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Families covered: Collas of Jersey

Gratien Collas of Brittany, later of la Maison de S. Martin in Jersey (a 1490)
m. Appoline
1. Augustin Collas (a 1540)
  A. Augustin Collas (a 1570)
  m. Michelle
  i. Thomas Collas
m. Jeanne Larbalestier (dau of Helier Larbalestier)
  ii. Lucas Collas (a 1600, 5th son?)
  m. Jeanne Badier (dau of Martin Badier by Collette, dau of Drouet Bertram)
  a. Jean (John) Collas des Carrieres
  m. Marthe Le Manquais (dau of Hugh Le Manquais by Esther, dau of Rev. Helier Faultrat of S. Martin)
(1) Jean (John) Collas
  m. Rachel Baudains
  (A) Jean (John) Collas
  m. Marie Collas (dau of Philippe Collas) @1@ below?
  (i) Jean (John) Collas 'of the Maison des Carrieres'
  m. Rachel Payn (b 1708, dau of Edouard Payn of Payn)
  (a) Phillippe Collas (Captain RJM)
  m. Mary Nicolle
  ((1)) Phillippe Collas (dsp)
  m. Jeanne Gaudin
((2)) Jeanne Collas
  m. George Gaudin
  ((3)) Marie Collas
  (b) Jean (John) Collas
  m. Francoise Dumaresq (dau of Ph. Dumaresq du Morin by Anne, dau of Elias Le Maistre by Anne, dau of Sn. des Augres)
  ((1)) Marie Collas
  (c) Marthe Collas
  m. Philip Messervy of Anneville
  (ii)+ other issue - Marthe, Rachel, Marie
(2)+ other issue - Lucas, Rachel, Esther, Elizabeth, 3 others?
  b. George Collas
  m. (1635) Marthe Nicolle (dau of Jean (John) Nicolle by Marie Dulheaume)
  (1) Phillippe Collas 'of Maison de S. Martin'
  m. Marie De La Garde (dau of Philippe De La Garde by Marie Herault)
  (A) Philippe Collas
  m. (1703-4) Rachel Payn (dau of Philip Payn by Rachel, dau of Helier de Carteret by Rachel, dau of Benjamin La Cloche of Longueville by Rachel, dau of Sn. de S. Ouen)
  (i) George Collas
  m1. Sara Le Marinel
  (a) George Collas (b 1743)
  m. Marie Morent (niece of Rev. Philip Moraut of Colchcester)
  ((1)) George Collas
  m. Elizabeth Valpy
  ((A)) Jean (John) Francois Collas
  m. Maria Nicholson
  ((B)) George Collas had issue
  m. Marie Anne Le Brun
((C)) Elizabeth Collas
  m. Rev. Edward C. Wilshere
  (b) Philippe Collas, Constable of S. Martin (b 1740)
  m. (1775) Susanne Le Feuvre (dau of Rev. Richard Le Feuvre of S. Pierre by Sara, dau of (Edward) Bisson of S. Laurent by Susanne, dau of Amice De Carteret by Sarah Dumaresq of Vincheles de Bas)
  ((1)) Philippe Collas 'of S. Martin' (b 1776, Captain)
  m. Marie Ahier (dau of Philippe Ahier son of Jean)
  ((A))+ issue - Jean (d 1799), Philippe (b 1796, a 1817), Francois Guillaime (b 1808)
  ((2)) Jean (John) Collas (b 1779) had issue
  m. Charlotte Vaumorel
  ((3)) Francois Collas (b 1781) had issue
  m. Eleonora O'Hara (dau of Felix O'Hara of Lower Canada)
((4))+ other issue - George (b 1777, d young), Jeanne (b 1783, d 1821)
  (c) Jeanne Collas (b 1741)
  m. Denis Noel (Captain RJM)
  ((1)) Esther Noel
  m. Philippe La Cloche (son of Rev. John of Trinity)
  (d) Marie Collas (b 1745, d 1800)
  m2. Jeanne Labey
  (ii) Marie Collas
  m. (1723) Jean Mallet
  (iii) Sara Collas (b 1699)
  m. Renand Badier
  (iv) Anne Collas
  m. Jean (John) Messervy
  (v)+ other issue - Rachel (b 1695), Marthe (b 1708)
  (B) Marie Collas
  m. Jean (John) Collas @1@ above?
  (C) Rachel Collas
  m. Lucas Aubin
  (D) Jeanne Collas (b 1678)
m. Thomas Labey
  (E)+ other issue - Anne (b 1676), Marthe (b 1681), Sara (b 1684)
  (2) Jeanne Collas (b 1638)
  m. (1659) Thomas Falle (son of Thomas)
  (3) Elizabeth Collas
  m. Jean (John) Collas @2@ just below?
  (4) Marthe Collas
  m. Clement Le Febvre
  (5) Collette Collas (d 1735)
  m. (1674) Abraham Bertram
  (6)- other issue (d young) - George, George, Mary
  c. Augustin Collas
  m. Elizabeth Gavey
  (1) Jean (John) Collas
  m. Elizabeth Collas (dau of George Collas) @2@ just above?
(2) George Collas
  (A) Jean (John) Collas
  m. Jeanne Horman
  (i) Rachel Collas
  m. Clement Le Couteur
  (a) Jeanne Le Couteur
  (ii) Jeanne Collas
  m. Helier Dumaresq of S. Clement (son of Marie de Carteret)
  (3) Elizabeth Collas
  m. Jean (John) Amy de Patier
  d. Jeanne Collas (a 1635)
  m. (1613) Jean (John) Badier (a 1635, son of Edward of Colombier in S. Laurent)
  iii. Jean (John) Collas
  m. Jeanne Richardson (dau of Jean (John) Richardson by Isabel, dau of Raulin le Marquand)
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, Jean, Clement, George, Richard

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Collas', p53+)
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