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Families covered: Dering of Barham Court, Dering of Pluckley, Dering of Surrenden Dering

Richard Dering of Surrenden Dering (in Pluckley, Kent) (b c1530, d 1612)
m. Margaret Twisden (dau of William Twisden of East Peckham)
1. Sir Anthony Dering of Surrenden Dering 'of Pluckley' (d 1636)
  m1. Mary Goring (d 30.12.1588, dau of Henry Goring of Burton)
  A. Jane Dering (d unm 13.12.16*7)
  m2. Frances Bell (dau of Sir Robert Bell, chief baron of the court of Exchequer)
B. Sir Edward Dering, 1st Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 28.01.1598, d 22.06.1644)
  m1. (25/29.11.1619) Elizabeth Tufton (dau of Sir Nicholas Tufton, 1st Earl of Thanet)
  i. Anthony Dering (b 20.01.1620, dvpsp c1634)
  m2. Anne Ashburnham (bur 17.04.1628, dau of Sir John Ashburnham)
  ii. Sir Edward Dering, 2nd Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 08.11.1625, d 24.06.1684) this line not followed by Berry
  m. (05.04.1648) Mary Harvey (d 07.02.1704, dau of Daniel Harvey of Combe)
a. Sir Edward Dering, 3rd Bart of Surrenden Dering (d 1689)
  m. Elizabeth Cholmeley (dau of Sir William Cholmeley, 2nd Bart)
  (1) Sir Cholmeley Dering, 4th Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 23.06.1679, d 09.05.1711)
  m. (17.07.1704) Mary Fisher (dau of Edward Fisher of Fulham)
  (A) Sir Edward Dering, 5th Bart of Surrenden Dering (d 15.04.1762)
  m1. (24.02.1728) Mary or Elizabeth Henshaw (d 03.1735, dau of Edward Henshaw of Eltham)
  (i) Sir Edward Dering, 6th Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 28.09.1732, d 08.12.1798)
  m1. (08.04.1755) Selina Furnese (d 29.03.1757, dau of Sir Robert Furnese, Bart of Waldershare)
(a) Sir Edward Dering, 7th Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 16.02.1757, d 30.06.1811)
  m. (16.04.1782) Anne Hale (d 17.07.1830, dau of William Hale of King's Walden)
  ((1)) Edward Dering (b 1783, dvp 19.09.1808) had issue
  m. (25.01.1805) Henrietta Nevill (d 18.01.1870, dau of Richard Nevill of Furness)
  ((2)) Cholmeley Charles William Dering of Ayot St. Lawrence (b 01.05.1785, d 06.02.1858) had issue
  m1. (27.07.1809) Charlotte Bucknall Hale (d 18.09.1843, dau of William Hale of King's Walden)
  m2. (30.07.1846) Charlotte Mary Yea (d 05.04.1882, dau of Sir William Walter Yea, Bart)
  ((3)) Charlotte Dering (d 14.02.1839)
  m. (20.02.1808) Henry Hoare (b 17.09.1784, dvp 18.09.1836, son of Sir Richard, Bart)
(b) Selina Dering (b c1756, d 19.04.1836)
  m. _ Dealtry (Dr)
  m2. (01.01.1765) Deborah Winchester (d 20.03.1818, dau of John Winchester of Nethersole)
  (c) Cholmeley Dering (b 25.10.1766, d 07.11.1836, Colonel)
  m. (09.06.1789) Charlotte Elizabeth Yates (d 22.10.1845, dau of Sir Joseph Yates)
  ((1)) Cholmeley Edward John Dering (b 18.03.1790, d 12.08.1848, prebendary of St. Paul's, chaplain to Queen Victoria) had issue
  m. (27.05.1817) Maria Price (d 06.12.1884, dau of Barrington Price)
  (d) Robert Charles Dering (d 05.1794, RN)
  (e) George Dering (b 13.02.1776, d 19.05.1820) had issue
  m. (28.06.1798) Elizabeth Dering (dau of Charles Dering of Barham Court) @@ just below
(f) Elizabeth Dering
  m. (1784) Daniel Byam Mathew of Felix Hall
  (g) Charlotte Dering (d 11.1836)
  m. (13.12.1802) Phillipps Monypenny of Cambridge, later of Maytham Hall (b 1762, d 1841, vicar of Hudlow)
  m2. (11.09.1735) Mary Fotherby (dau of Charles Fotherby of Barham)
  (ii) Charles Dering of Barham Court
  m. (1770) Elizabeth Farnaby (d 12.11.1785, dau of Sir Thomas Farnaby, Bart)
(a) Elizabeth Dering
  m. (28.06.1798) George Dering (b 13.02.1776, d 19.05.1820) @@ just above
  (iii) Thomas Dering
  (iv) Mary Dering (d 03.11.1816)
  m. (28.09.1769) Sir Robert Hildyard, Bart (dsp 06.11.1814)
  (2) Cecilia Dering
  m. George Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
(3)+ 2 sons
  b. Charles Dering in Ireland (d 07.1719) had issue
  m. (01.10.1691) Margaret Moore (d 10.12.1724, dau of Thomas Moore of Croghan)
  c. Daniel Dering (d 27.09.1689, Colonel)
  m. Helena Percival (dau of Sir John Percival)
  (1) Daniel Dering
  m. Mary Parker (dau of Sir Philip Parker, Bart of Erwarton)
d. Elizabeth Dering
  m. Sir Robert Southwell
  e. Mary Dering (bur 24.06.1724)
  m. Sir Thomas Knatchbull, 3rd Bart (d c1712)
  f. Anne Dering
  m. Wortley Whorwood
  g. Catherine Dering (d 1691)
  m1. (02.1680) Sir John Perceval, Bart (d 29.04.1686)
  m2. _ Butler (Colonel)
h. Jane Dering (d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Dering
  m. Sir John Darell of Calehill
  m3. (16.07.1629) Unton Gibbes (bur 10.11.1676, dau of Sir Ralph Gibbes)
  iv. Henry Dering of Pavington (bpt 01.01.1632)
  m. Damaris Peke (dau of Thomas Peke of Halls Court)
  a. Edward Dering of Pavington (bpt 27.07.1663, bur 22.09.1742)
  b.+ other issue - John, Unton (daughter), Catherine
  v. Sir Edward ("Ned") Dering (dspm)
  m. (02.09.1669) Dorcas Barkham (dau of Sir Robert Barkham, Bart)
vi. Frances Dering (dsp)
  m. (1670) Thomas Cooper of Maitstone
  vii. Dorothy Dering
  m. Thomas English of Buckland
  C. Margaret Dering
  m. Sir Peter Wroth
  D. Frances Dering
  m. (Nicholas) Bethell (not Beshell) (dsp)
  E.+ other issue - Robert, Henry, John (d infant), Anthony (of the Middle Temple), Charles of London, Thomas (b 04.10.1617, d infant), Christopher (d infant)
2. Elizabeth Dering
  m. Sir William Skeffington, Bart (bur 16.09.1635)
3. Bennet Dering
  m. John Fisher of Maidstone
4.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Twisden, George, Edward (d 1623)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Dering) with some input/support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p398+)
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