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Families covered: Payn of Payn, Payn of S. Martin

Edward Payn (a 1618, jurat)
m. Andrie
1. Abraham Payn, Constable of S. Martin
  m. (1601) Susan Sarre (dau of Michael Sarre of the fief of Guille Payn, S. Martin)
  A. Abraham Payn, Constable of S. Martin (b 1616)
  m. Elizabeth Sarre (dau/heir of Daniel Sarre)
  i. Abraham or Ralph Payne (b 1642, 2nd son)
'Armorial' (p313) reports that Abraham "emigrated with his father to Devonshire, on account of his strong attachment to the Stuart dynasty" and identifies his descendants as including "the late Ralph Payne, Lord Lavington; the present Sir Charles-Gillies Payne, Bart., Sir William Payne-Gallwey, Bart., M.P. the Author of this Work; besides other Branches derived from the same source." BE1883 ('Payne, Baron Lavington') starts its continuous pedigree with Ralph, who "was present at the battle of Worcester", having identified Abraham (b 1616, son of Abraham & Susan Sarre) as his ancestor but without specifying the connection. The dates of later generations (shown in the continuation page) suggest that it is unlikely that there was another generation. We presume that this Abraham was the same person as (rather than the father or uncle of) the "Abraham (sometime called Ralph)" who is the first shown on the continuation page. Note that he had an elder brother called Abraham who died young. It was not uncommon for a son born just after an elder son had died to be named after the elder but with a 2nd name to distinguish them.
  ii.+ other issue - Abraham (b 1641, d young), Philip (b 1645), Andrea (b 1635)
  B. Edward Payn of Payn
  m. Ann Cabot
  i. Michael Payn of Payn (b 1635)
  m. (1667) Elizabeth Messervy (dau of John Messervy of Anneville)
  a. Edward Payn of Payn (b 1668)
  m. Susan Dufresne
  (1) Michael Payn of Payn (b 1702, d unm)
(2) Edward Payn of Payn (b 1706)
  m. (1744) Elizabeth Nicolle (widow of Henry Touzel)
  (A) Edward Payn of Payn (b 1745)
  m. Elizabeth Nicolle (dau of Philip Nicolle)
  (i) Edward Payn (d young)
  (ii) Edward Payn of Payn (Captain RJM) had issue
  m. Jane Aubin (dau/heir of Francis Aubin)
  (B)+ other issue - Michael (b 1749), George (b 1749)
  (3) Rachel Payn (b 1708)
  m. John Collas of the Maison des Carrieres
  b. Abraham Payn (b 1695)
  m. Elizabeth Le Bastard (dau of Lorans Le Bastard)
  (1) Michael Payn
  c.+ other issue - Michael, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel
  ii. Philip Payn (b 1643, 4th son)
  m. Sarah Machon (dau of C. Machon)
  a. John Payn
  m. Sara Le Manquais (dau of Augustin Le Manquais)
  iii.+ other issue - Michael (d young), Edward (d young), Laurence, Edward, Andrie
  C. Ann Payn
  m. (1639) John Hamon of S. Ouen
  D. Susan Payn
  m. (1640) Thomas Cabot
E. Elizabeth Payn
  m. (1644) John Noel
  F.+ other issue - Philip (cleric), John
2. John Payn (jurat)
  m. (1610) Mary Le Febvre of La Malletiere (dau/heir of Germain Le Febvre)
  A. John Payn of Ponterrin, Constable of Grouville
  B. Philip Payn (jurat, Colonel RJM)
m1. Sara Hamptonne (dau of Laurens Hamptonne)
  i. Francis Payn (b 1678)
  m. Elizabeth Robin (dau of Raulin Robin)
  a. Francis Payn (b 1699, Dean of Jersey)
  m. Jane Brideoake (dau of Rev. Ralph Brideoake, Archdeacon of Winchester)
  (1) Jane Payn (b 1734)
m. Rev. John Jones
  b. Elizabeth Payn (b 1709)
  m. John Le Couteur
  ii. Mary Payn
  m. Amice De Carteret
  m2. Rachel De Carteret (dau of Helier De Carteret, Solicitor General)
  'Armorial' (p313) suggests Rachel De Carteret that dsp with Philip's children all being by Sara Hamptonne. However, 'Armorial' (p53) identifies Rachel as mother of (at least) Rachel.
  iii. Rachel Payn
  m. (1703-4) Philip Collas of the Maison de S. Martin
  iv. Margaret Payn
m. Elias Bertram ## see here ##
  C. Francis Payn
  m. Elizabeth Dumaresq
  i. John Payn
  m. Susan Bertram
  a. Elizabeth Payn
  m. Peter Marett ## see here ##
  ii. Ann Payn
m. John Touzel
  a. Elizabeth Touzel
  m. Jordan Payn of the Maison du Columbier
  D. Mary Payn (d 1647)
  m. John Le Jeune of S. Clement
3. Philip Payn dsp, cleric)
4. Sarah Payn
  m. Philip Dumaresq of Morin
5. Esther Payn
  m. (1603) Clement Gallie, Constable of S. Saviour
6. Anne Payn
  m. (1606) John Nicolle

Main source(s): BE1883 (Payne, Baron Lavington), BP1934 (Frankland-Payne-Gallwey), TCB (vol v, Payne)
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