
  m. Aveline (dau of Richard de Munfichet)
  A. William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle (d 23.05.1260)
  m1. (1236) Christian of Galloway (dsp 1245-6, dau of Alan, Lord of Galloway)
  m2. Isabel de Redvers, Countess of Devon (d 10.11.1293, dau of Baldwin de Redvers, 7th Earl of Devon)
  i. John de Fortibus (d infant before 11.08.1260)
  ii. Thomas de Fortibus (b 09.09.1253, d before 06.04.1269)
  iii. William de Fortibus (d infant)
  iv. Amice de Fortibus (d unm)
  v. Aveline de Fortibus, 'de Forez' (b 1259, dsp 10.11.1274)
  m1. Ingelgram de Percy
  m2. (09.04.1269) Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock, 'Crouchback', Earl of Lancaster, etc. (b 16.01.1245, d 05.06.1296)



Henri Fourdrinier of Caen, Viscount (a 1575, Admiral of France)
1. Henri Fourdrinier of Caen (b c1615)
  A. Henri Fourdrinier of Caen (b c1658), "Fled from France with his family to Gronigen in Holland")
  i. Paul Fourdrinier (b 20.12.1698, bur 03.02.1758 at Wandsworth)
  m. (05.10.1721) Susanna Grolleau (b 11.07.1693, d 15.11.1766)
  a. Henry Fourdrinier (b 25.02.1730, d 11.01.1799)
  m. Jemima White (b 11.03.1730, d 05.09.1781, m1. _ Manning)
  (1) Henry Fourdrinier of Burston Hall, Staffordshire (d 03.09.1854)
  m. (06.12.1790) Sarah Anne Walker
  (A) Joseph Fourdrinier of Hanley, Staffordshire (d 1862) had issue
  m. Sophia Brooks (d 16.11.1868)
  (B) Charles John Fourdrinier of Hanley had issue
  m. Sarah Elizabeh Keys (d 1869)
  (C) George Henry Fourdrinier of BHanley (d 1869) had issue
  m. (1826) Jane Harding (d 25.12.1856_
  (D) Edward Newman Fourdrinier if Hanley (d 04.10.1858) had issue
  m. (1834) Anne Moyle (d 22.03.1868)
  (E)+ other issue - Harriett Elizabeth (d unm 1879), Mary Anne Sarah (a 1880, d unm?)
  (2) Charles Fourdrinier (b 15.03.1768, d 07.02.1841)
  m. (25.05.1795) Mary Jenkin (dau of General John Jenkin of Waterford by Mary Franklin)
  (A) Henry William Fourdrinier of London (b 07.01.1798, d 21.04.1879)
  m. Anna Maria Coles (a 1880, dau of Charles Coles)
  (B) Jemima Fourdrinier (b 06.05.1799, d 06.01.1853)
  m. (28.08.1828) Richard Marsh of Canterbury (b 1757-8, d 01.07.1847, brother of Herbert, Bishop of Peterborough)
  (C)+ other issue - John Coles (b 30.04.1803, a 1880), Anna Maria (b 13.07.1807), Eliza (b 30.05.181, a 1880)
  (3) John Rawson Fourdrinier
  (4) Sealey Fourdrinier (b 1747, d 1777)
m. Harriet Pownall (dau of James Pownall of Winslow & Gawsworth)
  (A) James Sealey Fourdrinier (d 1870)
  (B) Harriett Fourdrinier
  m. M.H. Shuttleworth
  (C) Loiusa Elizabeth Fourdrinier
  m. John Bathurst Deane (Rector in London)
  (5) Jemima Fourdrinier (b 19.05.1772, d 17.05.1836)
  m. (29.10.1799) John Newman (son/heir of John of London by Elizabeth Good)
  b. Charles Fourdrinier (b 09.08.1735)
  m. (28.03.1765) Anne (b 14.02.1748, d 05.05.1802)
  (1) Anne Fourdrinier
  m. (01.12.1795) Robert Withy
  (2)+ other issue - Charles Kenneth (b 20.05.1766), Isabella (b 07.08.1767, d 22.09.1775), Elizabeth (b c1773, d 30.11.1803)
  c.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 05.12.1725), Judith (b 19.01.1727), Mary (b 21.06.1728), Jane (b 1736, d 08.05.1752)
2. Charles Fourdrinier

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(1) For FitzPayne (uploaded 15.01.03) : BE1883 (FitzPayne)
(2) For Furnivalle (uploaded by 03.03, revised 19.03.09) : TCP (Furnivalle), BE1883 (Furnival)
(3) For Fortibus (uploaded 16.11.03) : BE1883 (Fortibus of Albemarle) with some input from TCP (Devon)
(4) For Fourdrinier (uploaded 06.02.21) : MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Pedigree of Fourdrinier and Grolleau', p385+)
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