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Families covered: Herne (Hyrne or Hirne) of Haveringland (Haverland or Heverland)

The coat of arms of the following family was very different from that of the Hernes of Norfolk reported on Herne1, suggesting that they knew of no connection between the families.
Nicholas Hyrne of Drayton
1. Clement Hyrne, Mayor of Norwich (d before 11.11.1596)
  m1/2. Dorothy Palmer
  m2/1. Margaret Wysse (Dau of John Wysse, relict of _ Maulby of Norwich)
Visitation identifies Clement's wife, and mother of Thomas & Christopher, as Dorothy Palmer. BHO identifies the mother of Thomas as Margaret Wysse.
  A. Sir Thomas Hyrne or Hirne of Haveringland, Mayor of Norwich, Sheriff of Norfolk (d before 11.01.1637)
  m. Sibbell/Sibilla Baker (dau of Richard Baker of Cambridgeshire)
  i. Clement Hirne or Herne of Haveringland (d before 16.02.1656)
  m1. (1603) Ann Thurston (dau/heir of John Thurston of Hoxne)
  a. Thomas Hyrne or Hirne or Herne of Haveringland or Heverland
m. Ann Hobart (dau/coheir of William Hobart of Tweyt, relict of Nicholas Bacon)
  (1) Clement Hyrne or Herne of Haveringland or Heverland (b c1610, d 17.09.1694)
m. Frances Fairfax
  BHO identifies Frances as "daughter of Henry Fairfax, Lord Viscount Fairfax of Gilling" but there was no such Viscount Henry. Coluld this be Frances, dau of Henry Fairfax, 2nd son of Thomas Fairfax of Gilling Castle, 1st Viscount of Elmley?
  (A) Thomas Hyrne or Herne of Haveringland (Haverland or Heverland) (d 30.10.1736)
  m. Charlotte Paston (dau of William Paston, Earl of Yarmouth)
  (i) Paston Hyrne or Herne of Haveringland (dspl by 1762)
  BHO suggests that Paston dsp, mentioning that Heverland passed in 1762 to Everard Buckworth Herne. Everard was in fact Paston's son-in-law through his marriage to Paston's illegitimate daughter ...
  (a) Anne Herne (d 10.1806)
  m. Sir Everard Buckworth, later Buckworth-Herne, 5th Bart (bpt 12.11.1732, d 15.07.1814)
  b.+ other issue - John, Ane, Margaret mentioned in Visitation (Norfolk, 1613, Hirne)
  m2. (1613) Mary Knyvett (dau of Sir Thomas Knyvett or Knivet of Bokenham Castle)
  e. Francis Hirne of South Erpingham, Norfolk (a 1664)
  m. Alice Warburton of Cheshire
  (1)+ issue (a 1664) - John (b c1648), Thomas, Clement
  f.+ other issue - Clement, Riches
  B. Christopher Hirne of Wramlingham (d before 17.11.1629)
  m. Dorothy Methwold (dau of William Methwold of S. Pickenham)
  i. Clement Hirne
  ii. Margaret Hirne
  m. John Marsham
  iii. Susan Hirne
  m. Augustine Layer

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Hyrne), BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', vol 8, Eynford Hundred: Heverland)
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