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Families covered: airfax of Askam (Askham), Fairfax of Elmley, Fairfax of Gilling Castle, Fairfax of Steeton Castle, Fairfax of Walton

Commoners reports that the family was originally named from the "Fair locks"of its members, frax meaning hair in the Saxon language of the ancestors who were established in Northumberland before the Norman conquest. The progenitor of this family, who moved to Yorkshire in 1205, was ...
Richard Fairfax of Askham or Askam (a 1205)
1. William Fairfax of Askham or Askam (a 1216)
  m. Alice (dau of Nicholas de Bugthorp)
  A. William Fairfax of Walton (a 1249, Bailiff of York)
  m. Mary (relict ot Walter Flower)
  i. Thomas Fairfax of Walton (a 1284)
  m. Agnes Sezevaux (dau of Henry Sezevaux, Mayor of York)
a. John Fairfax of Walton
  m. Clare Scott (dau of William Scott by Constance, dau of Sir Roger Bruce of Walton)
  (1) Thomas Fairfax of Walton
  m. Margaret Malbie (dau of John Malbie or Malbysse of Malbie)
  (A) William Fairfax of Walton
  Commoners identifies William's wife as "Ellen, daughter of John, or Roucliffe, of Roucliffe". We used to show her as of the Rocliffe family (## see here ##) but, thanks to a contributor (KL, 19.05.16) having pointed out that she is often identified as a Radclyffe, have obtained 'cold feet' on this because of some concern on her dates (although there is not enough data to take a clear view either way). Although we may review this in due course, provisionally we accept that the Radclyffe source may be right in identifying William's wife as ...
m. Ellen de Radclyffe (dau of Sir John de Radclyffe of Ordsall)
  (i) Thomas Fairfax of Walton (a 1360)
  m. Elizabeth de Etton (dau of Sir Ivo de Etton, lord of Gilling)
  (a) William Fairfax of Walton
  m. (1392) Constance de Mauley (sister of Peter, 4th Lord Mauley)
  ((1)) Thomas Fairfax of Walton (d 1415)
  m. Margaret Friston (sister of Richard Friston of Marston)
  The pedigree reported by Visitation differs significantly to this point so we ignore it. Other than to mention that he was "Sixth in direct descent from' William (Bailiff of York in 1249) TSP starts with the following Richard who is also the first mentioned by BP1934.
  ((A)) Richard Fairfax of Walton (a 1422, Chief Justice of England)
m. Eustachia or Anastasia Carthorpe (dau of John Carthorpe of Carthorpe by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Ergham)
  ((i)) William Fairfax of Walton (d 1453) - continued below
  m. Catherine Nevil (dau of Sir Humphrey Nevil of Thornton Bridge)
  ((ii)) Sir Guy Fairfax of Steeton Castle (d 1495, 3rd son)
  m. Isabel Ryther (dau of Sir William Ryther of Ryther)
  ((a)) Sir William Fairfax of Steeton Castle and Bolton Percy (d 1514/1535, judge)
m. Elizabeth Manners (dau of Sir Robert Manners)
  (((1))) Sir William Fairfax of Steeton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 31.10.1558)
  m. (1518) Isabel Thwaits (dau of Thomas Thwaits or Thwayts of Denton Castle)
  (((2))) Elenor Fairfax
  m. Sir William Pykerynge
  (((3))) Anne Fairfax
  m. _ Normanvyle
  (((4))) Elsabeth Fairfax
  m. Sir Robert Uttreth (Ughtred)
  ((b)) Thomas Fairfax
  m. Cicely Manners (dau of Sir Robert Manners)
  ((c)) Eleanor Fairfax
  m. Sir Miles Wilstrop of Wilstrop
((d)) Maud Fairfax
  m. Sir John Waterton of Methley
  ((e))+ other issue - Guy, Nicholas
  ((iii)) Margaret Fairfax
  m. _ Crathorne
  ((iv)) Agnes Fairfax
  m. _ Cawood
  ((v))+ other issue - Bryan, Richard, Sir Nicholas, Miles, Thomas (dsp), Ellen (prioress)
  (b) Elizabeth Fairfax apparently of this generation
  m. Thomas de Etton of Gilling
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Margaret (prioress), Mary (nun), Alice (nun)
  (B) Anne Fairfax
  m. _ Maston or Marton
  (C) Claricia Fairfax
  m1. William Palmes of Naburn
  m2. Sir William Malbysse of Acaster
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Bego



William Fairfax of Walton (d 1453) - continued above
m. Catherine Nevil (dau of Sir Humphrey Nevil of Thornton Bridge)
1. Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton (d 1505)
  m. Elizabeth Sherburne (dau of Sir Robert Sherburne of Stoneyhurst)
  A. Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton (d 1520)
  m. Anne Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe by Margaret Percy)
  i. Sir Nicholas Fairfax of Walton and Gilling, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1570, 2nd son)
  m1. Alice Harrington (dau of Sir John Harrington)
  m2. Jane Palmes (dau of Guy Palmes of Lindley)
a. Sir William Fairfax of Walton and Gilling (a 1540, d 01.11.1597)
  m1. (sp) Agnes D'Arcy (dau of George D'Arcy, Lord of Menei)
  m2. Jane Stapleton (dau of Bryan Stapleton of Nottingham and Burton)
  (1) Sir Thomas Fairfax of Gilling Castle, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1st Viscount of Elmley or Emmeley (b 1574, d 23.12.1636)
  Both Commoners and BE1883 show Sir Thomas's marriages as 1st Mary Ford and 2nd Catherine Constable but TCP (Fairfax) shows them the other way round.
  m1. (1594) Catherine Constable (b c1579, dau of Sir Henry Constable of Burton Constable)
(A) Thomas Fairfax, 2nd Viscount of Elmley (b c1599, d 24.09.1641)
  m. Alathea Howard (d 03.09.1677, dau of Sir Philip Howard)
  (i) William Fairfax, 3rd Viscount of Elmley (b 06.06.1620, d 1648)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (d 06.1692, dau of Alexander Smith of Stutton)
  (a) Thomas Fairfax, 4th Viscount of Elmley (d infant 1650/1)
  (b) William Fairfax (d infant)
  (c) Catherine Fairfax (d 20.03.1724)
  m. Benjamin Mildmay, Lord FitzWalter (d 01.06.1679)
  (ii) Charles Fairfax, 5th Viscount of Elmley (d 06.07.1711)
  m. (before 18.03.1664) Abigail Yates (bur 29.05.1699, dau of Sir John Yates, 2nd Bart of Buckland)
  (a) Alathea Fairfax
  m. (c01.1676/7) William Widdrington, 3rd Lord of Blankney (b 1655/6, d 1694/5)
(iii) John Fairfax of Gilling (d 1692)
  m. Mary Hungate (dau of Col. Francis (not Thomas) Hungate)
  (iv) Nicholas Fairfax
  m. Elizabeth Davison (dau of Sir Thomas Davison of Blackiston)
  (a) Nicholas Fairfax, (6th Viscount of Elmley) (d 26.02.1702/3)
  Commoners and BE1883 suggest that Nicholas became the 6th Viscount but TCP (Fairfax of Emley) does not, presumably because he died before the 5th Viscount. We follow TCP and so, for later Viscounts, disagree with the numberings used by Commoners & BE1883.
  m. Mary Weld (dau of William Weld of Lulworth Castle)
((1)) Charles Fairfax, 6th Viscount of Elmley (d young)
  ((2)) Mary Fairfax (d 31.07.1741)
  m. Charles Gregory Fairfax, 9th Viscount of Elmley (d 1741) @@ below
  (b) Charles Fairfax, 7th Viscount of Elmley (bpt 25.04.1665, d unm 06.01.1718/9)
  (c) Alathea Fairfax
  m. John Forcer
  (v) Catherine Fairfax
There is clearly confusion between this Catherine and her aunt Catherine below. Commoners and BE1883 (Fairfax) show this Catherine m1. George Metham, m2. Sir Arthur Ingram.
  m. George Metham of Metham (b c1618, a 1665)
  (vi)+ other issue - Philip, Mary
  (B) Henry Fairfax (d 04.04.1650)
  m. Frances Barker (dau of Henry Barker (not Baker) of Hurst)
  (i) Henry Fairfax of Hurst
  m. Frances Browne (dau of Sir Thomas Browne of Norwich)
  (a) Frances Fairfax (d 31.07.1719)
  m. (1697) David Erskine, 4th Lord Cardross, 9th Earl of Buchan (bpt 03.01.1672, d 14.10.1745)
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Frances see here
  (C) William Fairfax of Lythe
  m. Mary Cholmeley (dau of Marmaduke Cholmeley of Brandsby)
  (i) Charles Fairfax of York (dsps)
m1. ?? (widow of Charles Walmesley of Selby)
  (a) Charles Fairfax (d young)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Middleton)
  m3. ?? (widow of _ Mullins)
  (ii) William Fairfax, 8th Viscount of Elmley (d 11.1738)
  m. Elizabeth Gerard (dau of Captain _ Gerard)
  (a) Charles Gregory Fairfax, 9th Viscount of Elmley (dspms 1741)
  m1. (17.09/11.1720) Elizabeth Clifford (d 25.4.1721, dau of Hugh, Lord Clifford)
  m2. Mary Fairfax (d 01.07.1741, dau of Nicholas Fairfax, '6th Viscount of Elmley') @@ above
((1)) Anne Fairfax of Gilling Castle (d unm 08.05.1793)
  ((2))+ 8 children (d young)
  (b) Richard Fairfax (dsp by 1741)
  (c) Alathea Fairfax
  m. Ralph Pigott of Whitton
  ((1)) Nathaniel Pigott (d 1804)
  m. Anna Mathurina de Beriol (d 1792)
  ((A)) Charles Gregory Pigott, later Fairfax of Gilling Castle (2nd son) had issue
  m. Mary Goodricke (sister of Sir Henry Goodricke, 2nd Bart)
  (D) Nicholas Fairfax
  m. Isabel Beck dau of Thomas Beck of Acton = Beckwith of Aikton)
  (E) Jane Fairfax
  m. Cuthbert Morley
(F) Margaret Fairfax
  m1. Watkinson Payler
  m2. Sir John Hotham
  (G) Catherine Fairfax (d 23.02.1666)
  There is clearly confusion between this Catherine and her niece Catherine, above. These 4 marriages as reported in TCB (vol 1, Boynton).
  m1. (11.06.1622) Robert Stapleton of Wighill (b 1601, d 11.03.1635)
  m2. (sp) Sir Matthew Boynton, Bart of Barmston (b 1591, d 1646-7)
  m3. Sir Arthur Ingram of Temple Newham (Newsom) (d 04.07.1655)
  m4. William Wickham
(H) Mary Fairfax
  m. Sir Thomas Layton of Estlayton (b 1597, bur 27.02.1651)
  (I) Dorothy Fairfax
  m1. John Ingram (dsp)
  m2. Sir Thomas Norcliffe of Langton or Huntingdon
  (J)+ other issue - Jordan, John
  m2. (sp) Mary Ford (d 03.1638/9, dau of Robert Ford of Butley Abbey (by Frances, dau of Edward Glemham of Glemham), widow of Sir William Bamburgh, Bart)
b. Nicholas Fairfax
  m. Jane Hungate (dau of William Hungate of Saxton)
  c. George Fairfax
  m. (Frances) Salvin (dau of Sir Francis Salvin of Thorpsalvin and Newbigging)
  d. Thomas Fairfax
  m. _ Vaux
e. Robert Fairfax 'of Pockthorpe'
  m. _ Spencer (dau of John Spencer of Yeringham)
  (1) Mary Fairfax probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Lamplugh
  f. Edward Fairfax
  m. Ursula Mordaunt (dau of John Mordaunt, 2nd Lord)
  c. Margaret Fairfax
  m. Sir William Belasyse, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1574)
  g. Anne Fairfax
  m. Christopher de Frickley
h. Ellenor Fairfax
  m. John Vavasor of Hazlewood (b 1538, dsp 1609)
  i. Elizabeth Fairfax
  m. (Robert) Roos of Ingneythorp (Ingmanthorp) (d 1583)
  j. Mary Fairfax
  m. Sir Henry Curwen of Workington (d 1597)
  j.+ other issue - Cuthbert, Henry
  ii. William Fairfax (4th son)
  The continuation for William has been reported in various web sites & elsewhere but we are not sure how well (if at all) it has been proven that this was the William who is shown at the start of the continuation.
  iii. Margaret Fairfax
  m1. William Sayer of Worsell
  m2. (05.08.1535) Richard Maunsell of Chicheley (d 06.11.1559)
  iv. Anne Fairfax
  m. William Haryington
  v. Dorothy Fairfax
  m. _ Dawtry
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp), Myles, Guy, Robert, Isabell, Elsabeth, Dorothy, Katherine
  B. Jane Fairfax
  m. Sir Richard Audburgh of Audburgh or Aldborough
  C. Dorothy Fairfax
  m. Christopher Nelson
  D.+ other issue - Sir William, Richard, Robert, Anne, Elizabeth
2. Mary Fairfax
  Commoners reports a daughter Mary as married to Thomas Gower of Sittenham but that appears to have been a different Mary Fairfax.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol ii, Fairfax of Gilling Castle, p113+), TSP (Fairfax, p595+), BP1934 (Fairfax) with a little input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fairfax)
(2) For lower section : Commoners (vol ii, Fairfax of Gilling Castle), BE1883 (Fairfax) with a little input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fairfax)
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